Commentary By Sherman H. Skolnick, 10/16/96
Hi!   Sherman  Skolnick,  Citizens'  Committee  to  Clean  Up the
Courts, 9800 S. Oglesby Avenue [Chicago, IL 60617].
The Clinton White  House  scandals  are  reaching  the  explosion
point  --  at  least  some well-informed folks believe that.  The
criminal indictments naming  Hillary  Rodham  Clinton are already
reportedly handed up, in sealed form,  by  one  or  more  federal
grand juries conducted by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr.
The Democrats, however, are blackmailing Starr, who they say is a
front  for the Republicans.  They say that if the indictments are
released prior to  the  November  election that President Clinton
will resign within 24 hours.  In taking over the  Presidency,  Al
Gore  will  then  confirm that there *are* scandals involving the
Clintons.  According to members  of  Al  Gore's family who verify
this, Gore will declare an emergency, suspending the election and
immediately ordering the arrest of former-President  George  Bush
for  treason  --  Bush  being implicated in the massive smuggling
into the United  States  of  dope,  flooding California and other
population centers.
A   similar   scenario  is  [apparently  likely]  if  Clinton  is
re-elected and Hillary is named  in  an indictment to be released
after the election.
As  a  result  of  Gore's  people talking about all this, Bush is
staying close to  airports  so  he  can  quickly  flee the United
States and  take  up  refuge  in  a  foreign  country  having  no
extradition  arrangements with the United States, such as Ireland
and Brazil.
Some of the background of George  Bush and his circle of thieves:
Former CIA Director William Colby was  very  knowledgeable  of  a
high-level group arranging massive dope smuggling into the United
States from the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia.  That included
George  Bush,  General  Colin  Powell,  and  their  crony Richard
Armitage, former Pentagon official.
Now one of the reasons  why  William  Colby was "snuffed out" and
made to look as if he was a victim of a so-called "boat accident"
is this:  some of the dope  loot  is  reportedly  washed  through
Household  International and Household Bank, headquartered in the
Chicago suburb of Prospect Heights.
Also, Bush committed  treason  in  1980  by arranging, in Europe,
with the Iranians, to delay the release of the U.S.  hostages  so
the  Reagan-Bush  ticket  could  grab the White House by wrecking
Jimmy Carter's bid for  re-election.   By delaying the release of
the hostages they made Carter seem to be a  wimp.   The  hostages
were  released a few moments after Reagan was sworn in as the new
President in January '81.
So, Bush and Clinton  are  both  CIA.   And,  in 1992, Bush had a
secret understanding  with  Bill  Clinton:   No  mention  of  the
Iran-Contra  affair.  Bush, Ollie North, and Clinton while he was
Arkansas Governor -- all three implicated in the massive CIA dope
smuggling into the United States through the southern states, and
particularly, through the airport at Mena, Arkansas.
George Bush's family has been  deeply  involved in the dope trade
-- such as a son in Florida, part of the dope  being  brought  in
through a military airport there.  Another son laundered dope and
similar  loot through Silverado Savings and Loan in Denver, which
collapsed at great expense to the taxpayers.
And Gore's people know  that  the  White  House Travel Office has
records going back to Dallas, 1963, identifying who  it  is  that
steered  President  Kennedy's motorcade into a hairpin turn right
by the Dallas Book Depository  building  and the grassy knoll, so
JFK could have his brains blown out  by  triangulation  shooting,
military style.
So all this can create a national emergency.
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