With  this  issue Conspiracy Nation is pleased to introduce a new
contributor:  The Rumor Mill News Service, edited by  "RU".   The
following,  from what I can tell, appears to be RUMOR ONLY.  What
is more, I  have  NO  IDEA  who  the  author  is;  I received the
following anonymously, with the promise of "more to come".
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                            News Flash
                    Direct From the RMN Agency
          Two breaking stories crossed our desks this morning.
                 Hillary and Bill: Parents again?
The wire services flashed  this  breaking story around the world.
Hillary Clinton told Time Magazine that  she  and  the  President
want  a  second child and will talk seriously about adopting once
the election is over.
Our sources, always  skeptical  of  any  sweeter  than sweet news
coming out of the White House, decided to delve deeper into  this
story to find the real news.
The  truth  behind  these deceptively sweet headlines is stranger
than fiction.  Bear with us as  we try to give you the background
to help you understand the latest attempt from the White House to
make the First Lady and her  husband  appear  like  the  everyday
loving  couple  across  the  street....  in  this case, a heavily
barricaded street.
One must travel back  in  time  to  the  college days of Bill and
Hillary.  A time when both were recruited by elements of the CIA.
The pairing was strictly political, she was the brains and he was
the likeable trained parrot who could shift his daily rhetoric as
easily as a chameleon changes colors.  She was promised power, he
was promised anything he could get.  The pairing worked well  and
the first couple from Arkansas easily won the White House.
Things  started  going  downhill for them when they realized that
while they were in  Arkansas,  no  one  in  the rest of the world
really cared what they did.  They  tried  to  bring  their  modus
operandi  into  the  White House, and quickly discovered that the
brains  behind  the  parrot  could  not  continue  to  wield  her
conspicuous  power.   Her  revision  of  the  health  care system
exploded in her face.   She  had  to  retreat  to the kitchen for
Then the Whitewater hearings brought more criticism on  her  when
her billing records mysteriously turned up after being subpoenaed
for  over  two  years.   After  testing,  the  records showed her
fingerprints and Vince Foster's.   More  criticism was leveled at
her when it was discovered that she was the one who  had  ordered
the firing of the White House Travel Office, and was probably the
one who ordered the investigation by the Justice Department which
was  supposed  to  prove  that the head of the White House Travel
Office was guilty of theft and fraud.  Instead, it proved that he
was innocent, but it  cost  him  everything  he and his wife had,
just to pay the legal bills.  At about the same time,  the  First
Lady  released  a  book about how to raise children:  "It Takes a
Village....".  Following close  on  the  heels  of the release of
this book, she made history by becoming the first First  Lady  to
be called before a Grand Jury.
To  many in the know inside the Beltway, it looked as if her star
was rapidly sinking.  But would  she  bring down the President as
well?  Now this is where the story gets stranger than fiction and
we have to ask your indulgence as we begin to weave  the  threads
that  will  eventually  bring you to the understanding of why the
first lady needs an heir...  preferably  a male heir... one named
William Jefferson Clinton, Jr.
The President and his wife were 15 years old when their hero  was
murdered.   His  death  shaped  their  future  and  sealed  their
destinies.   President Clinton has invoked the memory of JFK more
than once to bring himself  closer to the generation that revered
the slain President.
JFK was cut down while he was  still  immensely  popular.   There
were  many  right  wing  groups  who were openly threatening war,
revolution, impeachment and  even  assassination  in order to rid
themselves of what they  considered  the  worst  President  ever.
While this loud revolution was fomenting, another, quiet and more
deadly revolution was simmering.
Within  the  Federal  Reserve,  blood  pressures  were  rising as
President Kennedy began  to  issue  United States Treasury notes.
Kennedy  knew   that   to   defeat   the   Entrenched   Eastcoast
Establishment  he  had to kill their cash cow.  He had to abolish
the Federal Reserve and take the control of the United States out
of the hands of international  bankers.  There were no altruistic
reasons for this.  Kennedy knew full well that to build  his  own
dynasty,  he  had  to destroy the one that preceded his.  He felt
himself to be the first  President elected since the formation of
the Federal Reserve that did not work for it, and he knew that if
he were to be successful in placing a Kennedy Dynasty at the helm
of the United States of America, he had to put a stop to the open
spigot of money  that  flowed  into  the  Federal  Reserve  stock
holders,  their  non-profit  foundations and think tanks, and the
candidates that were spawned out of these think tanks.
Kennedy did not have a  chance  to  implement his plan because he
underestimated  the  power  of  his  enemy.   If  JFK  had   been
successful,  he  would  have  been  the first of a long series of
Kennedy Presidents.  He would  have  served 8 years, Bobbie would
have served 8 years and Ted would have served 8 years.  Ted would
have retired in 1984, just in time for the second  generation  of
Kennedy  clan  to  take  over.   And  with all the senior Kennedy
statesmen still around as  advisors  and Ambassadors, the Camelot
dream would have lived forever.   At  least  that  was  what  Joe
Kennedy envisioned when he groomed his sons for the White House.
