By "Mr. Mercedes" (Pseudonym)
Recently, he [Chuck  Hayes]  settled  a  suit with the Government
over buying used government  computers  with  sensitive  software
(maybe  even  PROMIS), wherein they paid him around $200,000 just
to keep  him  quiet.   Supposedly,  Chuck  Hayes  was  one of the
founders of the CIA's Division D which  developed  and  used  new
spying  techniques  of  electronic bugging for the last 15 years.
He is also supposed to be  part  of this group of contractors for
the CIA called the Fifth Column.  Back in August '95, Hayes  also
assisted  the Meadows family by investigating their claim against
the Mellon bank and coming  up with internal bank documents which
were presented in a Pittsburgh court.  Several Internet J.  Orlin
Grabbe  reports  over the last few months appear to have a lot of
input from Chuck Hayes,  especially  Part  28  ["NSA,  Banks  and
Foster," see https:// for details] on
our  missile  defense network and the latest one from 10/15, Part
29, which describes much  of  the money laundering activities and
covert ops of the 1980s.  I'm  sure  the  Intelligence  Agencies,
Pentagon,  Congress  and  the  Clinton Administration are eagerly
awaiting -- not!  -- the next amazing revelations in Part 30, 31,
32, etc., that is if Chuck Hayes isn't "taken out" first for just
one too many revelations.
Other  sources  for  James  Norman's  story  and/or  this  report
include:    Jimmy   Rothstein   (the   subject  of  former  Daily
News/Village Voice reporter Bill  Sherman's book, "Times Square,"
recounting his years as a former NYPD Vice cop who was forced  to
retire  because  he  got  too  close  to  the  "big boys" and has
assisted with  the  U.S.  Customs'  Inslaw  investigation), Cheri
Seymour (author and investigative  journalist;  Spotlight  4-part
series  3/3/95),  and  Michael  Riconosciuto  (recruited into CIA
after graduating from Stanford  University  at  the age of 17 and
involved in numerous CIA ops, including arms  dealing  operations
with  Iran  and  a  meth  amphetamine  lab  on the Cabazon Indian
Reservation in Yuma, Arizona,  and  now  serving 32 years in Fed.
Prison on a "set up" drug bust.)
Many government officials  and  journalists  have  attempted  and
mostly  succeeded  in  their  campaign  to  wrongfully  discredit
Riconosciuto  as  they  have  done  with  so many other important
witnesses, either  for  ulterior  motives  or  because they never
bothered to check him out personally and  just  relied  on  other
people's  rumors  and  written  dis-  or  misinformation.   Jimmy
Rothstein  and  Cheri  Seymour  are the only people to personally
investigate and  confirm  Riconosciuto's  involvement in numerous
CIA covert ops at Yuma Proving Grounds, in Lebanon and  elsewhere
around  the  world.   Rothstein  discovered that Riconosciuto and
associates  were  arrested  near  Yuma by a highway patrolman for
having a Stinger  missile  in  their  car for which then-Attorney
General Edward Meese had to personally call to get them  released
and  arrest  record destroyed.  (James Rothstein letter to Brooks
Committee which never brought out  this information in the Inslaw
Additional  sources  also   include:    John   Belton   (Canadian
businessman  whose  company  he worked for was ripped off for $50
million  by  Earl  Brian  (author  of  5-page  report  in  Elliot
Richardson's addendum rebuttal to Bua's report), Miguel Rodriguez
(former Kenneth Starr investigator who resigned under protest and
claimed there was a  cover-up), Ari Ben-Menashe (Israeli involved
in  October  Surprise),  Richard  Babayan  (Iranian  involved  in
October Surprise), Bob Bickel (undercover Customs investigator in
the  1980s),  Gene  Wheaton  (former  investigator  with  Special
Prosecutor Walsh on Iran-Contra,  investigator  for  families  on
Gander plane crash), Juval Aviv (former Mossad agent, head of his
own Private Investigating firm, Interfor, consultant on terrorism
to  "60  Minutes"  and  ABC  News  who  has  been hit with a U.S.
government "harassment" criminal perjury action on his claim that
rogue CIA agents caused the Pan  Am Flight 103 crash), as well as
a number of unnamed sources within the  government,  intelligence
community, computer experts, and other investigative journalists,
such as Sherman Skolnick (newsletters "Secret Report Links Foster
to  Pollard" and "The Money Trail"), Virginia McCullough (sued by
Chief of Cabazon  Indians  for  libel  over  her statements about
CIA's covert ops on Reservation, but was paid off to "shut  up"),
and  Danny  Casolaro  (died  under mysterious circumstances while
working on his book "The  Octopus"  about Inslaw and former Dept.
of Justice Attorney Mike Abbel, but whose extensive  notes  speak
to us from beyond the grave).
