Notwithstanding a recent communication from a CN reader, in which
she  expressed  her doubts regarding the allegations, this editor
considers it  almost  certain  that  Bill  Clinton  has a cocaine
problem.  And, in fact, the President  may  well  have  a  severe
addiction which would mean he is indeed a "cokehead."
To the  point  raised  as  to  why  isn't  Clinton's  nose giving
television viewers evidence of such cocaine abuse, my  answer  is
that until recently Clinton's nose *was* giving such indications.
Yes,  the  bulbous  red  nose is no longer gracing our television
screens, but "call girl"  Sherry  Rowlands offers an explanation.
According to the cover story in the September 10, 1996  issue  of
the  *Star*,  Rowlands  had mentioned to Dick Morris, her alleged
client, that "the president's nose  was  so red and bulbous on TV
that it distracted her from his words.  Morris said he'd  relayed
that to Clinton -- and that Clinton said he was taking medication
for a skin condition."
To  those  who  have read about Clinton's early days, it is clear
that he grew up in a  dysfunctional environment and that later he
connected, at least tangentially, with the  cocaine  sub-culture.
According  to  Ambrose  Evans-Pritchard,  writing  in  the London
Sunday Telegraph ("Clinton 'took  cocaine while in office,'" July
17, 1994), Bill Clinton may  have  "engaged  in  regular  use  of
cocaine  and marijuana during his rise to political prominence in
Arkansas."   Evans-Pritchard  bases  his  story,  in part, on the
testimony of Sally Perdue, who claims  to have had an affair with
the then-Governor.  Clinton, on one occasion, is said to have had
a bag of cocaine from which he  prepared  a  "line"  on  Perdue's
living  room table.  Says Perdue:  "He had all the equipment laid
out, like a real pro."
While  some  may,  for  some  reason,  look  down  their  nose at
Evans-Pritchard (specifically *The Nation* magazine which,  based
on  a  dismissive review of the bestselling *Partner's in Power*,
seems for unknown  reasons  to shun Evans-Pritchard's reportage),
his evidence is being increasingly corroborated.  Yes, beware  of
Republican propaganda.  Beware too of an extremely Clinton-biased
Franklin's Focus,  a  concise  and  affordable monthly newsletter
(Focus Press, 1820 Palisades Drive, Appleton, WI 54915),  carries
news  on  this subject in its September 1996 issue.  According to
editor Richard L. Franklin,  he  has viewed a police surveillance
film of Bill Clinton's half  brother  Roger.   Roger  Clinton  is
purportedly  shown  snorting cocaine.  Franklin writes that Roger
"looks up and says, 'Wow  this  is  great stuff.  I've got to get
some for my brother. He has a nose like a vacuum.'"
Franklin's Focus goes on to report that the August 14, 1996 issue
of  *Strategic  Investment*   carries   an   article   supporting
allegations  of  cocaine abuse by President Clinton.  Reportedly,
Senators Ted Kennedy and  John  Glenn  have  been given copies of
Bill Clinton's latest medical  report  which,  reports  Franklin,
"describes  the  rotting  of  [Bill  Clinton's]  nasal  septum, a
condition due to his habit of snorting five lines of coke daily."
Recall too the recent story  by  Sherman Skolnick on this matter.
Skolnick, you may remember, was the first to break the story of a
high level meeting between  Bill  Clinton  and  Democratic  Party
elders  during  which  former  DNC  chairperson Robert Strauss is
reported to have told Clinton,  "You use cocaine and liquor.  You
are unfit to deal with worldwide emergencies."  Corroboration  of
this meeting having occurred first came when a person claiming to
be  Strauss  phoned  Skolnick and berated him.  This conversation
was  recorded  and   has   been   heard  by  witnesses.   Further
corroboration was  provided  by  guerrilla  journalist  J.  Orlin
Grabbe,  who  confirms  that  the  aforementioned meeting between
Clinton and  Democratic  Party  elders  took  place.  Grabbe also
confirms Bill Clinton's alleged cocaine habit.
This  editor  has  had  the pleasure of innumerable conversations
with Sherman Skolnick.   While  some  may question how discerning
Mr. Skolnick is regarding what his various informants tell him, I
myself know that he has highly-placed sources with whom he is  in
regular  contact.   Some of these sources are in the White House.
The allegations of a specific  "five lines a day" Clinton cocaine
habit were first conveyed to me by Sherman Skolnick earlier  this
And,  regarding  the  withholding  of President Clinton's medical
records, this was confirmed  this  morning,  September 6th, by G.
Gordon Liddy on his radio show.  Referring to  Russian  president
Boris  Yeltsin's  having  finally  disclosed  his current medical
reports, Liddy opined that it would be nice if Bill Clinton would
do likewise.  What more does Liddy know that he's not saying?
So, with all respect to those  who think otherwise, I consider it
highly probable that President Bill Clinton does have  a  cocaine
habit,  either  ongoing  or  recurring.   Perhaps  you  feel that
Clinton can "maintain" and it is therefore not a major issue.  To
those I point out  that  such  a  rationalization may make you an
"enabler" and as such a co-dependent.  Was Bill Clinton  high  on
cocaine  when  he  made  the  decision to launch missiles against
Iraq?  The question is valid.