By Sherman H. Skolnick
Neal was the son  of  a  U.S.  District  Judge in Arkansas, James
Maxwell Moody, a close  crony  of  Bill  Clinton.   Neal's  birth
mother,  Jo  Ann  Cooper  Moody, was dead.  His father re-married
Lisa Foster, widow of a tragedy.  Lisa's late husband, Vincent W.
Foster, Jr.,  was  a  man  of  high  mystery.   Did  Foster die a
"suicide" as the mainstream press and the Establishment state, or
as some vigorously argue, was Foster murdered?
Publicly, perhaps to bring closure or  to  simplify  the  matter,
Lisa  said  Vince  was  a  suicide.   Following  his  death, Lisa
reportedly used  heavy,  perception-altering  medicine.  Was this
part of a plan by some persons, some group, some  force,  to  get
her  to  go  along  with  the stories that it was just a suicide,
nothing more?
So  Neal  Cooper  Moody's  step-mother  was  Lisa  Foster  Moody.
Somewhere in his step-mother's  properties  Neal found a document
that scared him.  Did it also motivate him?  He told a friend  he
thought  he  could trust that the document, an authenticated copy
of a  secret  government  report,  "Would  change  the  course of
history."  In any case, it changed the course of  Neal's  history
and destiny.
Through  an intermediary, Neal shared the copy of the report with
a free-lance journalist from another part of the country.  Neal's
copy and that of  the  faraway  writer  were identical.  Did Neal
confront his  father,  the  Judge,  appointed  to  the  bench  by
President Clinton, and argue with his father?  And did his father
relate  this  to  Clinton's  circle  who  were  obligated to take
action, with "extreme prejudice" (a  term  used in the spy field)
against Neal?
On the eve of the Democrat Party  Convention  in  Chicago,  where
Clinton  became  the  nominee  for  re-election,  matters  became
critical.   Neal  reportedly  met  with another intermediary, for
another purported journalist,  supposedly  mainstream, to sort of
second  guess  the  free-lance  writer.    {1}.    (Assassination
researchers  repeatedly  contend  that  some mainstream so-called
"journalists" are actually finger  men  for "hit squads"; several
examples are discussed  at  assassination  research  conferences.
For  example,  in  the  New  Orleans  inquiry into a plot against
President  Kennedy,  a  key  witness  for  District  Attorney Jim
Garrison was found strangely  dead,  believed  murdered,  shortly
after  a  meeting with a Washington Post reporter, long suspected
of spy agency links.)
Neal, purportedly with a copy  of  the report, was meeting in his
car  with  the  second  intermediary,  or  with  the   mainstream
reporter,  or  with  the assassin.  Some claim the car's horn was
blaring.  Shortly thereafter Neal reportedly drove his car into a
concrete  wall.   Was  he  drugged?   Was  he  sounding  the horn
repeatedly to try to save himself?  Was he already dead when  his
car  hit  the  wall?   The  puzzle  had  the makings of the Karen
Silkwood affair, found dead in her  car  while she was on the way
to meet an Establishment reporter with documents showing  reputed
mishandling at the plutonium plant where she worked.
All this, on the eve of the political party coronation of William
Jefferson Clinton.
What was in the report that brought about what some contend was a
The  Clinton's  close  crony,  Vincent  W. Foster, Jr., was being
tracked,  the  report  details,  as  a  possible  traitorous  spy
assisting Jonathan  Pollard,  on  behalf  of  then-Vice President
George Bush and Reagan Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger  --
long  before  Foster's  position as Deputy Counsel in the Clinton
White House.
Surveilled under  orders  of  a  clandestine  court  meeting in a
sound-proof facility in the Beltway area, Foster had coded Swiss,
Grand Cayman, and other accounts, ostensibly put there  for  him,
with  Hillary Rodham Clinton as a beneficiary to the accounts, by
Israeli intelligence.  Deposits at  the purported Foster accounts
at one bank on the Swiss-Italian border -- and accounts elsewhere
-- held at times between 2, 7, and as much as 10 million  dollars
between them, the report outlines.
The  deposits were put there ostensibly for Foster's co-operation
with  "the  institute,"  the   Mossad.    Foster  may  have  been
blackmailed or tricked, however, by way of the apparent existence
of these accounts to supply top-most U.S. secrets to  Israel  and
to  work jointly with the low-man on the intelligence totem pole,
Jonathan Pollard, later  sent  to  jail  on  a  life sentence for
supposedly spying for  Israel;  and  to  work jointly with Robert
Maxwell, a high-level Mossad official  under  cover  of  being  a
publisher.   And,  of course, others may likewise be blackmailing
After  all,  Israel  had  a  favor coming for trans-shipping U.S.
weapons to Iran, part of  the  secret  payments for Iran to delay
release of the U.S. hostages, so  as  to  wreck  President  Jimmy
Carter's  bid  for  re-election  in  1980,  and  to  install  the
Reagan-Bush ticket.  Some call it the "October Surprise" scenario
and  point  to  the  fact  the hostages were released in January,
1981, a few  moments  after  Reagan  was  inaugurated  as the new
The report goes on to show that since  the  early  1980s,  Foster
held   the   equivalent   rank   of  Military  General  with  the
super-secret satellite spying and  code-cracking operation of the
U.S., the National Security Agency [NSA].  Foster continued  this
work  for  the  few  months before his death in the Clinton White
House.  Travelling  for  NSA,  hundreds  of  thousands  of miles,
Foster was the master-mind of an NSA Project  that  tracked  wire
transfers  between  banks  worldwide  -- trillions of dollars per
day, of banks both friend  and  foe.   Because of being on top of
this enterprise, Foster never believed that project might someday
find his purported  foreign  secret  coded  accounts  that  could
finger him as having violated various American espionage laws.