William  Jefferson  Clinton  was  moved  to  seek  public service
because of his  love  for  JFK.   He  patterned himself after his
fallen hero.   The  climate  he  created  in  Washington  invokes
comparisons  with  JFK.   In  his mind he sees the comparisons as
favorable.  He sees  himself  influencing  a  whole generation of
children in the same way that JFK influenced a whole  generation,
and  by  doing  so, insure that the Democratic party stays strong
for the next 20-30 years.
Other people do not see his  similarity to JFK in such a positive
light.  Others compare the mood of the conservatives to the  mood
of  the right wing at the time of JFK's assassination.  The front
page of a major  Texas  newspaper  called for his impeachment the
day  he  arrived  in  Dallas.   There  were  many  forces  within
government that saw what Kennedy was  doing  to  their  hard  won
power  base.   Many of these forces were in enemy camps, but they
knew that if they did  not  cooperate with each other, they would
soon all be out in the cold.
By removing Kennedy in  the  way  they  did,  they  created  many
problems  for  themselves.   His assassination made him a martyr.
It also made the Democratic  party  a  force to be dealt with for
the next generation.  It also created a clan of Kennedys who know
the truth and who are only biding their time  to  claim  what  is
rightfully theirs.
The martyr image was easily dealt with because the control of the
media  was  in the same hands as those who ordered the trigger to
be pulled.  The image of the slain President could be manipulated
and created in any way  that  the powerbrokers wished.  The young
hoardes of enthusiastic Democrats who followed their slain leader
into the halls of leadership could be easily molded with the help
of the think tanks that were fed with Federal Reserve money.  The
Democratic party became the party  of  the  Federal  Reserve  and
their  think  tanks.  This isn't saying that the Republican party
doesn't   have   its   traitors   too,   but   true  conservative
constitutionalists have always been in the Republican wings... at
least since the days of Barry Goldwater.
Bill Clinton and his wife rode to power on the  unspoken  promise
of   restoring  Camelot.   Every  chance  he  could,  he  invoked
Kennedy-esque mannerisms and  speeches.   He  wanted the American
people to love him, just as  they  loved  JFK.   What  he  didn't
bargain  for  was  the  transference  of  the  hate  that certain
Americans felt for JFK.
Now that the background has been properly laid, let's lay out the
problems that face the  President  and  his wife in regaining the
White House.  Hillary Clinton is a liability  to  the  President.
Whenever  she exerts the brains that put Bill where he is, she is
jumped on by the conservatives  and  shown to be the power hungry
woman behind the parrot.
Now that Bill is firmly in power and has advisors surrounding him
that come from the hallowed halls of Federal Reserve think tanks,
such  as  the  Brookings  Institute,  the  Council   on   Foreign
Relations, etc., it is now viewed by his supporters that it might
be  time  for Hillary to fade away.... permanently.  Just in time
for him to take a  new  wife  and produce legitimate heirs to the
But wait... is this what's really behind  the  announcement  that
the  first  couple  wants  a  baby?  Hold your breath because the
rollercoaster is nearing the top.
Bill and his advisors believe  that Hillary is the problem.  When
Ron Brown was threatening to take down the first couple if he was
indicted in the gas pipe line scandal,  a  convenient  air  crash
silenced  him  and  the investigation.  As one special prosecutor
was heard to say, "You can't indict a dead man, so we're wrapping
it up."   By  wrapping  up  the  investigation  into  bribery and
payoffs in regards to the  Oklahoma  gas  pipe  line,  the  first
family's involvement was kept out of the newspapers.
The  lesson  learned by the Ron Brown crash must have really made
an impression on someone, because  it was duplicated a short time
later  to  prevent  former  CIA  Director  William   Colby   from
testifying   behind   closed   doors  in  a  Senate  subcommittee
investigating banking  scandals  stretching  from  the Nugan Hand
Bank  in  Australia,  to  Hillary's  home  town,  and  down  into
Arkansas.  "Gee whillakers, guys... do you think  it  could  work
The  scenario  for  Hillary's  demise  had  been laid months ago.
Rumors have been  fed  into  the  rumor  mill  that she and Vince
Foster were lovers.  DNA analysis of the  hairs  found  in  Vince
Foster's   underwear  show  that  they  match  Hillary's.   Other
sources, rumored  to  be  allied  with  the  CIA,  have published
articles stating that Hillary and Foster have been  Mossad  moles
within the National Security Agency for years.  Foster is said to
have  sold  Israel  the  codes  used  by  the President to launch
nuclear missiles.  A rogue group  within  the CIA is said to have
uncovered Foster and his partner in the White  House.   According
to  the same article, this group of Rogues drained the Swiss bank
accounts of Foster.  All of  this  is supposed to make the public
think that Foster was just about to be exposed as an agent  of  a
foreign government.  When Jonathan Pollard was discovered selling
secrets  to  the  Israelis,  he  was sentenced to life in prison.
