This  past  week (Dec. 1-7, 1996) we heard that "experts" are
deciding  that  the  Consumer  Price  Index (CPI) is too high and
should be lowered by  about  1  percent.   One effect of this CPI
lowering will be a decrease in Social Security  payments.   Local
radio  program  "News  From Neptune" points out another aspect in
this, that this lowering of  the  CPI will enable other "experts"
to "prove" that "the economy is good."
    In the latest  issue  of  the  monthly,  hardcopy  Conspiracy
Nation  newsletter,  mention is made of Adolph Hitler's "Big Lie"
technique.  In that issue I suggest one of the current "big lies"
is that "the economy is good."   With a lowering of the CPI, this
falsehood  is  enabled  to  be  propped  up:   "proof"   is   now
forthcoming  that,  regarding  today's workers, "no, it turns out
that they don't have to work longer than their parents to achieve
the same standard of living  after all; see, here's 'proof' based
on the lowered CPI."
    Look for "experts" to appear in  the  future  "proving"  that
"the economy is good" based on wooden-leg CPI figures.
    The  newsfakers  argued  this  past  week  that, for example,
people are not buying new cars as often and therefore high prices
for new cars are not what  they  seem.  Yet this is a "chicken or
egg" argument (a la "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"):
people don't buy new cars as often because they can't afford  the
new  cars!   It's not like it's some new chic lifestyle choice to
drive the same car past 100,000 miles.
    In CN 9.77, mention  was  made  of  the enfuriated reader who
believed that the Rev. Chiniquy and Jack Chick were actually  the
same person.  Responding  to  my  scoffing, the enfuriated reader
  Oh yeah?  Then who is this Chiniquy guy?   Why  does  Chick
  hold the copyright on Chiniquy's  book?  How can Chick hold
  the  copyright  on   a   book   that   he   didn't   write?
  Chiniquy<-->Chick:   can  you say "pseudonym?"  Care to put
  your  money  where  your mouth is with a little wager?  How
  about 25 bucks, donated to the winner's  favorite  charity,
  that the book WAS written by Chick.  Game?
                                          (Enfuriated Reader)
As  it turns out, I should have taken "ER" (Enfuriated Reader) up
on the proposed  wager.   For  I  now  have  in  my possession an
ancient, mouldering book (the kind  whose  pages  you  must  turn
carefully,  lest  they  crumble),  entitled  *Fifty  Years in the
Church of Rome*  by  Rev.  Charles  Chiniquy,  St. Anne, Kankakee
County, Illinois.  The copyright is from the year 1886.   I  have
photocopied  the  relevant  pages,  and  am prepared to send said
copies to "ER", should he still wish to wager on the matter.
    Say  good-bye  to  "dry  spells";   I  have  a  copy  of  the
Congressional Record from 1910, from which I ought to be able  to
extract  items  of  interest  to conspiratologists.  Here is one:
Congressional Record, House, Jan. 26, 1910, p. 1043.
  [Regarding HR 13410, Mr. Hull  of Iowa states] Mr. Speaker,
  this only changes the present law to conform to the  recent
  laws  as  to the militia and volunteers.  When the Articles
  of War were adopted  by  the Congress, the militia included
  all able-bodied males between the ages of 18 and  45.   Now
  we  have  a  law  organizing  what is called the "organized
  militia" or "national guard."  This bill puts in before the
  word "militia" the word  "organized."   In addition to that
  it recognizes what our volunteer law recognizes as a  third
  line,  called the "volunteers" and it simply adds the words
  "or volunteers"...
(Partial transcript  of  an  interview  of  Don  Freed, author of
Killing Time, a new book about the O.J. Simpson case.   Freed  is
interviewed by Sherman H. Skolnick.)
DON  FREED:   Killing  Time  is  a  study  made  by  a  group  of
researchers,  and  published  by  MacMillan,  which  attempts  to
substitute  an  idiom  or an alphabet of forensic timelines -- of
facts -- in place of  the  temper  tantrum of race and rage which
greeted the jury verdict. 
    We first create a timeline.  And we ask the question, and the
reader is  in  the  place  of  the  juror.   And  you  follow the
blood-red footprints into the murder killing  time  --  into  the
timeline.   And  if  you  find  that Simpson could not be in that
killing time, that there is "something wrong" (in Dr. Henry Lee's
words),  then  you  have   no   choice   but  to  look  at  other
possibilities, other scenarios.
SHERMAN SKOLNICK: What other scenario, for example?
DON FREED:  For example, organized drugs and vice in the  wealthy
west side of Los Angeles. 
SHERMAN  SKOLNICK:   Which are known to the authorities, and were
known  to  Judge  Lance  Ito  through  his  police  captain wife,
Margaret York, who was in charge of  internal  investigations  in
the L.A. police. 
DON  FREED:   That is true.  And one of the first reports linking
the killings in Brentwood to  other murders in the same lifestyle
circle  --  cocaine  --  was  the  Chicago  reports   from   your
headquarters.   [Mr.  Skolnick  chairs the Citizens' Committee to
Clean Up the Courts, in Chicago.] 
SHERMAN SKOLNICK:  In other words,  is it possible that what they
claim is his special footprint there, in the blood, that he could
have come on the scene after the crime was committed? 
DON FREED:  That's one of the possibilities.  And we have about a
half a dozen options for the reader and the juror to follow. 
SHERMAN SKOLNICK:  Do you raise that question, that he could have
come on the scene after the murder? 
DON FREED: Yes, we do. On the scene before, or during, or after.
SHERMAN SKOLNICK: But not having committed it [the murder(s)].
DON FREED:  That is right.  And we also pose the  question  that,
since  we  do not know who the killer was, we do not know who the
target was.  And  that  could  be  Mr.  Goldman,  it could be Ms.
Simpson, it could have been Ms. Resnick, the house guest,  or  it
could have been O.J. Simpson himself. 
    I  think you have been on the right track from the beginning.
I  think  we're  looking  at  a  corner of the canvas of big-time
sports and sports gambling, which involves big-time narcotics.
SHERMAN SKOLNICK:  The public has to know that in the early '70s,
you helped edit a book on the corruption and  dirty  business  of
the L.A. Police intelligence, called The Glass-House Tapes.  What
do  you  make of the judge's police captain wife, who was liaison
to DEA, to Drug Enforcement? 
DON FREED:  That's right.  And that  is why, I think, neither the
prosecution, the defense, nor the judge, wanted to  get  anywhere
near drugs. 
SHERMAN SKOLNICK:  But the point is that you believe that many of
those involved in the trial knew what was really involved. 
DON  FREED:   Well  I think so, including some of the lawyers and
SHERMAN SKOLNICK:   What  do  you  make  of  one  of the victim's
father, Fred Goldman?  That's screaming all the time? 
DON FREED:  He interrupted me on "Larry King  Live"  [Cable  news
program]  with  a  furious  monologue.   And  I  told  him that I
understood his position but that  he  had no monopoly on justice,
and that we have to start from scratch.  And the  fact  that  his
son may have been the target in no way justifies his murder.