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Dateline:  July  19,  1996  RMNews  Agency:   Serving Liberty and
Freedom Worldwide.
                 === Breaking news from RMNews ===
                          Stinger Missile
                     Shoots Down TWA Flight 800
                Islamic Terrorist Group Claims Credit
Secret briefings held today behind closed Senate doors  presented
evidence linking the downing of TWA flight 800 to a second letter
from  Islamic  terrorists.   The  only  public  statement of this
meeting was given by  Senator  Orrin  Hatch,  R.  of Utah.  As he
emerged from the meeting he stated that he was sure that TWA  800
was a victim of a terrorist attack.
Reliable sources have stated that the letter, which was presented
to   members  of  the  Senate  Intelligence  and  Armed  Services
Committees, not only claimed credit  for  the downing of TWA 800,
but gave the serial number of the Stinger missile which was used.
The letter was written after the downing and gave enough reliable
information to lend credibility to its claim.
According to the letter, the  Stinger  was  fired  from  a  boat.
Throughout the day's coverage of the downing of TWA 800, military
experts  have  been trotted out to repeatedly deny that a Stinger
missile could shoot down  a  plane  which  was  at an altitude of
13,200 feet.  Our sources have discovered that  certain  Stingers
are  capable  of reaching altitudes of 20,000 feet.  The repeated
denials by the  news  medias  indicate  that  word has leaked out
regarding the Stinger missile, but for  reasons  unknown  to  us,
they have chosen to sit on the news.
Mike  McCurry,  White  House  spokesman, stated this morning that
anyone within the  government  who  believes  that a missile shot
down TWA 800 only has  half  a  brain.   This  sent  everyone  in
government  the  warning that no one who values his career should
contradict the government position.
The letter  from  the  terrorists,  which  was  presented  by FBI
Director  Louie  Freeh  and  the  head  of  the  National  Safety
Transportation Board (NTSB), issued a  challenge  to  the  United
States.  Along with the serial number to the Stinger they claimed
they  used  to  shoot down TWA 800, the terrorists challenged the
United States to find the  remains  of the missile, complete with
the serial number, thereby proving that the plane was  downed  by
the missile they fired.
        Did the United States Military have Prior Warning?
Reports  out  of our East Coast Bureau have verified that a C-130
from a USAF Air National Guard  unit was on maneuvers at the time
the plane was downed.  This C-130 has been credited  with  giving
some  of  the  first  eyewitness  reports  of  the explosion, the
fireball and the crash.   According  to  the  pilot of the C-130,
Major Fred Meyer, he saw "a streak of red orange" heading  toward
the  plane.   "  arrived  at  a point in space where I saw a
small explosion which grew  to  a  small  fireball, then a second
explosion and a huge fireball."
The complete eye witness report, which was captured on video, has
only been aired on local  stations.   The major media deletes the
part about the streak of red orange heading toward the plane, and
only reports the description of the fire ball which was given  by
the pilot.  {1}.  However, no media, local or major, has reported
that  the  C-130  was  dropping  white phospherous flares, called
Willie Peter flares.
Experienced fighter pilots have  stated  that "Willie Peters" are
dropped when a pilot knows that a heat seeking missile has locked
onto his craft.  The "Willie Peters" are used to draw the missile
away from the plane's engines.
If the Air National Guard was in the area dropping "Willie Peter"
flares, could they have had  prior  warning  that  a  substantial
threat  to  TWA flight 800 existed?  If someone in our government
knew that TWA 800 may  be  the  target  of terrorists, why was it
allowed to take off?
Why was the C-130 deployed?  Did the Air  Force  believe  that  a
heat  seeking  missile  such  as a Sparrow, Tow or Sidewinder was
going to be used?  Who ordered  the Air Force to drop flares?  If
the Air Force was given prior knowledge that such a threat to  an
American  airplane  existed,  why wasn't the American public made
aware of a threat that could  prove fatal to them and their loved
RMNews has no  answers  to  these  somber questions.  The opening
ceremonies for the 96 Olympic games begin tonight in Atlanta.
This  is our first report.  It is based on hastily gathered data.
As new  information  flows  in,  we  will  expand  or correct our
           Was Henry Kissinger on board TWA flight 800?
             His office has denied this.... *twice*!!
RMNews hounds, who have been dogging  the  Sir  Henry  trail  for
years,  have  stated that he has three doubles.  Was the real Sir
Henry on board TWA 800, or was  one of his doubles on board?  The
explosion of  TWA  800  follows  closely  on  the  heels  of  the
so-called "suicide" of the heir to the Rothschild empire.
Sir  Henry  is  the well-paid lacky of the Rockefellers.  John D.
Rockefeller III, who was  the  head  of the Rockefeller family at
the time of his death, was murdered  in  a  so-called  automobile
accident  almost 18 years to the day that the Rothschild heir was
murdered.  Families like  the  Rothschilds  and Rockefellers have
long  memories,  and  they  often  celebrate  anniversaries  with
explosive surprises.
Could the death of the Rothschild heir, on the anniversary of the
death  of  the  Rockefeller  head,  have  been  the   Rockefeller
payback...   18 years later?  And could TWA 800 and the rumors of
Henry the K. being on board have  more to do with the war between
the bankers, instead of Islamic terrorists?
Caveat:  Rumor Mill News Agency bases  its  news  on  rumors  and
speculations.   Since  we  do not have to adhere to the stringent
guidelines laid down by  the  major  news media that require each
story  to  be  thoroughly  researched  and  molded  to  fit   the
politically  correct  mood  of the day, we can rush to print with
enough of the  truth  to  make  you  think.   Stay tuned for more
breaking news!
Second Caveat:  In our  rush  to  print,  we  have  bypassed  the
editors.  Any typos or misspellings are left this time because we
didn't catch them... or maybe they are messages in code!!! {2}.
Dateline:   July  19,  1996  RMNews  Agency.  Serving Liberty and
Freedom Worldwide.
---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
{1} "The complete eye  witness  report,  which  was  captured  on
video,  has  only  been aired on local stations.  The major media
deletes the part about  the  streak  of red orange heading toward
the plane, and only reports the  description  of  the  fire  ball
which was given by the pilot."
    Conspiracy   Nation  can  confirm  that,  indeed,  our  local
broadcast in Champaign-Urbana,  from  a  major network affiliate,
*did* carry a more complete version of Major  Meyer's  statement,
including  also  his  mention, to my recollection, of what he had
thought was a  "shooting  star"  seen  nearby.   This portion was
*not* carried in the national broadcast.  I made a mental note of
this disparity at the time.
{2} Regarding typos,  misspellings  mentioned:   CN has corrected
whatever typos and misspellings it could find.  We  apologize  if
we have inadvertantly corrupted possible "messages in code."
       Views expressed do not necessarily  reflect  those
       of Conspiracy Nation, nor of its Editor in Chief.