by Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-chief, Conspiracy Nation
Copyright (c) 1994 -- All Rights Reserved

The true horror of "bigfoot" is danced around by the cautious, 
creeping pedants. Faced with the undeniability of the 1967 film 
footage, the bolder of the academic breed have deigned to cast a 
critical eye on this puzzle. And what do they say? They say it is 
an ape from Southeast Asia that wandered over here aeons ago.

But look again at the film footage. That is no ape that walks and 
then turns to cast a backwards glance. Nor is it human. So what 
is it?

Oscar Maerth, in his book *The Beginning Was The End*, tells the 
horrifying tale of just what the "bigfoot," "sasquatch," "yeti," 

The bigfoot fascinates us because we know there is a mystery 
there about *us*. Yet the truth of bigfoot is not flattering to 
us as a species.

So what does Maerth say? Before I answer, let me tell you 
something: As I delve into the labyrinth of conspiracies and 
suppressed information, there are times when I come across truth 
that is even more than I wanted. Normally I want "the real dirt," 
"the lowdown." And the closer I get, the more I thirst. But there 
are times when I shrink back in horror as I see that the face 
peering back at me takes on the form of a *me* that I can't bear 
to look at.

As Nietzche said, "The deeper you look into the abyss, the deeper 
the abyss looks into you."

So what does Maerth say? For one thing, he offers his own 
interpretation of the Biblical tale of Adam and Eve. What oh what 
could that forbidden fruit be back there in the Garden of Eden? 
What sort of "fruit" is it that the eating of which "makes you 
wise?" An apple? Or is the "apple" of the Bible a cover-up for 
what was really eaten? In place of "apple" or "fruit," how about 
-- *the raw brain of members of your own species*. The apes, 
code-named "Adam" and "Eve" became addicted to raw brain of other 
apes. They became so addicted that they began to murder each 
other in order to satisfy their new-found appetite. Eating the 
brain of their fellow beings was the *Original Sin*.

The Bible says that "Adam" and "Eve" became aware of their 
nakedness. How about this, instead: A side-effect from eating the 
"fruit of knowledge" was that they lost their fur.

So where does "bigfoot" enter in to all this? Answer: Some of the 
"Adams" and "Eves" saw that there were harmful side-effects 
associated with their recently acquired habit of cannibalism. So 
they stopped midway between the unnatural change from ape to man. 
These "bigfoot" saw, before it was too late, the harmful effect 
of the brain eating frenzy. Yet their brethren, our ancestors, 
continued their savage diet. To save themselves from being killed 
and eaten, the "bigfoot" hid itself from man and continues to do 
so to this day.