"Round Up the Usual Suspects."
A CN reader sent the following item;  I'm not sure if it's an AP,
Reuters,  or  whatever  story:   Police  probe  mystery  writer's
mysterious death 4:42pm EST, 12/10/96.
  CHICAGO  - A mystery writer found hanging by a rope outside
  his  office  window may have committed suicide, police said
  Tuesday, although friends said he may have been  threatened
  by militia groups.
  Eugene  Izzi,  43,  who  had  written  a dozen little-known
  mysteries  including  one made into a television movie, was
  found Saturday morning hanging  by  a  thick rope outside a
  14th floor downtown office building.
  The  Chicago  Sun-Times  reported  in  a  front-page  story
  headlined "Novelist's Hanging a Whodunit" that Izzi's  body
  was clad in a  bullet-proof  vest and his pockets contained
  notes referring to telephoned threats from militia groups.
  The   newspaper   quoted   an   unnamed  friend  as  saying
  Chicago-born Izzi may have infiltrated a militia  group  to
  research a future novel and run afoul of the group's rules.
  "Officially,  it's   a   death   investigation,"  a  police
  spokesman  said.  "He's gotten more notoriety in death than
  he ever did in life."
  The spokesman said bruises on Izzi's face and body may have
  come from his lifeless body banging  against  the  building
  for a couple of hours before it was found.  But police were
  looking at computer discs and other material recovered from
  Izzi's ransacked office for clues to his death.
Chicago investigator Sherman Skolnick  contends  that  blame  for
Izzi's  death  is  being  shoved in the direction of the populist
militias,  to  cover  up  what   is  actually  a  Chicago  Police
Department  murder  squad.   Mr.  Skolnick,   with   decades   of
experience  on  such matters, says that there is a group of white
policemen in  the  Chicago  P.D.  who  routinely murder outspoken
blacks.  Izzi, a black author, was,  according  to  Skolnick,  an
expert  on  police  corruption, racial matters, and murder squads
and apparently had written a  book  (said  to be due out in April
1997) which  may  have  upset  some  person  or  persons.   After
discussing  the  matter  with  low-level  television journalists,
Skolnick discovered that the alleged police murder squad angle to
the story is being killed by  higher ups of at least one network.
"Is the FBI leaning on the TV stations?" he wonders.
Some  readers  may  have  trouble  incorporating  the  concept of
certain police personnel as murderers.  Yet it was  not  so  long
ago  in  Chicago  that  a  white policeman blatantly shot a black
homeless person in that city.   Recall  that around the summer of
1995 a white Chicago police officer was leaving a tavern with his
black mistress, when they were approached  by  a  homeless  black
man.  Some disagreement ensued and the off-duty policeman went to
the  trunk of his car, pulled out a pistol, shot the homeless man
point-blank in the face, then calmly drove off with his mistress.
Here is a relevant  portion  from  Mr. Skolnick's latest recorded
message (312-731-1100):
  A  Chicago-based  murder  mystery  writer, Eugene Izzi, had
  uncovered data showing  there  was  a Chicago Police murder
  squad  that  went  around  killing   political   activists,
  especially  blacks.  Some of their targets were the lawyers
  of litigants in the City Hall [Shackman related] cases.  (A
  large number of the city workers are blacks.)
  On December 7th, 1996, Izzi was found  hanging  by  a  rope
  from an open window of a 13th-floor office on a main street
  of  Chicago:   North  Michigan  Avenue.  Izzi was wearing a
  bullet-resistant vest, brass knuckles  in his pocket, and a
  can of disabling spray.
  To cover up the Chicago Police assassination  squad,  local
  authorities told the pressfakers that faraway militia units
  were  implicated  in  the  strange  apparent  murder.  *Oh*
The apparent discrepancy between  mention  of  Izzi's  14th-floor
office  vs.  13th-floor office is resolved by the common practice
of not actually labeling the 13th floor as such; i.e., floors are
often numbered 11, 12, then 14,  with the 13th floor not actually
named as such.
Some readers may also recall a piece done within the past year or
two on PBS (probably on Frontline), showing  victims  of  torture
which  occurred  in  one Chicago police district.  It was claimed
that torture was often used on suspects in that district so as to
obtain "confessions."