Despite "prophets  of  doom"  like  Sherman  Skolnick  and Lyndon
LaRouche, the stock market continues to go up, up, up.  Even this
editor has been burdened  by  quaint  ideas:   for  example,  his
antiquated belief that manufacturing moving outside the U.S., and
wealth  not  being  produced  here, meant market gains must be an
illusion -- hence "the big crash" must be imminent.
How silly  and  old-fashioned!   There  are  plenty  of maneuvers
waiting in the wings to help puff up the bubble ever more.   Like
prison  labor,  for  example.   Smart  yuppies  who by day sagely
nodded and agreed  that  NAFTA  was  what's  best for America, by
night  phoned  their  stockbrokers  with  orders  to  invest   in
corporations headed toward Mexico.  These same smooth talkers can
now   pontificate  on  how  they  care  so  much  about  prisoner
rehabilitation then phone their  brokers  and  order them to buy,
buy, buy stock in "Prison Blues."  The smart money now sees  that
slave  wages  paid  to  prison  labor  means big bucks for yuppie
The smart money will also invest in private companies moving into
the prison industry.  With  "tough  on  crime"  a  sure  win  for
political  candidates, increasing repression is assured.  For the
savvy investor, now is the time to invest in prisons.  Just think
what a grand, fine house you'll be able to buy with all the money
pouring in!
Just think  of  the  money  you  might  have  made  if you'd just
invested in big oil companies!  I know, I know:  you were worried
about the deal Iraq was making, to export  oil  in  exchange  for
food.   You  thought  for  sure the extra oil on the market would
drive down the price of  "October  crude" and oil stocks would go
down.  You saw that piece on *60 Minutes* by Leslie  Stahl  about
the  hundreds  of thousands of children starving to death in Iraq
due  to  "sanctions  against  Saddam"  and  you,  you  dummy, you
actually  believed  that  some  sort  of  "moral   outrage"   (oh
*please*!)  would open the door for export of oil from Iraq.  You
really make me laugh sometimes! "Moral outrage" -- oh puhl-EEZ! 
Market scoffers and doom-and-gloomers kept pointing to monumental
Clinton scandals  of  a  staggering  multitude.  Erroneously they
foresaw the fall of the Yuppie Dream  Regime  once  the  watchdog
press  alerted  Mr.  and Mrs. America to Clinton sleaze.  But Mr.
and Mrs. America were heavily  invested in mutual funds!  And the
watchdog press were raking in big bucks  thanks  to  Third  World
slave  wages  benefiting multinational corporations of which they
were shareholders!  Come  on!   Sure,  they  might  wear a little
ribbon and put on the latest  sharing-caring  talk.   But  really
risk  threatening  their  investments with anything uncomfortable
like the truth? Sheesh!
Get wise!  These characters muttering all the  time  about  "dire
economy"  and "day of reckoning" are quaint relics from horse and
buggy days.  The market is going up, up, up.  Scoffers be damned,
you can make some good money!  And you'll be providing employment
too.  If not for  you,  it  would  be  hard times for waiters and
waitresses at trendy night spots.   Without  you,  there'd  be  a
slump in the police and prison industry.  Why, when you get right
down  to it, you are one of the good guys!  So forget about these
nuts groaning about  "right"  and  "wrong."   (You'll notice that
*they're* all poor.)  Dare to dream big dreams, of  mansions  and
fancy cars.