Could Foster expect any less?  Not wanting to heap shame and ruin
upon his family, he chose the noble way out...
At least this is  what  the  CIA-controlled  rumor mills want the
public to believe.  But just in case you don't  believe  that  he
committed  suicide, a murder scenario was also set in place which
traces his murder to a  rogue  unit  within the CIA.  At the time
that Foster was murdered, the suicide of Hillary was mapped out.
A believeable scenario has been set up in which  the  First  Lady
commits  suicide  because she is despondent over the death of her
lover Vince Foster.  The suicide drill has been run several times
already.  The group which has  been  assigned to carry it out has
planned it down  to  the  last  detail.   They  are  now  running
"suicide  drills"  in  all the various cities that the First Lady
visits in the course of her  work as First Lady.  The moment they
get the green light, they will be prepared, no matter  where  she
The  moles  in  the  White House work both ways.  Some are double
moles, seemingly working for both  sides  in the White House, but
in reality working for an unseen hand.  These moles have  already
carried back to Hillary the President's plan to get rid of her so
that  he  can  have  some fun in his next term.  Knowing that the
circle around her husband was  responsible  for the deaths of Ron
Brown, Bill Colby and Vince Foster, Mrs. Clinton knew  that  this
rumor could be deadly if it was ignored.
Being a little  sharper  than  her  husband,  she  could read the
handwriting on the wall, and she knew that even if he did  manage
to  kill  her,  bury  the  Whitewater  scandal  and  get  himself
re-elected,  she  knew  that  the offshore bank accounts wouldn't
stay hidden  forever,  and  all  the  Arkansas scandals involving
drugs, sex and murder would  eventually  surface.   So  far,  the
President's  advisors  have  sacrificed Hillary to the wolves and
have allowed  the  President  to  hide  behind  her broad skirts.
Being the smart one in the family  has  allowed  Hillary  to  see
beyond  the  victory  in November to the first year of the second
Once she has been removed from  the  scene, the full brunt of the
fraud and corruption that ruled Arkansas since Bill  Clinton  was
elected governor would be brought to bear on his shoulders alone.
She  would  no  longer  be there to deflect the media.  Once full
scale investigations begin into  the offshore accounts, which are
fully stuffed with drug money from Mena, Clinton would be  forced
to resign or be impeached.
While  Bill  may  be  entertaining wonderful ideas of producing a
male heir to carry on  his  dynasty,  Hillary is trying to figure
out how to keep Bill from destroying all of their futures... even
their yet to be adopted heirs to the kingdom.  Because she is  an
astute  student  of history... recent history... she knows that a
dead President is a martyred President and his family and friends
are bestowed special perks as a result.  The widow is made into a
tragic heroine and the children become the princesses and princes
of the kingdom.
In her mind she had two  choices,  do nothing and allow the inner
circle  to  murder  her  in  hopes  of  ending   the   Whitewater
investigation  forever  by creating a sympathetic President.  And
how much more sympathy  could  you  evoke  than to have your wife
kill herself because she could no longer live without her lover?
Being brighter than the average Arkansan, Hillary knows that  all
the work that she and her inner circle of friends have done would
be  for naught if Bill was re-elected.  He would be impeached and
disgraced.  In other words, she  has  a choice between having him
go out like JFK or Richard Nixon.  Being one who wishes  to  hold
onto  her  life  as  well  as her position and power, she and her
inner circle have opted for the JFK ending to their problem.
The baby is  the  dynasty  that  must  be  in place for Hillary's
scenario to work.   Of  course,  Bill  thinks  that  if  he  gets
re-elected  and  serves  out  his  term  and  then retires to the
position of  elder  statesman,  that  a  young  William Jefferson
Clinton will carry on his name and his dream.  In this  scenario,
they  will  not  adopt a baby, they will find a 12-15 year old of
suitable intelligence and parrot personality.  This boy will then
be sent to Oxford as  a  Rhodes  scholar and the cycle will begin
again -- only in  Bill's  dreams,  this  child  is  his  tool  to
maintain  power from the sidelines.  Bill's dreams do not mention
the possibility of impeachment.   (Nor  do they yet entertain the
possibility of his marriage to someone young enough to produce  a
real  heir... but they soon will, if our second breaking story is
And so you have the rest  of  the story behind the desire for the
adoption of a baby for the first family.  Let's wait and see  who
implements their plan first.