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Author: DEFRAUDING AMERICA: A Pattern of Related Scandals
        UNFRIENDLY SKIES: A History of Corruption and Air Tragedies
                                    October 20, 1995
Senator Arlen Specter
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510      Certified: P 427 892 268
Ref:  Refusal by CIA and Justice Department officials  to  accept
the "gift" of 30-40 Stinger missiles, suggesting a hidden agenda,
with   possible   catastrophic   consequences  in  shooting  down
commercial airliners.
Dear Senator Specter:
My sources in the  intelligence  community have recently given me
details of efforts by Afghani rebels to turn over to  the  United
States,  without  charge, 30 to 40 Stinger missiles (SAM), with a
possibility   of   an   additional   100   missiles   thereafter.
Incredibly, this offer was  *rejected*  by Justice Department and
Central  Intelligence  Agency  officials.   There  is  a   strong
possibility  that  one or more of these rejected missiles will be
used to shoot  down  commercial  airliners.   If this occurs, not
only will the carnage be horrendous, but it will  inflict  severe
financial  havoc  upon the aviation industry and upon air travel.
The following is a brief description of what has transpired:
  Synopsis of  CIA  and  Justice  Department Tactics Insuring
     That the SAM Missiles Will Be Available to Terrorists
Recent information provided to me  by  one or more of my contacts
in the CIA community describes  the  dates,  places,  and  people
involved  in  offering the missiles to the United States, and the
rejection of this offer.  These  sources provided me with precise
details of the negotiations to give the missiles  to  the  United
States,  the  agreement  by  Afghan  rebel leader, General Rashid
Dostom, and a CIA attorney.
CIA headquarters was initially made  aware of the offer through a
letter sent by a former CIA agent whom I  have  known  for  about
five years, and who I consider very honorable and reliable.  That
letter   went   unanswered.    The  agent,  concerned  about  the
consequences of commercial  airlines  being  shot down with these
missiles,  then   contacted   another   CIA   employee   at   CIA
headquarters,  who  then  tried to force a response from high CIA
officials.  This latest  action  forced  CIA officials to finally
Negotiations then commenced, which involved,  among  others,  the
former  CIA agent who headed a major CIA proprietary in Hawaii; a
CIA attorney in  the  Los  Angeles  area;  an  Afghani located in
California; and an Afghani rebel general in Afghanistan (who  had
previously turned over 20 Stinger missiles to the United States).
The  general agreed to turn over the missiles without cost to the
United States, and  simply  requested  the  release of an Afghani
being held in federal prison on a  drug  charge  arising  from  a
possible KGB setup.  At the same time that the Afghan general was
offering  to give these missiles to the United States, these same
missiles were being  sought  by  terrorist  groups  who bid large
amounts of money for them.  One obvious possible  use  for  these
missiles  in  terrorist  hands  would be to shoot down commercial
Incredibly, CIA  and  Justice  Department  officials rejected the
offer, insuring that the missiles would fall into  the  hands  of
terrorists, where some of them may be at this very moment.
The Afghani initially offered to give to the CIA 30 to 40 Stinger
(following an earlier return of  20  Stinger  missiles),  with  a
possibility that 100 more would be delivered thereafter.  The CIA
and  Justice  Department  requested serial numbers for several of
the  missiles  to  determine  that  the  missiles  were  actually
available.  These  serial  numbers  were  then  provided, and the
numbers were confirmed by U.S. authorities as authentic.
After  telephone  contact  was  made  with  this  Afghan  general
(General Dostom), a written agreement was signed by a Los Angeles
area CIA attorney, the Afghani  in California, and the former CIA
agent who the Afghans were using  to  insure  that  the  CIA  and
Justice Department kept their word.
   Knowledge of corrupt CIA and Justice Department activities
My prior experience as a federal and then a private investigator,
and  a  confidant  to many former CIA and other deep-cover people
seeking  to  expose  government  corruption,  has  enabled  me to
recognize the corrupt conduct of these two  government  agencies.
I  strongly  feel  that  this rejection indicates a secret agenda
that could  inflict  additional  great  harm  upon America.  This
conduct would be compatible with the corrupt activities and  harm
that  I  have detailed and documented during the past 30 years of
attempts to expose the activities of corrupt government officials
and employees.
There are  several  possible  reasons  for  the  CIA  and Justice
Department refusing to accept the missiles, and each of  them  is
in  character  for  these  two  groups.  Two of these reasons are
listed here:
** Attempt to  prevent  exposure  of  an  earlier CIA and Justice
Department scandal.  The offer to  provide  the  missiles  at  no
charge  went  through a former CIA agent who was made the titular
head of a large  and  covert  CIA proprietary in Hawaii:  Bishop,
Baldwin, Rewald,  Dillingham  and  Wong  (BBRD&W).   This  covert
operation  that was based within the United States (Honolulu) had
offices in 17 countries,  and  replaced another CIA operation and
scandal known as Nugan Hand Bank with headquarters in  Australia.
