[CN:  My transcription  of  Skolnick's  latest  recorded  message
(312-731-1100).  See footnotes  for  disturbing  info on possible
bomb plot at Dem's convention.]
Hi!   Sherman  Skolnick,  Citizens'  Committee  to  Clean  Up the
Courts, 9800 South Oglesby.
In this strange period in American history, there are things  the
press-fakers  *can*  tell  you,  and *cannot* tell you.  Here are
some examples.
(Regarding the following details, keep  in  mind that I wrote the
first book of its kind, suppressed  and  stopped  in  production:
*The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage*.)  If forced to discuss
airplane  sabotage  at  all,  they  prefer to say a plane crashed
because of a bomb.   Why?   Because  the  airlines can tighten up
luggage  inspections  to  supposedly  seek  to  prevent   further
bombings.  {1} The airlines are deathly afraid to say TWA  Flight
800  was  hit  by  a  missile, because it is difficult to protect
against a  missile  attack.   For  example,  when the President's
plane takes off, the Secret  Service  arranges  to  drop  flares,
which  generally  draw  off  heat-seeking missiles.  Some contend
that as to  TWA  Flight  800,  the  FBI  and  the CIA had advance
warning from their undercover agents that known  terrorists  were
planning  a  missile attack near a New York airport.  Ordinarily,
dropping flares  near  an  airport's  flight  path  is  usually a
federal,  criminal  offense.   But  this  was  an  emergency!  So
military planes were dropping flares  near the flight path of TWA
Flight 800.  The missile,  however,  was  a  newer  version,  one
supplied  to terrorists once working for CIA, capable of going to
80,000 feet and  a  combination  of heat-seeking *and* electronic
signal-seeking.  {2} Hence,  flares  could  not  draw  off such a
missile attack.  So the federal agents did not succeed in  saving
Flight 800.
Why  are the ultra-rich, who own and operate the news-fakers, not
capable of telling  us  these  simple  facts?  Basically, because
they do not trust the American people;  because  they  prefer  to
keep  Americans  as stupid as possible, to control them.  And the
press  liars  cannot  tell  us  of  several  plots,  military and
civilian,  to  unseat  Clinton  {3},  because  all situations are
supposedly by known assassins.   And  no conspiracies are allowed
ever to be discussed.  For example, they would have to admit  the
high-level oil industry/CIA plots to blow away President Kennedy,
Robert  Kennedy,  and  others.
The  press  cannot   admit   what   is   already  known  by  more
well-informed folks, that various dictators, royalty,  presidents
and  such have doubles.  Hitler had 12 doubles; some of them were
bumped off by  those  seeking  to  stop  the Nazi leader.  During
World War II, Winston Churchill's double was murdered by a German
commando.  President Jimmy Carter  had  two  doubles.   President
Clinton,  three  doubles  --  one  of whom reportedly died in the
crash of  a  military  plane  that  took  off  near Jackson Hole,
Wyoming, just ahead  of  the  *real*  Clinton  plane.   (Military
sources,  by  the  way,  confirm  the military plane was hit by a
missile and crashed into a mountain.)
Funny thing, one of Clinton's appearances in Chicago was actually
a double:  same face and hair, but if you look closely, he didn't
walk  exactly  like  "Sludge  Willy."  {4}.  TV network reporters
know the truth about such  happenings.  For one thing, the Secret
Service issues all credentials for reporters  to  come  to  press
conferences and to interview important public officials.  Telling
the truth would cost you your job.
Will  the real Clinton step forward, so we can inspect your nose?
-- which has been rotted  out  by too much cocaine snorting.  (By
the way, sex-accuser Paula Jones  would  have  the  real  Clinton
identified  by inspecting him somewhere else [laughs], but we are
far too polite to go into that.)
---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
{1} "...luggage inspections to supposedly seek to prevent further
bombings."   But  what  about  the  following scenario, suggested
recently by a  radio  "journalist."   Said radio report suggested
that what they  called  "some  genius,  gone  awry,"  could  have
boarded  the  plane  and  built some sort of bomb while on board,
thereby bypassing airline security.  Bringing aboard certain bomb
components, innocent-appearing by themselves, and then building a
bomb  while  onboard   (after   having  passed  through  security
checkpoints), was offered as a possibility.
