By Sherman H. Skolnick
7.  The report states that Foster and Hillary were jointly deeply
implicated in various matters  related  to all this; that Hillary
Rodham Clinton reportedly had a beneficial interest  in  Foster's
overseas secret coded accounts.
8.   Some  240  or more top U.S. officials who took bribes parked
the  illicit  funds  in  Swiss  and  other  banks,  and financial
intermediaries, the report details.  A small  group  of  computer
wizards  traced  and determined these coded accounts, and through
computer trickery, caused the  accounts  to be entirely withdrawn
and wiped out and the deposits transferred --  over  3-and-a-half
billion  dollars -- under the guise of going to the U.S. Treasury
Holding Account, a device  for  seizing  illicit foreign funds of
U.S. citizens.  (The U.S. Treasury Holding Account has no  record
of actually being in receipt, by wire transfer or other means, of
such  computer  hackers who apparently benefitted themselves, not
the U.S. Treasury.)
    Left unanswered, the report states, is whether the plundering
of these accounts -- including  supposedly that of Foster -- went
to the U.S. government account or actually to private accounts of
renegade   operations   within   CIA,   Mossad,    and    British
9.   Shortly  before  his  death,  the  report states, Foster was
informed by the First Lady  that  Foster's reputed spy funds from
Israel have been found out and seized, and that Foster was  about
to  be  charged  with treason along with Hillary.  Those about to
charge him,  the  report  asserts  Hillary  told  Foster, claimed
Foster should have been sent to life in  prison  along  with  his
confederate Jonathan Pollard.
10.   The  report  raises the issue that Foster's brother-in-law,
Beryl Anthony, former  Arkansas  congressman, might be implicated
in the spying  jointly  through  Anthony's  boss,  Jim  Thompson,
former  Illinois  Governor.   Thompson  is  chairman  of the some
400-member,  Chicago-headquartered   law   firm   with  worldwide
offices, Winston & Strawn, of which Anthony is a  key  member  in
their  D.C.  office.   As  a  member  of the Foreign Intelligence
Advisory Board, Thompson supervised covert CIA projects.
11.  The report states and makes the sinister point that Foster's
death was "arranged"  and  "necessary"  for reasons of protecting
the  bank  and  brokerage  spying  projects  and  for   "national
                       -+- The Plan -+-
The  plan was both simple and dramatic:  To somehow use a summary
of the report  in  conjunction  with  Neal  Cooper Moody himself.
Friends and confidants of Vice President  Al  Gore  continued  to
grumble  right  down to the Democrat Convention in Chicago, which
was scheduled to commence on  Monday, August 26, 1996; that Gore,
not  Clinton,  should  be  the  Party's  nominee  for  President.
Clinton  had  a  closet  of  skeletons,   some   already   partly
demonstrated,  some about to be paraded before the public.  Party
elders were convinced the  First  Lady  had already been indicted
for perjury and obstruction  of  justice,  and  that  the  sealed
indictment   was  to  be  released  right  before  or  after  the
Presidential election in November.
(Some felt  there  was  a  lot  more  to  the  Neal  Cooper Moody
connection than just the report  itself.   Knowledgeable  sources
pointed  to Neal's late mother, Jo Ann Cooper.  She was described
as quite a beauty.  While a  student of Professor Bill Clinton at
the university (and before and after also?),  Bill  and  her  had
quite  a love affair.  Was Bill Clinton actually the birth father
of Neal?  That speculation might help explain some of the strange
twists and  turns  of  the  affair.   Later,  Jo  Ann  Cooper was
described as quite a good lawyer.)
Some of the party elders  were  reportedly  planning  to  somehow
dramatically  confront Bill Clinton at the Democrat Convention or
nearby.  Sort of a knock-out  blow, to prevent destruction of the
Democrat Party some expected with more public revelations of  the
reported federal criminal offenses of Hillary.  And if Hillary is
to be prosecuted, could Bill actually escape eventual involvement
as   an  unindicted  co-conspirator,  or  worse,  as  a  criminal
defendant  himself?    (Some   contend   that   under   the  U.S.
Constitution,  a  sitting  President  can  only  be  troubled  by
impeachment, not also by a criminal indictment.)
Apparently Neal was not fully satisfied to take up the matter  of
the  secret report through an intermediary, to be publicized by a
faraway free-lance commentator and journalist he had heard about.
Maybe Neal, despite  everything,  still  believed  greatly in the
Establishment Press.  In any case, through another  intermediary,
Neal  was  in  contact  with  a  reporter  for a major East Coast
The plan, as reportedly  described  by the second intermediary to
Neal, was that on the second  day  of  the  Democrat  Convention,
Tuesday,  August  27,  the East Coast newspaper would go to press
with the block-buster details of  the secret report that Neal had
unearthed from somewhere at his  step-mother  Lisa's  properties.
