(*La Jornada*, 9/17/96)
[Translation by Conspiracy Nation]
"If I were not a senator  of  this Republic, right now I would be
incarcerated as a guerrilla of the Army of the Popular Revolution
[EPR,  Ejercito  Popular  Revolucionario],"  said   the   federal
legislator  from Guerrero, Felix Salgado Macedonio, as he related
the way in which presumed federal  agents tried to detain him and
how they assaulted him and planted an AK-47  rifle  near  him  in
order to link him -- without knowing who he was -- to the EPR.
Salgado  Macedonio  tried  to  file  a penal denunciation with an
agency of the Federal Public Ministry, located in Iguala, but the
official in charge, Gabriel Godinez Ponce, put it off for another
day because it was an "unsuitable day."
According to the senator,  events  occurred in the following way:
he was travelling from Ometepec toward Iguala, where  he  was  to
officiate  at  ceremonies  marking  the  holiday  of the Shout of
On  passing  through  Chilpancingo,   Salgado  Macedonio  made  a
stopover in order to meet with Rene Lobato, a member of the state
directorate of the PRD [opposition party].  There he bought, in a
shop, a jeep for 9 thousand pesos.
In order to continue his trip to Iguala,  he  himself  drove  the
jeep,  and his chauffeur, Tomas Lopez Garcia, drove the senator's
motor-van  in  which  both  of  them  had  been  travelling since
Twelve kilometers from Iguala, one  of  the  jeep's  tires  blew.
Because  there was no spare, the senator's assistant travelled in
the motor-van to Zacacoyuca, the nearest village, to search for a
mechanic.  The legislator  decided  to  wait  at  the side of the
road, near a tree.  He brought with him  his  cellular  phone,  a
bottle of water, and a copy of the *La Jornada* newspaper.
Minutes later, a Nissan van, color white, with tinted windows and
no  license plates and bearing a little national flag attached to
the antenna, drove up and  parked  behind the jeep.  Five persons
got out and others remained in the vehicle.
One of the five approached  the  senator  while  the  other  four
dispersed.   "What's  going  on?"  shouted the one walking toward
Salgado  Macedonio.   "Nothing,  I  blew  a  tire,"  answered the
senator who by now had  noticed  on  the  belt  of  the  presumed
judicial  agent  a  gold  badge  bearing  insignia of the General
Prosecutor of  the  Republic  [PGR,  Procuraduria  General  de la
By now right in front of him, the agent took out his  pistol  and
shouted:   "So,  reading  subversive propaganda...  Stand up, you
son of a bitch, you are from the Army of the Popular Revolution!"
At that moment,  the  agent  grabbed  him  violently by the shirt
collar and made him get up, while  by  now  the  other  four  had
circled around him from behind and were pointing their weapons at
Salgado  tried to explain it was a mistake and wanted to identify
himself, but then  the  leader  of  the  group  turned to him and
shouted, pointing at the cellular telephone:  "Ah hah, you son of
a bitch, you are communicating with the EPR... and look what  you
have  there!"  The senator turned towards the tree and discovered
that one of the other  agents surrounding him had secretly placed
an AK-47 rifle next to the tree.  At that moment he  was  punched
in the stomach.
When  he  recovered, he managed to take his identification out of
his pocket.  The  leader  of  the  group  immediately changed his
attitude and offered "his apologies for this error," and informed
the senator they were part of a special group  belonging  to  the
Federal Judicial Police.
Angered,  Salgado  Macedonio  returned their insults and demanded
that they give  him  their  names.   However  the judicial agents
immediately left, taking with them the AK-47.   "They  were  tall
and  fat,  and  spoke  as  if they were from the north," said the