After  a  Honolulu  television  station blew the cover on BBRD&W,
officials in control of the  CIA and Justice Department sought to
cover  for  the  CIA  operation  by  fraudulently  charging  with
criminal conduct the head of that CIA proprietary.
    If the missiles had been accepted, it is possible  that  this
sacrificed  agent  would  be  identified  and  the  massive fraud
involving the  Hawaiian  and  Nugan  Hand  operations  would then
surface.  (Exposure of this type of misconduct would reveal  that
the  Justice Department's conduct at Ruby Ridge and Waco are only
the tip of the iceberg.)
** CIA need for  continuing  crises.  Another possibility for CIA
and Justice Department rejection of the Stinger missiles is  that
the  CIA *wants* the missiles to fall into terrorists' hands, and
actually wants an airliner to be  shot down.  The shoot-down of a
commercial  airliner  could  then  be   used   to   justify   the
continuation  of CIA activities.  This scenario is not as bizarre
as it sounds when a person understands the history of corrupt CIA
and Justice Department  activities  and  the great harm inflicted
upon the United States through criminal activities.   I  describe
these  events  in books that I have written, *Defrauding America*
and to a lesser extent, *Unfriendly Skies*.
  A  Prior   Air   Tragedy   Involved   With  CIA-DEA-Justice
                       Department Misconduct
Pan  Am  103.   Despite  the  coverup  by  the  CIA  and  Justice
Department (and by Congress and much of  the  mainstream  media),
substantial  evidence  indicates  that the Pan Am 103 tragedy was
made possible by CIA-DEA misconduct  associated with a pattern of
illicit drug smuggling into the  United  States.   My  deep-cover
contacts,  along  with  information  obtained from other sources,
indicates that the CIA and  DEA  had an established drug pipeline
from Nicosia and Beirut into  the  United  States  using  Pan  Am
aircraft.   Pan  Am's  involvement started at Frankfort, Germany.
Ironically, one of  the  same  DEA  agents  involved in that drug
pipeline, Michael T. Hurley, was  used  to  retaliate  against  a
witness   who   testified  to  Congress  concerning  the  Justice
Department's  involvement   in   the   Inslaw  scandal.   Justice
Department officials retaliated against Michael Riconosciuto  for
testifying   before   Congress  about  the  Justice  Department's
involvement in the Inslaw  scandal.   This  is a routine criminal
misuse  of  Justice  Department  offices  and  power.   Officials
prosecuted Lester Coleman, a former intelligence agency asset who
blew the whistle  on  the  CIA-DEA  involvement  in  the  Pan  Am
tragedy.   Justice  Department officials prosecuted Juval Aviv in
retaliation for uncovering  evidence  showing CIA-DEA involvement
in that tragedy.   (I  have  a  long  list  of  others  who  were
fraudulently  prosecuted  to  silence  them,  including  the long
persecution  of  me  in  retaliation  for  exposing  these crimes
against America.)
           Pattern Of Congressional and Media Coverup
None  of  the corrupt government activities that I identify could
continue without the criminal coverup  by members of Congress and
by most of the U.S. mainstream media.  I  repeatedly  offered  to
provide  evidence  to  you and other members of Congress (and the
media)  of  hard-core   criminal   activities  involving  federal
officials, and the only response was silence (i.e., misprision of
felonies, coverup, obstruction of justice).  This same misprision
of felonies has put many citizens in prison (Title 18 USC ||  4),
even  though  they  were  less  guilty than government officials,
members  of  Congress,  and   the   media,  who  have  a  greater
responsibility to report these crimes.
On  the  surface, although very serious, this missile matter does
not appear to have  the  subversive  and criminal nature of other
criminal conduct that I exposed.  However,  it  demands  a  full,
open, congressional investigation.
Fortunately  for  everyone involved in these criminal activities,
the mainstream media has kept  the  lid on the scandals, and most
Americans are too preoccupied with trivia, and totally  unwilling
to meet their responsibilities under our form of government.
           Vested Interest In Continuing the Coverup
Based  upon  30  years  of  experience  in  attempting  to expose
hard-core government corruption, starting  while  I was a federal
investigator, it would be my expectation that you will  cover  up
this matter.  For many years, and especially during the past five
years,  I  have  made  you aware of criminal activities involving
government employees and  officials,  including corrupt officials
within the Central Intelligence Agency, the  Justice  Department,
and crooked judges.  Each of you therefore have a vested interest
in  preventing  the  American  people  from  learning about these
criminal activities  and  what  has  been  done  to  the American
But there is the possibility that despite the media coverup,  and
the  public's  incredible illiteracy about government misconduct,
that a small percentage of  the  American people will learn about
it and demand justice.  If one or more  commercial  aircraft  are
blown  out  of  the sky, your prior knowledge will be publicized.
So you have a dilemma  as  to  what  to do with this information.
You certainly can't meet your responsibilities  by  turning  this
information over to the same Justice Department that is corruptly
involved  with  the various criminal activities that I brought to
your attention.
                            [signed] Rodney Stich
cc: Broadcast and print media
    Every member of the  Senate and House intelligence Committees
    via identical letter.
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