Some think judges and reporters, because they are high profile, 
are generally not murdered because of their work.

Well, as we showed, it is not true for judges. *And*, it is not 
true for reporters.

In July 1970, Ken Smart(?) [Sparks(?)], a reporter for WMAQ-TV, 
channel 5, Chicago, was murdered -- covered up as a drowning. He 
was working on a story about FBI complicity in the assassination 
of Dr. King.

Investigating for a similar story was black journalist Louie 
Lomax. And *he* was slaughtered a few weeks later.

In 1976, Don Bowles died after his car was bombed. He was a 
reporter for a major Arizona newspaper owned by the Pulliams(?), 
the family of former vice-President Quayle's mother. Bowles was 
looking into a mobster-sports racketeer outfit called Emprise(?), 
doing business in Arizona, Chicago, New York, and elsewhere. 
Bowles discovered his own boss, the Pulliams, were reportedly in 
business with the gangsters!

In 1977, Larry Buckman died in an Arab chartered plane crash in 
the Mideast. The mass media "played down" that a bomb was 
suspected. Formerly with channel 7 in Chicago, Buckman was 
working for ABC News. He discovered that ABC's Barbara Walter's 
circle were reportedly in the gun smuggling rackets in the 
Mideast! Also, that Israeli Intelligence, the Mossad, had 
penetrated and was manipulating the PLO.

Also, Buckman was only one of three journalists that had rather 
direct knowledge that Jessie Jackson bribed the Nixon White House 
to escape being prosecuted for extortion -- *but*, in the name of 
human rights. (Jessie was also an unregistered foreign lobbyist 
and Arab oil broker.)

Not long thereafter, a crack investigative reporter, Bill 
Clemens(?) of Chicago, was found mysteriously dead. The 
circumstances sure smelled of murder. Clemens was a reporter for 
the old *Chicago Daily News* and the *Sun-Times*. He once 
confided in another journalist that he had inside data for a 
Chicago federal grand jury. They were set to indict Archbishop 
Cody for embezzling $1 million of Catholic Church funds and 
Vatican funds for Cody's mistress. A federal criminal indictment 
was suppressed by the chief federal prosecutor here and the 
crooked federal judges.

Chicago's channel 5 reporter Paul Hogan was deep into several 
possible blockbuster stories. As a result of the Douallaby(?) 
case, he found out there are rings of devil worshippers who 
sacrifice children as part of their rituals. {1}. High level 
public office holders, in Chicago and elsewhere, were Satanists 
-- including a judge in the divorce court.

Also, Hogan found out that Jim Dvorak was reportedly a key "bag 
man" to corruption of federal judges in Chicago. Close to former 
federal prosecutor and Governor, Jim Thompson, Dvorak had been a 
bankruptcy trustee.

Some of Hogan's pals believe that the reporter was murdered the 
end of January, '93, in the hospital. *And*, not just any 
hospital but Northwestern Memorial -- same one that covered up 
the mysterious death of Halas, jr., the Chicago Bears owner, 
*and* the same hospital that covered up the poison murder of 
Chicago's first black mayor, Harold Washington.

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------------------------<< Notes >>------------------------------
{1} "...devil worshippers" etc. Not so far-fetched as it might 
seem. See, for example, *The Franklin Cover-Up* by John W. 
DeCamp. Available ($12 including postage and handling) from AWT, 
Inc., P.O. Box 85461, Lincoln, NE, 68501.