[From an interview with Linda Thompson on the *For the People* 
radio show, Feb. 11, 1994. Host is Chuck Harder.]


CHUCK HARDER: To order Linda Thompson's new "Waco, the Big Lie 
Continues," or "Waco II," if you please, you can call 1-800-888- 
9999, around the clock. If busy, keep trying.

Uh, O.K. Let's go ahead. Back with Linda Thompson.

And we've talked about the Scott case, and what we've talked 
about is, is there is a potential, underlying desire for assets. 
Uh, this was certainly true in the Scott case (this is coming 
out, now), and we also know that here in Florida there was a 
county in, oh, I'm gonna call it "east central Florida," where 
the sheriff's deputies were stopping cars. And if they found 
cash, they took it.

You probably heard of that, didn't you?

LINDA THOMPSON: They do that at the airports fairly regularly.

HARDER: Yeah. And so if somebody was travelling and they had cash 
in their vehicle and they got stopped, they wouldn't get the cash 
back! One lady had been travelling from Georgia, with cash to 
help her family that was a victim of hurricane Andrew, and they 
grabbed her dough!

So essentially, what we have here is a... Here's my impression, 
if I may...

THOMPSON: It's an alternative tax.

HARDER: ...Exact... What we have here is...

THOMPSON: "Fund raiser."

HARDER: ...O.K. What we have is this:

                -+- The Harder Statement -+-

    We have a country, in my opinion, that is on the road to 
    national suicide. We are on this road through what I 
    call "free trade at any price." In other words, we have 
    moved our factories overseas; we are putting Americans 
    out of work; the products are being made by 19 cent or 
    50 cent an hour peasants, in the various countries. The 
    products then come back into the United States as 
    consumer goods, [and] are sold at the same price as if 
    they were made in the USA. The super-elite, whether it's 
    at Nike or whether it's at General Electric, or 
    whatever, are able to make *millions* of dollars a year 
    and make the stockholders happy.

    However, the American workers are put out of work and 
    wind up on welfare. People on welfare can't pay taxes. 
    So when you have a government now that has lost its tax 
    base, the only way it can get money (when it's lost its 
    tax base) is by taking things. What's left?

    We saw in the medical industry (and I've talked to a 
    doctor who essentially admitted this), the medical 
    industry has survived for many years, one way or 
    another, from generations of people who had savings. And 
    when grandma was in the hospital, or grandpa, the last 2 
    weeks of their life on the respirator, they essentially 
    sucked up their life savings!

You... Correct?

THOMPSON: Yes, absolutely.

HARDER: ("The Harder Statement" continues)

    O.K. So we have had confiscatory medicine. {1}. 
    Unfortunately, those, those generations of people with 
    life savings are now disappearing. And the people who 
    are getting sick today don't *have* any money.

    So we have this terrible downward spiral of a country 
    that has very little manufacturing left. Last week, if 
    you heard, *442,000* people signed up for unemployment. 
    {2}. And we have all these re-training programs, but 
    regrettably there are no jobs. And so, consequently, we 
    have a country on its way to national suicide. And at 
    the same time we're doing this, we have all of these 
    "sideshows" running around, with rogue elements of 
    governmental agencies, that are killing our own people 
    and seizing assets!

    The problem of it is, -- whether you agree or disagree 
    (and this is my opinion, based on what I've seen and 
    read and heard) -- when the government seizes this 
    stuff, it's only for the moment! They are only "rich," 
    in their mind, for the moment. Because the government 
    never sells the assets for any amount of money, because 
    of the downward spiral.

Are you with me?

THOMPSON: Yes, I am.

HARDER: In other words...

THOMPSON: You realize the local law enforcement agencies, though, 
get to *keep* the cash that they seize. Or at least a large 
percentage of it, depending on whether they seized it themselves 
or with a federal agency. This is a funding mechanism for local 
police departments that can't be beat! They've come up with 
equipment they never would have been able to afford to purchase 
otherwise. That's why all of 'em *have* SWAT teams now.

HARDER: Yeah, but you see, the nonsense that has happened -- 
especially in the state of Florida, that, dear Lord have mercy, 
it's awful -- not only the murders of the tourists. And of 
course, the bad guys in the state of Florida know not to "hit" 
Floridians because a lot of Floridians, that are driving, have 
got guns!

THOMPSON: Um-hmm. [Affirmative]

HARDER: So the bad guys leave the natives alone and they zero in 
on the tourists. And hopefully now that is coming under control. 
And Lord have mercy, I hope so. But this other nonsense that's 
hit the national press {3} has really hurt tourism in Florida. So 
they're killing the golden goose!