Did  Lisa  Foster,  as  the  widow of the highest ranking federal
official to be assassinated since the death of President Kennedy,
know all along about  the  report  about  her husband and others,
including Hillary?   Was  she  financially  compensated  and  had
promises  made  to  her and others, of safety for herself and her
children?  This, in return  for  her  public statement that Vince
was a "suicide?"  Some investigative reporters, in the  U.S.  and
overseas,  contend  that  Vince's  body  was handled by a reputed
CIA-linked mortuary specializing  in  handling problems of covert
espionage operators killed in the line of  duty  whether  in  the
U.S. or elsewhere.
Neal Cooper Moody was to be made available, somewhere in Chicago,
if  not,  in  fact,  at  the  Democrat Convention itself, on that
important Tuesday.  Print  and  electronic  media journalists and
crews from news operations worldwide were to be gathered  at  the
Convention.   The  reporters,  crews,  and  various producers and
anchor people and such,  far  out-numbered the expected number of
The  authenticated  copy  of  the  report  together  with  Neal's
availability to be interviewed about unearthing the report -- all
that, on that important Tuesday, the second day of  the  Democrat
Convention  --  would  have  surely  catapulted President Clinton
right out of the Convention if not into jail along with the First
Lady.  (The first contact of  Neal, through an intermediary, with
a free-lance commentator and  journalist  --  that  reporter  had
examined  a copy of the secret report and reportedly was believed
to himself have a copy of the report.  And his copy was identical
to Neal's copy.)
Neal most likely would  be  safe  with the first intermediary and
the free-lancer.  He obviously was not safe at the hands  of  the
reported intermediary for the East Coast Establishment newspaper.
Could  the  death  of Neal also be put at the doorstep of Al Gore
and his inner  circle  of  cronies,  once  planning to replace or
unseat Clinton?
So  Neal  Cooper  Moody,  by  reportedly   dealing   through   an
intermediary   of   a   reporter  for  an  Eastern  Establishment
newspaper, had a *Death* *Warrant*.
The report  raises  horrendous  questions.   Was  the First Lady,
along  with  Vince  Foster,  implicated  in  treason?   Did  Bill
Clinton, as both President and Commander-in-Chief, commit treason
and  sedition?   Did  Bill  and  Hillary  Clinton  cover  up  the
political assassination of their friend Vince?  Who  all  at  the
top  of  the  central government of the U.S. also helped cover up
the murder of Vince Foster?  Would there be a bad reaction in the
financial markets  resulting  from  the  revealing  of the secret
report and Neal's personal testimony of how he found  it  at  his
step-mother Lisa's properties?
And:   what  reporter on what East Coast major newspaper may well
have  been  the  pilot  fish,  if  not  actually  the  assassin's
assistant, in arranging the death of Neal Cooper Moody?  Was that
reporter, or just the assassin,  the  last  one to see Neal alive
before Neal and his car hit the concrete  wall?   What  passenger
was in the car reportedly seen with Neal just before the wall?
Arkansas  authorities  have reportedly quietly started a homicide
investigation. So far, none will confirm it publicly.
So Neal  never  lived  to  the  planned  D-Day  of that important
Tuesday.  He was dead by the preceding  Sunday.   Gore's  cronies
continued  to  privately  grumble,  not  for  public consumption,
during the Democrat  Convention;  that  their  man  Al, not Bill,
should have been the nominee for President of their Party.
Other possibly heart-rending  questions  are  left.   Did  Neal's
father,  the new Federal District Judge in Arkansas, put there by
his crony Bill Clinton, know about the report?  And realizing the
consequences of it being revealed  by  his son Neal, stay shut to
save the rest of his family  and  step-family?   (The  Judge,  in
marrying Lisa Foster, moved into her lavish home.)  The Judge all
the  while  knowing Clinton's circle would be obligated to murder
Neal as they have numerous  other eyewitnesses to the criminality
of Bill and Hillary Clinton?
As part of an apparent cover up (or he actually  did  not  know),
the  Judge  is  referred  to  as  saying  Neal "died in a traffic
collision Sunday after suffering a  heart attack."  Then there is
the cryptic remark, the last line in the story, "But he  will  be
remembered  most  as  a  'sensitive  man,  who  was  loyal to his
friends,' the judge  said."  (Democrat-Gazette, Wednesday, August
28, 1996).  Was Neal  prevented  from  being  "disloyal"  to  his
family and friends by his apparent murder?  Disloyal in the sense
he  would  have endangered his family and friends by revealing he
had unearthed  the  authenticated  report  about  Foster from his
step-mother's properties?
If so, U.S. District Judge James Maxwell Moody would have to pass
judgement on himself  and  sentence  himself  to  an  appropriate
purgatory, if not Federal, then elsewhere.