Merry Christmas!  First  allow  me  to  wish  the  best to all
during this holiday season.  I have  made  many  friends  through
this effort and I wish you all the best for Christmas and the new
   Two  things:   (1)  Drive  carefully; some drive a bit crazier
than usual during the holidays.  (2) Watch out for Clinton and/or
the government to do something  sneaky  and rotten just when they
figure you aren't paying attention. 
   A conspiracy angle on  Christmas  is  Santa,  whose name is an
anagram for  "Satan."   Santa,  the  material  god,  opposes  the
Christian God at this time of year.
   Eugene  Izzi, the mystery writer found hanged under mysterious
circumstances (see CN 9.87) was  not  black, as I erroneously had
reported.  The mistake was mine and not  Sherman  Skolnick's.   I
regret the error.
   Also, regarding the Izzi story, Sherman Skolnick is anxious to
contact  any  mystery  writers  who  wish to talk on the subject.
Phone him at 773-375-5741 and tell him that "Brian sent you."  If
you are a mystery writer and  either  live in the Chicago area or
will be there around January, Mr. Skolnick may want you to appear
as a guest on his television program.
   The CPI Fraud (Excerpts from New  Federalist,  12/16/96):   "A
government  panel  has  just  come  out to recommend reducing the
calculation of the CPI [Consumer  Price Index], declaring that it
has been overvalued by approximately one-third.  On the basis  of
this  admittedly  impossible to elaborate calculation, this panel
proposes  that  all  government  payrolls  and  taxes,  which are
figured on the basis of a cost-of-living index, be  refigured  to
presume  a  lower  level  of  inflation.  Right off the bat, this
would cut the income of  all pensioners, veterans, and government
workers, while raising income tax brackets for millions more.
   And what is the basis for  this  decision?   The  professional
economists  find  it  very  hard  to  explain, and, in fact, they
frequently admit these days that "no one" really understands what
causes economic growth,  or  inflation,  or other such mysteries.
One element of the figuring is the alleged increase in quality of
goods  produced  these  days,  in  such  ways  as  the  decreased
pollutants in gasoline!  As if that  quality,  even  if  it  were
there,  which  it  often is not, meant that the product costs any
less, relative to your income.
   The reality is, that the whole proposal is a gigantic swindle,
an attempt to steal a little  bit  from a lot of people, with the
stroke of a pen.  They figure the elderly won't scream,  nor  the
veterans,  nor  the  labor  movement.  After all, if the economic
"experts" tell you that  your  living  standard has actually been
improving, who are you to argue?
   Rev.  Sun-Moon  Competes  With  "The  Potato."  False god Rev.
Sun-Moon, with his flock  of  worshippers, could pose a challenge
to that man I call "the Potato," i.e. the Pope.  Both claim  some
sort  of divine infallibility and the rush is on to see which can
gather more revenue-enhancers into their organization.
   Ties between ex-President George  Bush  and the "Moonies" were
examined  in  the  Dec.  2,  1996  issue  of  "Si,"  a   Peruvian
newsmagazine,   as   reported  in  the  LaRouche  newspaper,  New
Federalist, of  Dec.  9,  1996.   (But  who  will  report  on the
LaRouche organization's ties to the Catholic Church?)   Says  New
Federalist:   "The  article [in "Si" magazine], which nailed Bush
as frontman for the  Rev.  Moon's  big move into Ibero-America --
where the Moonies own everything from shipyards to luxury  hotels
and  newspapers  --  noted that Moon took over Uruguay's Banco de
Credito, and that he  could  very  well  do  the same with Peru's
Interbank.  From the Jewish or Christian standpoint,  Moon  is  a
blasphemer  who  purports  to  be the Messiah; who strongly hints
that  Jesus  was  the  illegitimate  offspring  of  an adulterous
relationship between the Virgin Mary and  Zachariah,  husband  to
her  cousin  Elizabeth;  and  who  says  that Jesus was crucified
because He failed in His mission, by siding with the poor."
   More on the Commerce Department employee  found  dead  in  her
office,  from RMNews (November 1996 issue, phone 408-699-4135 for
more info).  Quoting from  the  Nov. 30, 1996 *Shreveport Times*,
"Government Worker Found Dead In Office":
  A Commerce Department employee was found dead in her fourth
  floor office  at  the  agency's  downtown  headquarters  on
  Friday  (November  29th).  The 48 year old, a secretary for
  about  14   years,   had   worked   for   the  department's
  international trade administration.
And, an RMNews reader asks,
  [Who was] wandering the halls of the Department of Commerce
  between  Wednesday  afternoon,  November  27th,  when   the
  unnamed  Commerce  victim  was last seen alive; and Friday,
  November 29, when her "partially nude" body was discovered?
  Is it worthy to note  that Commerce offices were closed for
  Thanksgiving?  Did the  Commerce  Department  international
  trade administration, in which the victim had worked for 14
  years,  have any connection with John Huang and the current
  DNC money scandal?
RMNews itself adds that,
  Rumor Mill sources tell us  that the dead woman was Barbara
  Wiese(sp?).  She was the assistant to  Mickey  Kantor,  the
  Secretary  of  Commerce.   In  other words, this dead woman
  wasn't a lowly secretary.  This  woman had worked in a high
  level Commerce position for 14 years, and the story  barely
  makes two paragraphs! It feels like a coverup to me.
  RMNews  sources  further  state  that  she was a grand jury
  witness  against  Bill  Clinton.   If  this  is  true, then
  Kenneth Starr needs to do more to keep his witnesses alive!
  Her partially  nude  body  was  discovered  in  a  *locked*
  *room*!   Eye  witnesses  have  told our sources that there
  were bruises on  her  body.   No  cause  of  death has been
  released. Does anyone else smell a rotten fish?