Let's Go To Press.......
FLASH.  Reno says yesterday  that  TWA  800 mystery "may never be
solved."   Today  they  say,  "could  be   mechanical   failure."
Tomorrow  it  will be, "looking again at the missile angle."  The
TWA 800 merry-go-round is brought to you by corporate drones, the
same folks who bring  you  plastic,  "comedy" shows, and stirring
tales about how tough it is for the women.  Also assisting in the
kaleidoscope of  bomb/mechanical  failure/missile  reportage  has
been  the  FBI, the same folks connected with Waco, Oklahoma City
bombing, and the Martin Luther King assassination.
FLASH.  Mexicans  Flood  Into  USA.   Displaced  American workers
don't like it, but corporate employers  and  yuppie  stockholders
are pleased.  They know the Almighty Stock Market will go up, up,
up with depressed wages, so they say, "Bienvenidos, amigos!"  Why
bother bringing the factory to the Mexican when you can bring the
Mexican to the factory?  Whining American families complain about
crap wages, but are  reassured  by  perfectly poised college boys
who strike a learned pose and explain, "Only Mexicans  will  work
for crap wages."
FLASH.   Bill Clinton says, "Economy is good."  Meanwhile the gap
between haves and have-nots grows.  Bill Clinton is no dummy:  he
knows which side *he* wants to stay on.   The  rich  man's  press
says, "Let's keep things quiet until after November 5th."
FLASH.   Thirst  For  O.J.'s  Blood Heightens.  Bored, frustrated
housewives, cruelly  deprived  of  the  pleasure  of symbolically
castrating a black man, are once more  salivating  as  Circus  II
gets  underway.   Why,  this news is so "important" it might just
pre-empt coverage of the OKC bombing trial!
FLASH.  Yet Another "Hero" About  To  Be Born.  It's rah-rah time
as corporate cheerleaders get set to unveil their latest  "hero,"
astronaut  Shannon  Lucid.   And won't handsome Bill Clinton look
nice in a clean new  suit  as  he and the latest distraction from
real news are photographed together?  America's heart will skip a
beat, and it will  be  Feel  Good  Time(tm).   It's  a  Bold  New
Day(tm), as womyn show that there's nothing they can't do!
FLASH.   Aggrieved  Persons  Receiving  E-mail  From  Disgruntled
Conspiracy  Nut.  On a sad note here in Happy Land(tm), there are
cranky malcontents  peddling  twisted  so-called  "news"  via the
Internet.  Perfectly Nice Happy Americans(tm)  are  having  their
day  ruined when they innocently read their e-mail; messages of a
disturbing nature make them all sad inside. What can be done?
FLASH.  Don't Worry.  Be  Happy.   Downhearted?   It's  all  your
fault.   Yes,  you  live  in  a world of lies.  Yes, most of your
fellows have willingly sold themselves to lies.  But you can take
advantage of Pollyanna  Philosophy(tm).   So  what if you're worn
out from overwork.  So what if the wolf is at the door.  Just say
to yourself, "Is the glass half-empty or half-full?"  That's sure
to  put  a  Winning  Smile(tm) back on your face!  And hey:  Just
relax.  It's gonna be all  Happy News(tm) from now until November