Your thoughts.

THOMPSON: They have not been known for their intelligence...


THOMPSON: ...best I can tell.

HARDER: No. It's just greed. {4}.

THOMPSON: And it's greed... and it's greed... They're no 
different than any other criminal. They're not real bright. 
They're just greedy. And that's what we're seeing: We've got 
criminals running our government!

And that's my hue and cry. This is the thing I'm trying to 
*expose* here: Why are these people... if for no other reason 
than the fact that when you're in a position of *trust*, when you 
are an elected official, you have a very, a burden of trust and 
honesty to your... the people that you're supposed to be serving. 
We can prove *conclusively* that every one of our leaders has 
just lied to us, directly *LIED* to us. If nothing else, if we 
can't prove they've committed murder, rape, robbery, theft, 
anything, we can prove they've lied.

So why are they still in office? That's my point. Why are these 
*liars* in their jobs?! They should be out.

HARDER: Well, regrettably, I think you know that ever since the 
Nixon administration and prior, prior to Dick Nixon, of course, 
uh, you had people after him. You had Lyndon Johnson, of course, 
and you've got all of these other administrations that have used 
"damage control," they call it. They call it "damage control." 
Isn't that lying by omission?

THOMPSON: Right, well it's lying, period. And when you 
fraudulently... When you misrepresent things to the public 
because it might look bad -- you're lying!! And that's what 
they've done.

Now one of the things that was... I think the alarm has not been 
sounded on, that I think it's important to sound on your show; it 
ties into things: Last Thursday, we had Janet Reno, Al Gore, 
Cisneros from HUD [Department of Housing and Urban Development], 
and Lee Brown gave us the "crime briefing" is what they called 
it, on February 4th [1994]. And in that crime briefing, each one 
of them presented one piece of information. It was as if, O.K., 
Gore gets up and he says 20 paragraphs. And there's one line in 
there that's real important. Then Reno and Bentsen get up. Each 
one of them said 15 or 20 paragraphs with *one line* that's 
important. But what they all said was, our government is going to 
do house-to-house searches in all of the housing projects around 
the country; that Cabrini Green and New York had been "test 
tubes," "test grounds," for this; and that they're going to use 
the Secret Service to go in and inspect light bulbs and exits and 
so forth at these projects. And they're going to use the ATF to 
do just like they did at Cabrini Green.

And you may remember that. They went in these projects [e.g. 
Cabrini Green, in Chicago], they arrested anyone who didn't have 
identification, they seized guns. They did illegal searches and 
seizures in every single one of those places.

Now what's even *worse* than that, all of them said things like 
-- and this is a direct quote from the transcript [of the "crime 
briefing"] -- "We're really talking about an entire area of 
cities, entire neighborhoods." They are not speaking of limiting 
this strictly to housing projects. Housing projects, to me, is 
bad enough. The people that live in those projects are citizens, 
the same as anyone. They have the same *rights* as anyone. But we 
have a federal court that has upheld these searches and seizures 
as legal, and they have already said they are going to expand 
this beyond the housing projects.

People, that was our warning. That's it. They've laid it on the 
table. It doesn't get any plainer what they're about to do.

HARDER: Well, I can remember. There was a little, a little 
poem... Or not a poem, but a little dissertation:

       First they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up 
    'cause I wasn't a Jew.
       And then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't 
    speak up because I wasn't a Catholic.
       And they came for the trade unionists. I didn't speak 
    up because I wasn't a trade unionist.
       They came for the Communists. I didn't speak up 
    'cause I wasn't a Communist.
       And by the time they came for me, there was nobody 
    left to speak up.

And that was a... That came out of World War II, at the time 
Hitler had the death camps open.

We'll be right back.    

                        (to be continued)

----------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------
{1} "...we have had confiscatory medicine." Juxtaposed with the 
more recent "alternative tax," i.e., confiscatory raids by the 
Sheriff of Nottingham and crew.
{2} "*442,000* people signed up for unemployment." *These are 
people signing up for the first time.* In other words, 442,000 
people *in addition to* those already registered as unemployed.
{3} "This other nonsense that's hit the national press..." i.e., 
police confiscations of cash.
{4} "It's just greed." Worth taking a look at: What is greed? 
Excessive acquisitiveness, according to my dictionary. As Kahlil 
Gibran writes in *The Prophet*, "What is fear of need but need