By Sherman H. Skolnick
How do you get on the Clinton White House "enemies list?"
#1.  Be on the cutting  edge of investigating the apparent murder
of Clinton White House deputy counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr.  Say
that  Foster, prior to his White House role and even while there,
secretly had the equivalent rank  of general, in the super-secret
National Security Agency.  And that Foster played a key part in a
clandestine project of spying on banks worldwide, both of friends
and  foes.   Part  of  a  reported  project  by  a  reputed   NSA
proprietary, Systematics, headquartered in Little Rock.
    And  while  you are at it, say that Foster was the mysterious
Mr. X or Mr. Y in the Jonathan Pollard spy mess.  And that Foster
arranged for Pollard, a  low-level  naval analyst, to get nuclear
missile tracking secrets to give to a foreign power.  That Foster
did this on behalf of then vice president George Bush and  Caspar
Weinberger,  Secretary  of  Defense in the Reagan administration.
The foreign power, Israel,  was  owed  a  favor by Bush for their
role in aiding Bush  in  the  "October  Surprise,"  delaying  the
release  of  the  U.S.  hostages  in  Iran  so  as to wreck Jimmy
Carter's bid for  re-election  as  president  and  to  put in the
Reagan/Bush ticket.  (Israel was the go-between for U.S.  weapons
to  Iran,  and  Iran  delayed release of the hostages until a few
minutes after Reagan's inauguration as president, 1981.)
    Also, while you are  at  it,  announce publicly that Bill and
Hillary Clinton covered up the Foster murder.
#2.  Also to get yourself on the "enemies  list,"  be  about  the
only ones digging into the secret transfer from Chicago to Little
Rock  of  50 million dollars of federal funds -- used to cover up
the embezzlement of an Arkansas  Savings & Loan (Madison Guaranty
S&L), for which Bill and Hillary Clinton can be put in jail.
    And while you are at it, file an IRS  form  211,  Application
for  Reward,  for turning in the President and the First Lady for
massive tax evasion  involving  the  50  million dollars and much
#3.  Talk publicly about how the records of  Bill  and  Hillary's
high  crimes have been covered up by the Acting Inspector General
of the U.S. Treasury  Department,  Robert Cesca, described by law
enforcement sources as the highest ranking  mafia  representative
in the U.S. government.
#4.  And further, while you are at it, obtain, in the presence of
a witness, the confession of Hillary's close crony, attorney John
E.  Gierum,  from the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge (where Hillary
is from) -- that Bill and  Hillary are trying to frame Gierum for
the secret transfer of the 50 million dollars of federal funds --
of which Gierum has been a part -- and admitting  and  confessing
that the high crimes you talk about are all true.
#5.   And  talk publicly about the IRS document, signed by an IRS
official, that in regard to your  claim for reward for turning in
Bill and Hillary on the 50 million dollars,  that  "recovery  was
too  small  to warrant payment of reward."  And that apparent IRS
high-level  corruption  blocked  your  form  211  Application for
    Also, offer and give the details publicly of  the  confession
of  an important IRS official of high level corruption of her top
bosses -- the confession of the one speaking for the Acting Chief
of the Criminal  Investigation  Division  of  the IRS in Chicago.
Details including how the IRS bosses stole millions of dollars of
property for their own personal  benefit;  properties  rightfully
belonging   to   Joseph  Andreuccetti,  a  Chicago-area  caulking
contractor.   Details  how  U.S.  Bankruptcy  Court  trustees  in
Chicago are permitted to file false and fraudulent tax returns by
way of screwing debtors being  plundered in the Bankruptcy Court.
How the Chief Judge of  that  Court,  John  D.  Schwartz,  has  a
reputed  net  worth of 140 million dollars offshore, and is being
blackmailed by the IRS and  others  to promote IRS corruption and
that Judge Schwartz has not filed a proper income tax  return  in
30 years.
#6.   And  talk  publicly  how  a  federal prosecutor in Chicago,
William R.  Hogan,  Jr.,  accused  of  misconduct  in prosecuting
narco-terrorist street  criminals,  counter-attacks  the  Clinton
Justice  Department  --  his  bosses  --  by  saying  the Justice
Department is  covering  up  evidence,  known  to  them, that six
federal judges in Chicago take bribes, including Chief Bankruptcy
Judge John D. Schwartz.
