The Downing of TWA Flight 800

		    by J. Orlin Grabbe

	  Terrorists who want to arm themselves for 
operations in the U.S. do not need to search in foreign locales 
like Afghanistan.  They can find all the material they need right 
here at home.  According to military sources, over 200 
Stinger missiles are missing from inventory in U.S. military 
bases--places like Ft. Campbell and Ft. Knox.  

	That TWA Flight 800 was taken out by a ground-to-
air missile was known from the beginning by U.S. official 
agencies.  The flight path of the missile was captured both on 
radar and by satellite.  The only question was the identity of 
the missile and the identity of the group responsible.  

	You wouldn't know this, of course, if you watched the 
endless "press briefings" on television news.  Since the U.S. 
government had no idea of how to handle the matter--both in 
the real sense and in the PR sense--official bodies like the 
White House and the FBI stalled for time.  They talked about 
not all the evidence being in, occasionally mumbling something 
about a bomb.  They even hinted darkly that Greece could be 
responsible--the plane had stopped there--even though the 
TWA aircraft had more recently spent three hours on the 
ground in Kennedy airport, being cleaned, refueled, and 
checked for mechanical problems.

	A Stinger missile does not require a lot in the way of 
logistics.  It can be fired from a small boat.  One doesn't need 
a cabin cruiser.  A 16-foot craft and a missile launcher will do.  
After the job is over, one simply sinks the boat with the 
launcher some distance off shore.  Standard operating 

	Some experts involved in the TWA Flight 800 
investigation have no doubt a Stinger or very similar missile 
was responsible for the takedown of the plane.  Flight 800 
had taken off from Long Island and entered the Boston air 
corridor in the process of "stacking out".  It was only at 
around 7000 feet altitude when the apparent Stinger hit the 
747 airplane skin underneath the fuel tank.  That was the first 
explosion.  Then the 11,000 gallons of on-board fuel ignited in 
a white heat--this in turn igniting the aluminum of the plane 
body in much the same way that the surrounding burning 
material ignites the magnesium chips in a holiday sparkler.  
The second explosion left few large aircraft parts to be later 
pinpointed by sonar.

	The group responsible,  identified by intelligence 
sources as working on behalf of Syria, say there are five more 
planes to go.  One assumes this means they have five more 
Stingers. (Some Sidewinders are also missing from military 
inventory).  The group means serious business.  We saw their 
handiwork even before TWA flight 800:  the knock-out of the 
energy grid that left some fifteen western states with partial 
electrical blackouts on July 2.  The reason for this blackout 
was quickly hushed up by government officials.  The media 
obligingly turned their attention elsewhere, waiting to be 
awakened from their lethargy when the group strikes again.  
July 23, 1996

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