{2} "...[a missile] capable  of  going  to  80,000  feet,  and  a
combination  of  heat-seeking  *and*  electronic signal-seeking."
According to "Mr. Mercedes" (not his real name), the missile that
brought down Flight 800 may have  had  the  latest  "smart  bomb"
technology  incorporated  into  it.   So, after initially locking
onto a heat source, it  would  have  been "smart" enough to guide
itself toward the fuselage shortly before impact.
{3} "...several plots, military and civilian, to unseat Clinton."
The latest alleged plot against Bill Clinton, as  related  to  me
Friday  evening by an agitated Sherman Skolnick, involves the use
of  high-tech,  "binary  explosives,"  at  the  United  Center in
Chicago, site of the upcoming Democratic  Convention.   So-called
"binary  explosives"  consist  of  two  elements,  both  inert by
themselves, but volatile when  combined.   It was reported to Mr.
Skolnick that binary explosives have been disguised as chairs and
brought in to the United Center.  The  binary  explosives  worked
into these chairs cannot be detected by  special  sniffing  dogs,
used  to  detect  more  ordinary  bombs.   Here is an abbreviated
transcript  of  Mr.  Skolnick's  telephone  conversation  with  a
high-ranking member of the Chicago Police Bomb and Arson Squad.
  SHERMAN  SKOLNICK:    It's   about   a   problem  with  the
  Convention.  The incoming furniture.
  BOMB AND ARSON:  The incoming furniture?  With  explosives,
  SHERMAN  SKOLNICK:   It's  a new, highly classified, binary
  explosive.  There's  a  big  fight,  in  the military, over
  their Commander-in-Chief [Clinton], who they are upset with
  about a number of things.  They accuse him of treason,  and
  sedition, and various things.
      A  [Military] General encouraged me to go as far public
  as I can with it  [i.e., binary explosives placed at United
  Center.] Let me explain how it works.   It  is  mixed  into
  wood  chips  that then become fiberboard.  And it holds the
  thing together the same as glue or epoxy would, ordinarily.
  Or, it is laminated underneath upholstery.  Or, it is built
  into the pillow,  under  the  upholstery, or the arm-rests.
  And then, an agent  primer  causes  the  chemical  release,
  BOMB  AND  ARSON:   Agent primer?  Explain what you mean by
  "agent primer."
  SHERMAN SKOLNICK:  I'm not a chemical expert myself, but it
  has some kind of a name.  In other words, for example:  "A"
  and "B" are harmless, apart.   But  if you spilled a little
  water on this chair, the chair would blow  up.   The  whole
  chair  is  a bomb!  And [the agent primer] might -- *might*
  -- be as simple as a  glass  of  water.  It also might be a
  metal thing that's built into the chair.  Either the  agent
  primer can set it off, *or* a distant radio signal.
      And,  apparently,  the podium has got that; the lecturn
  up there is made of  this  stuff.   And I found out that 40
  trailer-loads of this furniture has just arrived.
  BOMB AND ARSON: How are they gonna detect this stuff?
  SHERMAN SKOLNICK:  Not with your sniffing  dogs.   This  is
  odorless.   The usual stuff will *not* detect this.  You've
  got to find yourself a leading chemist.  He's got to take a
  sample of the chairs and the tables, and determine it.
      Sniffing dogs, X-rays -- forget it.  This is *not*, you
  know, a timer, batteries, wires -- none of it.  This is the
  very cutting edge of binary explosives.
{4}  Regarding  a Clinton double having recently been in Chicago:
presumably, this would have been  the occasion when a Ms. Mendoza
shouted at what she thought was Bill Clinton:  "You suck!   Those
boys  died!"   (This  in  reference  to the recent bombing of the
military barracks in Saudi Arabia.)   As a result of shouting her
dissent at the supposed Bill Clinton, Ms.  Mendoza  was  arrested
for "disorderly conduct."