[La Jornada, 8/25/96. Translation by Conspiracy Nation.]
Mexico -- The Ministry  of  Agriculture  of  the  United  Kingdom
"invited"  the  British  authorities to not control the source of
more than 2 million cows  exported  to the European continent, in
spite of the danger of infections and death caused  by  "mad  cow
disease."   At  the  same time it decided to prohibit the sale of
the dangerous  meat  in  continental  Europe,  it  authorized its
exportation to eastern Europe and to the Third World.  Also,  you
will  recall,  the  sale  in  Latin  America of radioactive milk,
contaminated by the Chernobyl disaster,  has been allowed -- milk
which still has no European market.  In our country [Mexico], has
been destined for human consumption corn not fit  for  pigs.   In
fact,  money  does not stink, as the Romans used to say and, when
it comes to business, there are  no  lack of states which push to
one  side  all  scruples  and  play  with  death,  for   supposed
The war in Chechnya, terrible  for  the number of victims and for
the atrocities suffered by a colonized people, is almost  a  case
study  in  how private fortunes are amassed at the cost of public
misery and misfortune.  General Alexander Lebed, in his collision
with the  recycled  Establishment  that  controls  always oil and
armaments and holds high places in the  Russian  government,  has
denounced  the  fact that these persons have a financial interest
in war and oppose peace.   Journalists  add, for their part, that
behind the combats, what is liberated is a  battle  for  oil  and
lining the pockets of many military commands.  The thing is that,
to its misfortune, Chechnya is very rich in hydrocarbons and oil,
and   what   is   produced  or  passes  through  there  can  make
millionaires, in the  blink  of  an  eye,  those  who, in Moscow,
secretly export fuel.  Besides, a war gives power to the military
and serves to conceal a contraband in weapons.  It is enough,  in
effect, to declare that the combatants have consumed or destroyed
quantities  of  arms  and  munitions  beyond what has occurred in
order to be able to sell them clandestinely in the exterior via a
traffic that ensures that combats  and bombings will be intensive
and will last as long as possible.
Power, evidently, corrupts so-called  "democratic  societies"  as
much as it corrupts any others.  The world technocrats, for their
part,   tend  to  consider  the  common  human  being  a  simple,
predictable variable and  to  think  that  anything is good which
offers the opportunity to oil the economic machine  --  even  the
deaths  of  thousands  of  unknowns.   Society, even in civilized
Europe, can  control  neither  the  governments  nor the economic
decisions of the grand *senors* of finance.  And from  the  point
of  view  of ethics, we live in a period similar to the period of
Roman decadence.  More than  ever  is needed a total transparency
to reveal acts  of  government,  and  social  control  over  that
government,  a  total liberty of investigation and information on
the part of a free and  independent press.  At first glance, this
might seem little, but that can be enough to put obstacles in the
way of those who massively line their pockets by means of death.