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The following was handed to  me  by a mysterious stranger who did
not say her name.
  News Release 10/1/96
  The following information was secreted out of  Lake  County
  (Florida) jail by a sympathetic official who is appalled at
  the situation.
  Dois  "Chip" Tatum, who months ago came forward and exposed
  extensive involvement of  the  United States government and
  officials including Clinton,  Bush  and  North  in  Central
  American  drugs  schemes, now finds himself mysteriously in
  incommunicado  lockdown  at  this  out-of-the-way  facility
  [apparently Atlanta] for a  federal inmate.  Tatum and wife
  were federally charged, and guessed guilty at  a  trial  in
  which  classified  defense  evidence  was  suppressed  by a
  federal judge, of a  nebulous and discrediting white collar
  wrongdoing only after he blew the whistle.
  Moreover,  this  latest  muffling  of  Tatum's  voice,  not
  coincidentally until after election time,  comes  following
  his   doing   radio   broadcasts   and  newspaper  releases
  (including Tampa Tribune) from  a  Tampa jail, and Internet
  releases,   and   immediately    following    the    recent
  corroborating  exposes  by  the San Jose Mercury News and a
  research professor from the University of Maryland.
  Watergate and all  subsequent  "gates"  pale alongside this
  breaking revelation!
  Update, 10/3/96:  They had Chip moving.  He  was  taken  by
  the  Marshals on Tuesday, 10/1, and I found him in Atlanta.
  They won't tell me  where  he's  going or an ETA [Estimated
  Time of Arrival].
                                         (signed) Nancy Tatum
Speaking of drugs, some foreign  newspapers  are  connecting  the
dots  as  to  the  recent  San  Jose  Mercury  News expose on the
CIA-crack cocaine scandal.   Screaming  headlines from around the
globe  are  wondering,  for   example,   "Bush,   supercapo   del
narcotrafico?"   ("Bush,  drug  kingpin?") Let's hope wife "Babs"
Bush doesn't read Spanish, hey George?
Here in the U.S., conjecture (at least open conjecture) goes only
so far as Oliver North.
"Say 150 Witnesses Saw Missile Near TWA Flight 800"
"Citing high-level federal officials,  the New York Post reported
Sept.  22 that the FBI has interviewed 154 credible witnesses who
described seeing a missile in the sky just before TWA Flight  800
exploded.   The  witnesses  included  scientists, schoolteachers,
Army personnel, and business  executives.   'Some of these people
are extremely,  extremely  credible,'  the  Post  quotes  a  'top
federal official' as saying."
"The  FBI  sat  many  of  the  witnesses  down with U.S. military
experts, who debriefed them  and  independently confirmed for the
FBI  that  their  descriptions  matched  surface-to-air   missile
attacks.   'There  is  no  event  on  land or in the sky that can
explain away what these people saw,' said the federal official."
"The law-enforcement sources  said  the  hardest  evidence so far
suggests a surface-to-air missile was fired from a boat  off  the
Long Island coast."  [New Federalist, 9/30/96]
More  Americans  than ever are living off their credit cards.  As
of June 30,  1996,  Americans  owed  $454  billion in credit card
debt,  up  $72 billion (or 18.8 percent) since the same time last
year.  Cash-poor Americans  are  now increasingly purchasing even
their groceries on credit, and bankruptcies are  reaching  record
levels.   Not  to  worry,  though:   Bill  Clinton says, "'conomy
On the March:  Toward  Slavery.   Latest  trend is, why bring the
factory to the Mexican when you can  bring  the  Mexican  to  the
factory?   Mexicans  are  being  recruited by corporate employers
down south of the border,  then  shipped  up north to jobs in the
U.S. These workers are poorly paid and worked hard, but they know
they'd better not squawk:  If they say "Union," the boss can  say
"Migra"  --  short for "immigration," as in, "Where is your green
Corporate honchos importing Mexican workers get an added benefit:
schooling,  health  care,  etc.  for  their  employees  and their
families gets paid for by  U.S.  taxpayers.  And if the taxpayers
squawk, bought-off  intellectuals  appear  on  the  TV  and  say,
Meanwhile, most Americans endure a declining standard  of  living
--  perhaps  in  part because they compete for wages with illegal
immigrants.  Corporate P.R.  says,  "Only  immigrants will accept
these jobs."  But if the immigrants weren't taking the jobs,  the
jobs would pay better and Americans *would* take them.
In New York City, meanwhile, 500 Metropolitan  Transit  Authority
jobs  are  to  be  eliminated, by attrition.  These union workers
will be replaced by semi-slaves, forced to handle menial tasks if
they want their welfare  checks.   And  what  about the 500 union
jobs  that  *someone*  might  have  landed  if   not   for   this
development?   Will  those  potential union employees now collect
welfare, and be forced  to  wash  buses  for the New York Transit
Not  widely  reported  here  in  the  U.S.  has  been the Belgian
pedophile scandal, with police and judicial authorities now being
arrested.  The Belgian pedophile  network  is being tied directly
to international circles, says  New  Federalist  (9/30/96).   One
British  arms  dealer has told New Federalist that he expects the
scandal to spread to Great Britain.  Could the network have  U.S.
connections?   Readers  of  *The  Franklin  Cover-Up* and *Trance
Formation of America* know of  evidence suggesting even some U.S.
bigshots have peculiar ways of unwinding  after  a  hard  day  of
A  Roman  Catholic newspaper alleged that the "highest circles of
power" in Mexico  were  behind  the  1994  murder of ruling party
presidential candidate  Luis  Donaldo  Colosio.   The  newspaper,
*Nuevo  Criterio*,  an official publication of the Archdiocese of
Mexico City, said in an  editorial  that the murder was clearly a
plot and not the work of a lone gunman. [Spotlight, 10/7/96]
Thanks to a CN  reader  for  sending  a  book  by  Budd  Hopkins,
*Witnessed*,  which  covers  the "UFO" phenomena.  The back cover
carries a quote from the  Houston Chronicle pointing to the human
race "being in for some large surprises by the year 2000."   Why,
what  a  coincidence!   The  U.S.  government itself has a "Goals
2000" plan, which coincides with the apparent "UFO 2000" plan!  I
can see it now:  "The 'Space Brothers' are your friends.  Turn in
your guns to the 'Space Brothers.'"
The reader who kindly sent  the  book suggests that "the personal
encounters described in the book  with  'aliens'  will/have  been
more   widespread  and  involve  multiple  key  people  including
politicians, celebrities, military and religious figures from all
nations.  They (the 'aliens')  will never allow close scrutiny...
[Well-known celebrities, politicians, etc., will] tell us what is
on the mind of these 'aliens' and what they are doing and what we
are to do and expect."
I can see it now:  Shirley MacLaine, Special  Ambassador  to  the
"Space Brothers," will relay  messages from the "Enlightened Ones
From Beyond the Stars."  Special gimmicks  will  be  utilized  to
help  razzle-dazzle  the  crowd.   Dan Rather will go on CBS News
pumped up with Prozac and wearing  a toga.  "I am Trusted Rather.
All is well. Repeat: all is well."
Says  Trusted  Rather:   "The  'Space Brothers' instruct that all
must lay  down  their  weapons  so  Maximum  Peace  can bless the
planet.  Then all are to congregate at the agreed location, there
to receive 'enlightenment.'"