I received the following communique from  a person known to me to
not  be  a  lightweight  in  his  knowledge  of  "deep  politics"
(Professor  Peter  Dale  Scott's  term  for   esoteric   American
politics; see his excellent book, *Deep Politics and the Death of
JFK,  Berkeley:   University  of  California  Press,  1993.)  The
person who authored  the  following  communique is a questionable
quantity as far as I'm concerned:  yes, he has inside  knowledge,
but  if or not he operates with a hidden agenda is unknown to me.
My usual policy with information that may be important is to pass
it along and let the reader make up her own mind.
Also I offer the caveat  that the following communique betrays an
anti-Israel bias.  My own opinion is that Israel is not the  "big
bad  wolf"  that  some  imagine it to be.  This is hinted at, for
example, by evidence  showing  Great  Britain as puppet-master of
Israel.  Also, if Israel buys the U.S. Congress, whose  fault  is
that?   Israel's, or the Congress which is widely known worldwide
as being for sale to the highest bidder?
Finally, the author of the  following communique makes mention of
Media  Bypass  magazine  and,   specifically,   that   magazine's
investigative  reporter  Lawrence  Myers.  Regarding Media Bypass
magazine, they have published some good material in the past, yet
lately seem to be wimping  out  with legal mumbo jumbo which goes
nowhere.  (For a good, fiction-based-on-fact account  of  what  a
dead-end  labyrinthe  legalisms  can  be,  see  *Bleak  House* by
Charles Dickens.)  As to Mr. Myers,  for  all  I know he may be a
fine, honest reporter, maligned unjustly in some quarters.
 +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +
96/Oct/30 (Wed)
Re: Chuck Hayes Alert
Dear Soul,
Please note that 1st hand report from 96/Oct/29 (Tue), concerning
the alleged bond hearing on 96/Oct/28 (Mon) is as follows:
1. NO BOND *EVER* to be allowed
5.  Only alleged attorney visits (2 attorneys  named:   1.   Kirk
Davis,  Burnside,  Ky;  2.   Warren  Scolville,  London,  Ky;  3.
PROBLEM,  one  of  the  two  attorney's  offices, Congressman Hal
Rogers was observed as  an  office  insider  -- who is opposed to
Chuck [Hayes].)
6. Chuck [Hayes] was swooped on by an FBI SWAT team on 96/Oct/22
7.  Normal procedure is bond hearing next day --  Wed.  96/Oct/23
8.   Thur  96/Oct/24  NO  HEARING  held  but hearing promised for
Friday 96/Oct/25.
9. 96/Oct/25 -- *NO HEARING*
10. 96/Oct/28 (Mon) Set for 
    (a.) ARRAIGNMENT for 96/Nov/22
    (b.) TRIAL Pre-set for 96/Dec/2
11. Very, very unusual outcome based rulings on an
    (a.) alleged felony, with
    (b.) no one actually hurt,
    (c.) no prior criminal record known or mentioned.
It is probably  not  wisdom  to  leave  this  thing bottled up in
peanut London, Ky. Please get this out on Internet or however  or
Also,  we  do  not endorse the FBI/DOJ spin doctor Louisville, Ky
Courier Journal 96/Oct/24  story  as  verification when they have
(1) No Case #, (2) no Judges name, (3) no charge  cited,  or  (4)
for DOJ/FBI false evidence creation abilities.
Please, if  you  can  *get*  *this*  *to*  *Ross* *Perot* (R.P.),
please do so.  If you have no good way to  get  R.P.,  --  Please
put,  "Alert,  forward to R. Perot," on your Internet or anywhere
and *get* *it* *to* *R.P.*
Before Lawrence "Mossad Morrano" Meyers  took charge at *Media by
Pass*, that magazine focused cover photos and  stories  on  enemy
perpetrators  --  detailing  their  evil  deeds  -- such as Diane
"Mossad" Feinstein.
Since Mossad Meyers is in  control  they focus on souls trying to
do good -- 4 of whom  have  been  jailed  or  terrorized  by  the
FBI/BATF/DOJ  --  so  far.   The  *first*  was  the leader of fed
watchers:  photoed on cover  of  Media  by Pass by Meyers, almost
immediately jailed thereafter.  The *second* was a witness hidden
from the OKC bombing perpetrators (BATF/FBI/DOJ) but  exposed  by
Meyers,  who  turned  the  heretofore unknown witness over to the
FBI/BATF/DOJ terrorizers.  The  *third*  was  when the new editor
and Meyers published against Mary  Snell,  the  wife  of  Richard
Snell,  and  for his murderers, convicted felon Arkansas Governor
Guy Tucker in league with  the  former Governor.  The *fourth* is
now *Chuck Hayes*,  photo  cover  targeted  in  September  96  by
Meyers, imprisoned in October 96 by FBI/BATF/DOJ.
*WHO WILL BE THE NEXT VICTIM* of what should be correctly renamed
 +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +
Please  recall we have written to you in the past, having/working
with Chuck Hayes, Xxxxxxx  Xxxxxxx,  others  known  to you -- Jim
Norman, so forth.
We have been de-stabilized by  our  imposter  non-government  for
trying to help covert community souls who wind up in a jam.
Which description now fits Chuck Hayes.
We  are asking you to use your computer resource access to get us
"*best*" phone and fax [for] 2 to 3 persons:
1) Woolsey -- former CIA Director
2) R. Perot
3) Air Force General  Cairn  or  Cairns (acting CIA Director four
short weeks, before Deutch.)
Each of these three has personal knowledge of Chuck  [Hayes]  and
may help if pushed/goaded.
Please  respond  in  some  way  so  we  know  you  received  this
Thank you,
Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx