[CN:  The following is  my  transcription of a prepared statement
read to me, by Mr. Sherman H. Skolnick, on August 9th, 1996.]
"A person  saying  he  was  Robert  Strauss  called  me,  Sherman
Skolnick,  Friday  afternoon,  August 9, 1996, at 3:10 pm central
time, and said  he  is  deeply  offended  by  my  story [CN 8.76,
'Clinton Told:  Step Down or  Step  Aside']  and  would  have  me
criminally prosecuted if I don't say that, as to him, my story is
not true."
"He says he does not know if there *were* such a meeting  at  the
White House, as described by me."
"I told him that  other  Democrats  told  me  he was at the White
House meeting that I described in my story on Internet.  He  says
he  was at the Delmar Racetrack on August 3, '96, that there were
a lot of people that saw  him  there,  and that he didn't want to
know who else that I spoke to."
"I told him that I have no malice against him, and that I  relied
on  these  other  Democrats that said he was there.  He said that
he's not interested in  these  other  Democrats; that he does not
know whether the meeting occurred with Clinton or not,  but  that
he  was  not  there.   He said that he has 700 lawyers in his law
firm who  are  reviewing  the  matter.   I  agreed  to  issue the
preceding statement."
"He says that his lawyers  are  considering  it  a  very  serious
matter, and want me *criminally* prosecuted."
"My  opinion is that, I think the Clinton White House, if not the
President and the First Lady, are  deeply offended by me and have
compelled him to make such a  statement.   It  is  possible  that
Robert  Strauss  wasn't  there,  although  other Democrats say he
*was* there."
"Also,  it  is possible that Strauss was not there in person, but
communicated with them.   He  would  not  answer  on that.  So he
might have  communicated  by  speaker  phone  or  via  high  tech
link-up, but was not *in* *person* at the White House."
"Also, part of my  story  has  been  confirmed  in an item in the
Washington Times, which came out the morning  of  Friday,  August
9th,  in  the  Inside the Beltway section -- which I will read to
  *Exegesis*,  published  in  Washington,  quotes  "a usually
  reliable source inside the Democratic Party" as saying that
  Bill Clinton has been told by  party  elders  to  announce,
  before the Democratic National Convention, that he will not
  run for re-election.  "We have not been told whether he has
  yet   agreed  to  their  request.   But  the  President  is
  presently  considering  his  options,"  says  editor  Steve
  Myers.  The publication says Bob  Dole, "who has been under
  similar pressure to quit from his own party elders, already
  knows of this development."