Purportedly,  under  this  CIA/NSA  group  of  "Division  D," the
government  has  been  illegally  mass  producing  software  from
various companies like Microsoft.   The government antitrust suit
against Microsoft is a pressure tactic against  Microsoft  in  an
attempt  to  counteract claims for non-payment on massive amounts
of  bugged  and   bootlegged   software.   When  Martin  Marrieta
purchased GE Aerospace, the CIA operation was  moved  to  another
one   of   their  facilities.   It  has  been  reported  that  $8
billion/year in pirated software is  sold around the world out of
a total $17 billion/year (New York Times 8/24/95, Financial Times
of London 8/19/95, and the New York Post 8/22/95).
This computer operation is in addition  to  the  CIA's  purported
ongoing  and  extensive operations of smuggling and selling drugs
and arms, which  help  to  fund  other  covert  ops through these
illegal  activities.   Some  of  these  CIA  ops  include:    Air
America's  Viet  Nam  smuggling  (Jonathan  Kwitney's  "Crimes of
Patriots" and Bo Gritz's  "Nation  Betrayed" video and book about
Golden Triangle war lord Khun Sa and Richard Armitage), Columbian
Cartel/Iran-Contras/Mena airport smuggling,  and  Lebanon's  Baca
Valley  heroin smuggling, which may have been the real reason for
the  Pan  Am  103  crash  (Joel  Bainerman's,  "The  Crimes  of a
President:   Conspiracy  and  Cover-up   in   Bush   and   Reagan
Administration," Lester Coleman's, "On the Trail of the Octopus,"
and BBC-aired documentary, "The Maltese Double Cross"), also Iraq
(Alan  Friedman's "Spider's Web"), Iran, Afghanistan, El Salvador
and Nicaraguan, etc., secret  arms  sales ops are more dangerous,
not to mention the enormous human suffering and deaths they  have
Keep   in  mind  that  there  have  been  numerous  movies  ("Air
America"), books (T. Ross and D. Wise's 1964 book, "The Invisible
Government" and John  Prados  "Presidents  Secret  Wars:  CIA and
Pentagon Covert Ops") and articles (Wall Street  Journal,  Covert
Action  Quarterly,  Penthouse,  and Spotlight) by or about former
CIA agents and military involved in these illegal Agency-approved
operations.  Some of  these  include  the  Nugan Hand Bank (Penny
Lernoux's Penthouse article  and  book,  "Blood  Money,")  Oliver
North, former-Director of Central Intelligence Bill Casey, former
CIA  agent  Ted  Shackley  ("Blonde  Ghost"  by David Korn), Gary
Sick's "October Surprise,"  Bob  Parry's  "Trick or Treason," Ari
Ben-Menashe's  "Profits  of  War,"  Rodney  Stich's   "Defrauding
America,"  and  former  Houston Post reporter Pete Brewton's "The
Mafia,  the  CIA,  and  George  Bush,"  Peter  Dale  Scott's "War
Conspiracy" and "Cocaine Politics," Linda Hunt's "Secret Agenda,"
and former DEA agents  Celerino  Castillo's  "Powder  Burns"  and
Michael  Levine's  "The Big White Lie," CIA agent and arms dealer
to  Libya  Edwin  P.  Wilson  (Joseph  C.  Goulden's  "The  Death
Merchant,") DEA informant and  drug  and arms smuggler Barry Seal
(HBO movie, Roger Morris and Sally Denton 7/95 Penthouse  "Crimes
of   Mena,"   Terry  Reed's  and  John  Cummings's  "Compromised:
Clinton, Bush and the CIA"), etc.
                  [ be continued...]