Once a year, like clockwork,  the latest "flu" virus appears.
Like with AIDS having its mysterious origins in "deepest, darkest
Africa," the vague sense is that the yearly influenza virus comes
from a mysterious faraway land: Asia.
    My parents always heed the warnings each year  to  "get  your
flu  shot."  So, a month or two back they went through the yearly
flu-shot ritual.  I visited them  shortly thereafter.  A few days
later, by an interesting "coincidence," I was one of the first to
suffer the latest edition of influenza.
    What if.  What if our perceptions are  bass-ackwards  on  the
annual flu season?  What if the initial introduction of the virus
into  the  population  occurs via the innoculations given to ward
off the virus, and from *there* the disease is spread?
    Sound far-fetched?  The medical  industry has gotten it wrong
before, for example with Beriberi.  Beriberi is a  fatal  illness
caused  by  lack  of vitamin B1.  In the 1880s, a Japanese doctor
named Kanehiro Takaki discovered that Beriberi could be cured and
prevented through proper nutrition.   He published the results of
his   research   in   Lancet,   a   British   medical    journal.
Unfortunately,  writes Dr. Peter Duesberg in his book, *Inventing
the AIDS Virus*, "Instead of  acknowledging poor nutrition as the
cause of beriberi, the scientific community wantonly  disregarded
it.    The   report   had   arrived  during  the  height  of  the
bacteria-hunting craze... and microbe  hunters were eager to find
new germs."
    Chosen unanimously to chair the House Government  Reform  and
Oversight  Committee  is Rep. Dan Burton (R, Ind.).  According to
the Washington  Times  (National  Weekly  Edition, 12/8/96), Rep.
Burton has a reputation as one who "goes for the jugular." 
    Congressman Burton has expressed  strong doubts regarding the
official version of Vince Foster's death.  For  example,  in  the
Congressional  Record  of  August  2, 1994 (Vol. 140, No. 104) he
states, in part...
  Mr. Speaker, over the past  several  weeks there has been a
  lot of questions about the death of Vince  Foster  and  the
  connection of his death to  the  Whitewater  investigation,
  and  I  have  had nine people on my staff at the Republican
  Study  Committee  and  my  personal  staff and some outside
  sources  investigating  this,  because  the  Committee   on
  Banking, Finance, and Urban Affairs  here in the House that
  is doing the Whitewater investigation on a party line  vote
  has limited the scope of the investigation to such a degree
  that  one  Member said that if the same principles had been
  applied to the O.J. Simpson  case,  the one thing you could
  ask  O.J.  Simpson  is "How was your trip to Chicago?"  You
  couldn't ask any other questions.   That is how limited the
  investigation  is.   There  is   a  deliberate  attempt  to
  minimize the investigation and, I think, to cover up a  lot
  of the facts.
    In CN 9.76, Sherman Skolnick mentions the death of a Commerce
Department employee.  Some readers may  not have heard about this
previously.  Here are excerpts from  Associated  Press,  11/30/96
("Commerce Department Employee Found Dead in Office")....
  WASHINGTON  (AP) - A Commerce Department employee was found
  dead in her  fourth-floor  office  at the agency's downtown
  headquarters on Friday.
    The  body  was discovered around 7:45 a.m. by a co-worker
  arriving for work, police said.
    The woman was identified  as  Barbara  Alice Wise, 48, of
  Gambrills, Md. She had worked as a secretary for  14  years
  at the department's International Trade Administration.
    A  preliminary  autopsy was unable to determine the cause
  of death Friday.
I received the following e-mail recently,  regarding  Livingstone
Fagan,  one  of the few survivors of the Branch Davidian Massacre
near Waco, Texas, April  19,  1993.   (For more on that massacre,
see *The Davidian Massacre* by Carol Moore,  ISBN  1-880692-22-8,
and *The Ashes of Waco* by Dick J. Reavis, ISBN 0-684-81132-4)
  Just a few hours ago  Carol  Moore allowed me to transcribe
  the  following  crucial details excerpted from Livingston's
  letter dated 09/28/96:
    .... the scars and  bruises from threats and physical
    assaults  sustained  since  my arrival June 20th '96,
    all  of  which  I  received  at  the  hands of prison
    officers.  Last Thursday was the  worst  yet.   After
    continuously  slamming  my  head  against a concrete,
    then metal structure, followed  by  my body against a
    concrete floor (the stated purpose being to get me to
    fear him), this 300 lb officer  then  verbalized  his
    intent to kill me for my not cowering to his will.
    Ordinarily  the  above  would be considered attempted
    murder.  In here it seems  to  be  the  norm  --  The
    inquisition  continues.   I  had tended not to report
    these  incidents, not wanting to appear as though I'm
    whining.  I am not.  This is only  for  informational
    purposes.  It is not uncommon for people to be killed
    in these institutions and it  be  reported  as  self-
    inflicted.  In the  event  of  my  premature death, I
    think it prudent that there  be  someone  independent
    who is aware of  the preceding.....thus averting such
  The Rev. Chiniquy material (see CN 9.75) really got some people
to howling.  One reader  was  so  blinded  by fury he erroneously
supposed that Jack Chick, mentioned as  a  source  for  obtaining
Chiniquy's book, was the actual author. He wrote in part,
  Jack  Chick  describes convents that never existed, priests
  that were never  ordained,  and  public meetings that never
  took place.  For examples, refer to:
(Note  that  I  haven't yet verified the above web sites as still
  Finally, news is a funny  business:   some days slow, some days
busy.  When it's slow, I like to go to the University of Illinois
library and  dig  for  items  there.   Right  now,  though,  it's
end-of-semester  madness at U of I. So, for the moment, U of I as
a resource  is  more  or  less  extremely  occupied  with harried
students rushing to finish papers.  That means resources are  not
as easily available as normally. 
  What  this  means  is,  a "dry spell" may occur with CN for the
next few weeks; less to  report  for  awhile.  But, when the news
breaks out, Conspiracy Nation breaks in.