The House Select Committee's final report on its investigation of
the assassination Dr.  Martin  Luther  King describes FBI conduct
toward the slain civil rights leader as  "morally  reprehensible,
illegal, felonious, and unconstitutional."  Subsequently the word
was that a "new" FBI, no longer like its former self, had arrived
and  we  could  all  relax.   Yet  the reports we've been hearing
lately  on  this  federal  busybody  force  belie  the  claim  of
"modernity" -- whatever that's supposed to mean.
Does "new" and "modern" equal "better"  when it comes to the FBI?
Not so.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation's "new" face  is  no
different  than  its "old" face -- except that its agents are now
wearing nylon  windbreakers  bearing  brazen  and unashamed "FBI"
lettering   on   the  back.   It's  still  the  same  bunch  that
"investigated" the JFK assassination; they have not changed their
ways.  Waco, Ruby  Ridge,  Malcolm  X's daughter, Richard Jewell:
these federal boys and girls, like Bill Clinton, just "do as they
I know that Chalmer "Chuck"  Hayes  is an "ex"-CIA agent and many
may figure, "Who cares what happens  to  CIA  people?"   But  the
point  is  that,  like  at  Waco,  all  citizens,  no  matter how
unsavoury they might seem, are entitled to equal protection under
the law.   The  American  Civil  Liberties  Union understood this
principle when, in the late 1970s, they  defended  the  right  of
Nazi swine to march in Skokie, Illinois.
Chuck  Hayes,  says  local  Kentucky  newspaper the "Commonwealth
Journal," has been charged in  a  "murder for hire" scheme.  This
charge is based on the FBI's claim  that  one  of  their  agents,
working undercover, phoned Hayes and contracted to "scare, hurt,"
or murder Hayes's son in return for $100.  Hayes, at last report,
is being held without bond. His location is not known.
According  to  an  anonymous  fax  I  received today (November 3,
1996), the charge against Hayes is false and is a maneuver by the
Clintons, Janet Reno, and FBI  Director Louis Freeh against Hayes
"in an attempt to silence him and stop his investigation for  Ken
Starr."  What is more, adds the author of the anonymous fax, "the
delay  in  making the existing indictments from being made public
is only delaying the inevitable until after the election."
A preliminary check with one of  my sources, an individual whom I
have code-named "Mr. Mercedes," leads  me  to  believe  that  the
author  of  the  anonymous fax is no lightweight in his access to
inside information.
The anonymous fax goes on to warn:  "Welcome to Watergate II, you
sorry excuses  for  journalists.   Sit  back  and  watch the show
unfold with FEMA declaring a national emergency and  voiding  the
corrupt  election  of a criminal..."  He adds that, "the Clintons
know their co-presidency is soon to collapse and they, along with
their cronies, are all heading to jail..."
(Personally I am thinking lately, "Hey,  come to think of it, I'm
poor.  So why should I care if Clinton gets in and taxes a  bunch
of  rich  dudes?"   Yet beyond economics it's a basic question of
right and  wrong:   no  good  can  come  from  having  a crook as
President, even if he is my crook.)
So not  to  get  political  (vote,  or  don't  vote,  for who you
please), but Charles Hayes, no matter what his past associations,
is a U.S. citizen with rights such as *habeas corpus*.  No matter
one's personal opinion of him, the principle  comes  first:   FBI
and  the  justice  system  has  and  does  break  the  law  it is
supposedly meant to serve.  What  is  happening to Chuck Hayes is
an  outrage,  especially  considering  he  is  associated with an
unpopular, fringe group.