You may not understand all this.  *I* certainly don't.  If you
are a  newcomer  to  reading  Conspiracy  Nation  (CN),  you will
probably be even moreso in the dark.  What follows are  lines  of
inquiry,  "loose  threads,"  in  a developing story.  For further
background,  readers  are   referred   to   the  CN  archives  at
ftp.shout.net in sub-directory pub/users/bigred and to  Professor
J.  Orlin  Grabbe's archives.  See especially the Grabbe material
available at https://https://.shout.net/~bigred/cn.html
More background to this story will be provided soon in CN.
Loose Thread #1
   On    November    11,     1996,    The    Washington    Weekly
(https://https://.federal.com) published a story, based on  a  recently
declassified  National  Security  Agency  (NSA)  document, "Vince
Foster Involved in NSA Computer Espionage Issues."  It reports on
a May 1993 meeting involving Bernard  Nussbaum,  Vincent  Foster,
Webster  Hubbell,  John  Rogovin,  and Supreme Court Justice John
Paul Stevens.  The secret  meeting  was held at NSA headquarters.
The presence of Foster at the meeting, in  which  cryptology  and
intelligence  gathering were the topics, shows that Foster was on
the inside  of  top  secret  NSA  intelligence discussions.  Yet,
according to the article from the Washington  Weekly,  the  White
House has tried to conceal Foster's ties to NSA.
   Then, by November 18, 1996, The Washington Weekly had obtained
an  additional  540  pages of documents from NSA in response to a
Freedom  of  Information  Act  (FOIA)  request.   The information
showed that the U.S. Embassy in London had been highly interested
in stories, regarding the by now  deceased  Vince  Foster,  being
reported  in  British  newspapers.  The embassy was sending their
then-secret reports to, among several U.S. agencies, the National
Security Agency.
   In "Plot to  Spy  on  Banks  Outlined  in  White House Email,"
Professor Grabbe includes a document declassified by the National
Archives on August 22, 1994.  In that document, a memo from David
Wigg to Oliver North,  North's  connection  to  the  tracking  of
"financial  flows...  through  the 400 or so principal banks that
make up the interbank market"  is  pointed to.  In other words, a
plan to spy on banks was in the works.
   Oliver North as moneyman is  also  shown in an article by Gene
Tatum, "A CIA Funding Operation."  (See CN 9.93) In that  report,
Tatum claims that "North delivered $4 billion in U.S. currency to
Iran.   Iran gave North $8 billion in super bills in exchange for
the $4 billion in good  U.S.  currency.  North then delivered the
$8 billion in super bills back to the Banco Nacional de Panama."
Loose Thread #2
   In CN 9.90, I mentioned  that  I had been contacted by someone
who urged a prompt  meeting  at  the Indiana border.  This person
has been previously-mentioned in CN:  "Mr. Boderby" (not his real
name.)  Working to facilitate the meeting was  "Mr.  Royce"  (not
his  real name; see my interview of Joseph Andreuccetti, archived
at the prairienet site,  for  mention  of  "Mr. Royce," who dined
with myself, Sherman  Skolnick,  and  Joseph  Andreuccetti  at  a
restaurant  in  Calumet  City,  Illinois,  in April of 1995.  The
relevant  material   is   accessed   as   follows:    (a)  telnet
prairienet.org (b) logon as "visitor" (c) "go citcom" (d) look in
the Whitewater sub-menu for "The Andreuccetti Affair.")
Loose Thread #3
   This past week I received via  U.S. mail a document, from "Mr.
Boderby," purporting to be an article written by J. Orlin Grabbe,
"The FBI Conspiracy Against Chuck Hayes."   *If*  Grabbe  is  the
actual  author,  the former Wharton professor is saying that "The
highest levels of the FBI are engaged in a conspiracy to obstruct
justice  by  denying  Charles   S.   Hayes  the  right  to  legal
representation,  by  denying  him  the  right  to  any  discovery
materials, and by  denying  him  the  opportunity  to  prepare  a
defense."  Hayes is supposedly a deep-level former and/or current
intelligence operative who has been acting as a renegade, working
against  government  corruption  and without the blessing of that
same government.  Regardless  of  unsavoury connections, Hayes is
entitled to  the  same  due  process  protections  as  any  other
citizen.   Or  can  the  government  now just deny due process to
whomever it wishes, then ameliorate the outrage by merely leaking
that, "It's O.K. This guy was with the CIA?"
   In the document sent to me by "Boderby" and apparently written
by Grabbe, we learn that as of November 22, 1996, Chuck Hayes has
as his legal representative a man named Jim  Vassilos.   I  can't
give the specifics of the connection, but Vassilos *is* connected
to "Mr. Boderby."  Another loose thread is Vassilos's  connection
to  ex-NYPD Vice Squad Detective James Rothstein.  In a videotape
of a lecture by Rothstein,  he mentions that Vassilos accompanied
him on a trip he made to Oklahoma City with purpose of  privately
investigating the April 19, 1995 bombings at the Murrah Building.
Loose Thread #4
   In  a conversation today (Jan. 5, 1997) with Sherman Skolnick,
the  Chicago   investigator   voiced   suspicion  of  alternative
journalists who suddenly "popped up from nowhere" around the time
of the Oklahoma City bombings.  This was in response  to  my  own
question  as  to  Skolnick's  assertion  that  the  controversial
Hayes/Norman/Grabbe "Angel of Death" story is just a melodramatic
embellishment  of Skolnick's previous material.  Skolnick says he
has no private vendetta against  either Grabbe, Norman, or Hayes,
but that their embellishment of his story is  subtly  misleading.
Regarding  Mr. Norman, Skolnick thinks that he was a "babe in the
woods" in espionage  matters  when  he  was  taken  in by Hayes's
manipulation.   Regarding  Grabbe,  Skolnick  puts  him  in   the
category of those who "popped up from nowhere" around the time of
the  OKC  bombings.  Did Grabbe suddenly appear on Internet right
about that time?  I don't recall.
   Professor Grabbe will perhaps respond by hinting, as he has to
me in the past, that Skolnick is somehow connected to the Mossad.
Anticipating this reaction,  I  asked  Mr.  Skolnick how he would
respond to that.  Skolnick pointed out that, just because he is a
traditional Jew, that doesn't necessarily  mean  he  is  involved
with  the  Mossad.   He further pointed out that, in the past, he
has been a leading critic of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and
that as far back as 1970 he had identified ADL as a spy operation
with links to the FBI.  For  its part, according to Skolnick, ADL
contends that the Chicago underground journalist  is  a  renegade
Jew out to damage Israel.   ADL  has  even  tried  to  block  his
popular cable television program, says Skolnick.  My own thinking
on  this  is  that  to  label  Mr.  Skolnick as involved with the
Mossad, based only on the  fact  that  he is Jewish, is something
unworthy of a keen intellect such as Grabbe's.
   The "embellishment" of  Skolnick's  material  is summarized by
him as follows.  James Norman had been calling Skolnick from time
to  time.   Among  Norman's  questions  were  inquiries   as   to
Skolnick's  "BCCI  bribe  list"  story.   Norman reportedly asked
Skolnick, in relation to his publication on Internet of the names
of 22 U.S. Senators allegedly involved, "You've got  a  story  on
the BCCI bribe list with *22* names?  Where are the other names?"
Skolnick  says  he had published an incomplete list of names as a
way to test Norman  and  others.   Norman reportedly read some of
the remaining names.  Skolnick's complete  list  of  names  *had*
been faxed to The Spotlight in 1991 but Spotlight did not publish
the  actual  list  of  names,  just the general story itself.  It
seems likely that part  of  the  actual  list  found its way from
there into Norman's hands.
   How  is  the Norman/Grabbe/Hayes "embellishment" of Skolnick's
story  misleading?   One  thing said to be wrong is the assertion
that Hayes and the "Fifth  Column"  did not keep the appropriated
money for itself, but rather turned it over to  a  U.S.  Treasury
holding  account.   In  an interview I had with retired detective
Rothstein, he also expressed skepticism  about that aspect of the
story.  Mr. Skolnick's sources contend that  no  such  money  was
transferred   to   a   Treasury   holding   account.    But  more
fundamentally, the  story  is  partly  wrong  in  that it diverts
attention from the  Bank  of  England  and  from  Cayman  Islands
financial nuclei and focuses on Swiss banks.  The BCCI bribe list
was reportedly accidentally made available to the public  for  30
days  (until the mistake of making the list public was rectified)
at the Bank  of  England.   *This*,  says  Skolnick,  is the real
story; that U.S. Congresspersons had been  bought  off  by  BCCI,
with  many  trails of that corruption leading to *London*.  It is
widely known that BCCI *did* in fact spread its money around with
said purpose.  The  widespread  retirements  by U.S. Senators and
Representatives, with so many saying they have decided they  want
to  "spend  more  time with their families," may have been due to
pressure from news  outlets  knowledgeable  about  the said "BCCI
bribe list."  It appears *that* possibility of imminent  exposure
by  news  outlets, and not a masked "Lone Ranger" (Hayes) and his
helper "Tonto" (Norman), is the real  cause of the recent wave of
retirements in Washington, D.C.
   Mr. Skolnick says that persons wanting  to  subtly  twist  his
stories to their own purposes is not new to  him.   When  he  had
begun  reporting  his  stories  on  Bill Clinton's trip to Moscow
during his student days,  Skolnick  perceived pressure from Media
Bypass Magazine to play up the angle of "Clinton is a communist."
However Skolnick would not do so, since his view  has  been  that
Clinton's trip to Moscow was at the behest of the CIA.