    And if you talk about such things on a public access cable TV
show, of which you are the moderator; and  on  a  recorded  phone
commentary; and post your comments on Internet, worldwide -- WHAT
Well, Hillary Rodham Clinton will arrange to privately tell state
and  federal  officials,  including  judges  in  your part of the
country,  that  you  are  a  domestic  terrorist  and  that  your
constitutional rights are to  be  cancelled  as  an "enemy of the
state." In fact, a federal judge will blurt it out in Court.
And then Hillary will send in a Justice  Department  official  to
threaten  you, in the presence of your friends, in the hallway of
the  Chicago  federal  courthouse  --  that  if  you  don't  stop
investigating Hillary  and  related  items,  terrible things will
happen to you.
And Hillary will fly into Chicago and go  on  the  Oprah  Winfrey
Show,  distributed nationwide, and describe you as an evil person
and that YOUR cable TV show  should be blocked.  And Hillary will
arrange with her White  House  consultant,  Amy  Zisook  and  her
brother  Mark,  to get into your private residence and spy on you
while pretending that Mark Zisook is an insurance agent.
Maybe you figured it out already  --  this is just a small sample
of  what  happened  to  me  and  an  associate  of  mine,  Joseph
Andreuccetti who helps with our cable TV show.
On July 18, 1996, I and Mr. Andreuccetti filed a lawsuit, No.  96
C 4373, in Chicago Federal District Court, against Hillary Rodham
Clinton,  the  Justice  Department official, Amy and Mark Zisook,
two IRS officials, and John  E.  Gierum,  who are part of a dirty
scheme to interfere  with  our  constitutional  rights,  such  as
Freedom  of  the  Press.   Although  Hillary has an office in the
White House, the suit  points  out,  she has no actual authority,
constitutional  or  statutory,  to  do  such  things.   The  U.S.
Constitution, Article I, Section 9, clause 3, outlaws a  Bill  of
Attainder,  that  is,  to falsely label us as domestic terrorists
and "enemies of the state," without any Due Process of Law.
We do not think we can  get  a  fair  hearing at the hands of the
Chicago Federal Judges who we have publicly  accused  of  bribery
and corruption.  You can, if you wish, get a complete copy of our
lawsuit,  with  attached documents, by sending fifteen dollars to
Citizens' Committee to  Clean  Up  the  Courts,  9800 So. Oglesby
Ave., Chicago, IL 60617-4870.  The  lawsuit  with  the  documents
attached is lengthy and highly detailed.
 +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +
Mr.   Skolnick,  since  1963,  has  been  founder/chairman  of  a
public-interest  group,  CITIZENS'  COMMITTEE  TO  CLEAN  UP  THE
COURTS, researching and disclosing  certain instances of judicial
corruption and political  murders.   Since  1971,  as  editor  of
updates  of  the  group's  work,  called HOTLINE NEWS, a 5-minute
recorded phone  message,  changed  several  times  per  week -- a
regular phone call -- (312)  731-1100.   Since  1991,  a  regular
participant,  now moderator, of a popular, public access cable TV
program, called "Broadsides", in  Chicago  and suburbs -- on most
every Monday evening in Chicago, on Channel  21  cable,  9  p.m.,
available  to  some  400,000  households.  His comments appear on
Internet on several  websites;  archives  of  his  stories can be
pulled up and printed out.  Also, on Internet, his stories appear
on    some    five   categories   of   news   groups,   such   as
alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater  and  alt.activism.  Office
(8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days):  (312) 375-5741.  9800 So.  Oglesby
Avenue, Chicago, IL 60617-4870.  Call before sending FAX.  (After
October 12, 1996, AREA CODE changes to 773.)
A few highlights of the group's work:  Caused the biggest bribery
scandal in U.S. history, the collapse  of  the  Illinois  Supreme
Court,  1969.   Investigation  of  the  sabotaged Watergate plane
crash, 1972-73.  12 Watergate  figures perished including Mrs. E.
Howard Hunt, wife of the Watergate burglar.  One of the first  to
comment on the Vice President Spiro Agnew bribery mess, resulting
in  his downfall, 1973.  Investigation and disclosure causing the
jailing for bribery of the highest level sitting federal judge in
American history, Chicago Federal Appeals Judge Otto Kerner, Jr.,
1973.  Touching  off  "Operation  Greylord,"  in  which  20 local
judges and 40 lawyers jailed for bribery, 1983-1993.
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