Military Alert!!!
                       Tailhook Part Two
                  Army/Navy Being Discredited
                      Top Echelon Officers
                 Set Up To Be Fired or Arrested
             Clinton Strikes First To Avert or Contain
                         A Military Coup
Rumor  Mill  News, Nov. 1996 -- In the September edition of Rumor
Mill News we  discussed  the  government  disinformation that was
being leaked to destroy the United States Navy.  If  you  do  not
have  a copy of that issue, send $5.00 for the issue or $2.00 for
the segment on "Tailhook  Two."   [CN:  *caveat emptor*.  Address
is listed in back issue, CN 9.67.]
In the article  we  told  the  story  of  the  Navy  Aegis  class
destroyer  that  fired  the missile which brought down TWA 800...
But, we also told the real story of what happened to TWA 800.
It  was  a  government   missile   that   brought  it  down...  a
Sledgehammer missile made by Litton  Industries  sometime  before
the  mid  70's.   In  the mid 70's it and many others were stolen
from a National Guard warehouse.
The missile  was  used  to  bring  down  TWA  800  because of the
counterfeit bearer bonds that were on board.  Just  last  week  I
received  news  that  some of the bearer bonds had been retrieved
and my story about them  being counterfeit was being investigated
by the FBI.
If they are proven to be counterfeit, then the people responsible
for the downing of TWA 800 would be the ones who have the most to
lose.  Follow the money trail and you will have the answer as  to
who  shot down TWA 800.  I heard through an excellent source that
it was David Rockefeller  who  leaked  the  phony story about the
Navy shooting down TWA 800.
But why is the story being leaked again right now?  It is because
over the weekend right before the election  there  was  either  a
military coup or an attempt at one.  There have been at least two
times  in  my  lifetime  when the military assumed command of the
country without the American public being aware of it.
The most recent time  was  on  July  9,  1992  when they took the
"football" away from George  Bush  and  told  him  to  "lose  the
election...  or else."  Right after Nixon was forced to step down
there was a book  released  called  "Silent  Coup."  It named the
high ranking military officers who were responsible for  bringing
down Nixon.
Something happened this Halloween and then again over the weekend
preceding  the  election.   These things are covered fully in the
October issue  of  RMNews.   We  don't  know  yet  what happened.
Either a military coup happened or Clinton struck the first  blow
by arresting the leaders of the "coup."
This story about the Navy downing TWA 800 is pure disinformation.
I  am  including the September story I wrote about the downing of
TWA 800 with this brief warning to military men. {1}.
The Army is just beginning its version of Tailhook.  If you don't
wake up right now, all the  senior  officers who are loyal to the
Constitution and America will go the way of the top  Navy  brass.
Wake  Up,  Military  Men  of  America!!   You are about to become
history.  Share this with all  military  men and women, before it
is too late!
---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
{1} I hope to cover the September RMNews story on TWA 800 soon.