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Alan Ellenson
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"Even mud gives the illusion of depth" -- Marshall McLuhan


The Farsight web site at https:// is one of the
most extraordinary projects on the https://, even by cyberspace standards. This
site is where practitioners of "scientific remote viewing" hang out, using
some sort of mind power to "re-witness" historical events. Even though this
sounds like utter madness, it is far from it. Remote Viewing is that what
the US govt spent millions on (TIME, NEWSWEEK etc) after an initial series
of tests in the seventies using scientic double-blind protocols and a panel
of blue ribbon testers showed that it worked in controlled circumstances.
The Farsight group appears to be a renegade or "take it to the public"
group of former govt-trained "viewers" loosely tied to Dr. Courtney Brown,
whose recent work on the subject, COSMIC VOYAGE, will likely, over time,
prove to be the classic on the topic. Currently on the Farsight address is
a "remote view" of the TWA bombing which is unsettling to say the least...