Foster's  Project  made  use  of  computer software, superior for
tracking money (and also people),  called PROMIS, stolen from its
owner and developer, INSLAW, Inc. High officials  in  the  Reagan
and   Bush  administrations,  through  massive  corruption,  have
escaped punishment although  repeatedly  accused of also stealing
the software, wrongfully pirating and  modifying  the  same,  and
secretly  selling it to numerous foreign intelligence agencies --
both friend and  foe  --  for  tracking  political dissidents and
so-called "terrorists" (some  sponsored  by  the  West  and  some
sponsored  by  the  Mid-East.)   To successfully expose them, and
Foster, might heavily  damage  both  the  G.O.P. and the Democrat
A federal agency, whose acronym is secret,  finally  commissioned
current  and retired intelligence agents to put together a report
on Foster never supposed to  be  referred  to or see the light of
day.  The report, under  the  Foreign  Intelligence  Surveillance
Act,  which  authorizes  the clandestine court, shows among other
1.  Foster as spy chief and  on behalf of Bush and Weinberger who
both facilitated the happenings, assisted Pollard at  the  Office
of  Naval  Intelligence  [ONI]  and elsewhere, or directly caused
others to assist Pollard,  to  get  great  amounts of the highest
level U.S. secrets, such as nuclear missile tracking  and  launch
codes,  including  tracking  and  targeting details and satellite
co-ordinating codes and data.  (According to testimony of a White
House aide, Foster had parked for  him, in the next office, White
and Blue binders with such data.  What  was  that  doing  in  the
White House under his supervision?)
2.   That  Foster,  as  the  go-between  for Bush and Weinberger,
assisted Pollard --  both  Foster,  Weinberger,  and Pollard were
apparently paid for this -- through the use  of  PROMIS  software
and  other  means,  to  supply  Israel with such data long before
Israel had developed its own proficiency in the same field.
3.  In  so  doing,  Bush/Weinberger/Foster  enabled  Israel to be
perceived as a genuine nuclear threat to the Soviet  Union.   And
it  kept  Israel  as the Mid-East buffer to keep the Persian Gulf
oil producers repeatedly off-balance  for  the benefit of British
and American oil interests, for which Bush was a front  and  with
which  he  was  interlocked.   With the secret data, Israel could
cause nuclear missiles to be launched targeting the Soviet Union.
That is  the  peculiar  arrangement  of  Israel  being capable of
launching and targeting U.S. nuclear missiles.
4.  That the so-called "publisher" tycoon Robert Maxwell assisted
in these joint efforts.  (When Maxwell  died  mysteriously,  just
about  the time Clinton announced he was running for President in
1991, Maxwell was buried with top  honors  as if he were the head
of Israeli intelligence.)
5.  That Foster with the aid  of  his  so-called  "law  partners"
(actually also NSA bank spying project partners); Webster Hubbell
who  went  on  to  become third-in-command of the Clinton Justice
Department and  then  was  silenced  by  being  sent  to jail for
mishandling funds of  the  Rose  Law  Firm;  and  Hillary  Rodham
Clinton; both reportedly supervised and strategized for a reputed
NSA  subsidiary,  or  proprietary operation, which, in turn, made
use  of  a  high-tech   firm  supplying  bank  software  services
worldwide.  (An attorney from the Chicago suburb of  Park  Ridge,
same  place  as  Hillary is from and a close crony of Hillary and
her family, has confessed to  this  writer that the Clinton White
House is trying to "frame" him on matters related to  this.   His
confession is part of undisputed court record.)
    Officials  of the high-tech firm reportedly deny knowledge of
the cut-out proprietaries operating between them and NSA.
6.  Bank transfer and transactions,  through a "trap door" in the
PROMIS software, were tracked worldwide, as well as transactions,
on an advance data basis, sometimes called  "front  running,"  of
stock,  bond,  commodities,  and options brokers worldwide.  This
spying benefited  certain  high-level  persons,  in  the U.S. and
elsewhere, who are identified in the report.
    Among the places  used,  the  report  states,  was  a  highly
secret,   heavily   secure   operation  on  the  94th  floor,  or
thereabouts, of the World  Trade  Center  in New York City.  That
operation, the report asserts, may have been one of  the  targets
of  the  bombing of that building since the basement attack would
cause noxious fumes to gather  on  the upper floors.  (One of the
accused  so-called  "arab   terrorist"   bombers   was   actually
reportedly  close  to  Israeli  intelligence.   One  of  the main
lawyers for the accused was  a  long-time covert operator for OSS
and later CIA, William Kunstler.)
    The secret report raises the issue that Israel and others may
have had  an  interest  to  try  to  knock  out  the  94th  floor
operation,  center  of  massive  decrypting  of communications of
financial brokers and spying on them.
    According to the report, a former high-level Mossad official,
living in the Chicago  area,  co-ordinates  some of the financial
spying through a  super-computer  built  into  his  lavish  home.
Intelligence  sources,  the  report  states,  accuse  him of vast
corrupt  activities  against   his   former   agency  Mossad  and
detrimental to the State of Israel.  (A free-lance journalist and
commentator was urged to give out the turncoat's home address  so
he might be targeted for appropriate retribution.)
                     [ be continued...]
---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
{1} "Neal reportedly met  with  another intermediary, for another
purported journalist, supposedly mainstream, to  sort  of  second
guess  the free-lance writer."  Or, besides/instead of seeking to
corroborate the report via the mainstream journalist's expertise,
speculation exists that Neal  Moody  was offering a deal:  either
pay him $1 million for the story, or else he would go public with
it with help from the free-lance journalist.