The Government Rumor Mill Cranks Up
RMNews Agency, Sept.  5, 1996  --  All the puzzle pieces are laid
on the floor  of  a  hangar  in  New  York.   Various  government
agencies  are  engaged  in  the difficult task of trying to piece
together  the  story  of   what   happened  to  TWA  Flight  800.
Unfortunately, even if the dedicated researchers do discover  the
truth  of the downing of TWA 800, there is little chance that the
American people will ever be told.
The government rumor  mill  has  begun  to  crank out first class
disinformation.  It is designed to cover all bases,  and  prevent
the  American  people  from  ever  discovering the truth... which
would implicate  our  government,  the  Federal  Reserve, and the
international banking community in the  murder  of  230  innocent
Disinformation  is  a  common  tactic  used  by the government to
obfuscate, blur, cloud,  confuse,  and  otherwise  keep the truth
from being known.  Whenever private researchers and investigators
get too close to the truth, the disinformation  specialists  leap
into action. Such is the case with TWA 800.
Over  the  long Labor Day weekend, various fax networks and radio
shows broke a story in which  a TWA pilot supposedly came forward
and told the truth about the downing of the airplane.   According
to his story, which was provided in a government sponsored secret
briefing,  the  plane  was  hit  by a missile fired from an Aegis
class Navy destroyer.  The  Navy  ship  which allegedly fired the
missile was similar to the USS  Vincennes,  which  "accidentally"
fired  a  missile  and  downed  an Iranian airliner.  As with all
disinformation, this  story  is  believeable,  and  just  in case
anyone  doubted  that  such  a  thing  could  ever  happen,   the
government  created  a  story that almost paralleled an identical
The story is a good one, and  it  ties up all the loose ends.  It
explains why so many people saw something  streaking  toward  the
airliner.   It  explains  why the government is taking so long to
tell the American people  what  really happened.  It explains the
traces of explosives.  It explains why all four engines  came  up
intact.   It explains the rumors of National Guard maneuvers.  It
explains why an international  manhunt  has not begun.  The story
answers all the questions the American people  and  the  victims'
families have been asking. Unfortunately, it is not the truth.
       "The  White House is the biggest rumor mill in the
       land.  They put  out  more disinformation than any
       other group in government." -- RMNews Euro Chief
Over  the  long  weekend  RMNews  sources   were   deluged   with
information.   Secret  meetings seemed to be going on everywhere.
David Rockefeller had summoned  the  board members of the Federal
Reserve  to  an  emergency  meeting  in  Jackson  Hole,  Wyoming.
Leaders of the American  Patriot  movement  were  summoned  to  a
meeting in Washington, DC.  TWA executives and senior pilots were
summoned to a secret briefing regarding the downing of TWA Flight
According  to RMNews sources, the version presented at the secret
TWA briefing said that Flight  800  was  the victim of a National
Guard training accident.  TWA personnel were told that Flight 800
was shot down by a rocket fired from  shore,  during  a  training
exercise.   This  version  closely resembles the truth, but it is
dramatically different  from  the  White  House  version that was
supposedly leaked by a TWA pilot.  By the time  the  White  House
put  their  slant on the story, it was barely recognizable as the
same TWA briefing.
Over the long Labor Day weekend,  our RMNews Euro Chief filed his
report.  You will not like what you read, but it does explain all
the disinformation that has been circulating  over  the  weekend.
The  truth  is  known about what caused the downing of TWA Flight
800.  The  European  intelligence  agencies  have  put the puzzle
together.  There are those in our government who do not want  the
truth  to ever be told.  They know that others know the truth and
it is beginning to seep out; therefore they have cranked up their
mighty Wurlitzer and begun the disinformation overture.
To understand how successful a government disinformation campaign
can be, all one has  to  do  is  think about the assassination of
John Kennedy.  The government put out the official  version,  and
then they created hundreds of cover stories with supporting films
and  documents.   Each  of  these  cover  stories takes years and
thousands of hours to pursue.  Private investigators have neither
the time nor the money  to  track  down  every story, and so many
alternative news  sources  innocently  print  or  air  government
created  disinformation,  thinking  that it comes from a reliable
independent source.
The story on  Flight  800,  which  we  recently received from our
European source, explains the reason for the many different cover
stories that are being put out.  Since we are also dealing with a
story of personal grief, horror and tragedy, we  have  chosen  to
file  this  story  exactly  as  we received it, with no editorial
           -+- RMNews Presents the Unedited Story -+-
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