Rattling in my head was "Gee. They get all fired up over a little
satire, but tell them about  FBI snipers murdering people at Waco
and there's no response."   Then  the  phone  rings  and  it's  a
reporter  from  the  Washington  Post:   "Say, what's this I hear
about  Orlin  Grabbe  admitting  it's  'all  a  hoax?'"  he asks.
Incidental  to  our  conversation  was  his  mention  of  Ambrose
Evans-Pritchard's claim regarding FBI snipers at Waco.   "Ah-hah.
So  it  is  revealed  that the mighty Washington Post is aware of
Evans-Pritchard's  claim!"   I  thought  to  myself.   "Will  the
Washington Post do a story  either confirming or denying the 'FBI
snipers at Waco' charge?"  I wondered.
If  it  was  me  in  charge  of  the FBI, I would consider myself
honor-bound to answer Evans-Pritchard's  charges.  After all, any
FBI Director possessing a shred of self-respect  must  either  be
outraged  at  the  aspersions being cast on his Bureau or furious
that any  organization  connected  with  his  good  name has done
something so despicable.  No decent human being could leave  such
charges unanswered.
And of course, just imagine if someone were to do a satire of the
FBI! Oh-hoh! Would Louie Freeh ever hit the roof!
This past year,  the  inimicable  Orlin  Grabbe  has charged that
Vince Foster was murdered, that Foster was a traitor and  a  spy,
that  Hillary  Clinton  was his partner, that a wave of political
retirements this season is due  to bribed politicians having been
found out by a rogue CIA team of hackers calling  themselves  the
"Fifth  Column"  --  yet Washington Post does not call Conspiracy
Nation to ask, "Hey,  what's  going  on?"  THEN, Professor Grabbe
dabbles in the infamous black arts of satire, and "ring...  ring"
goes  my phone.  Suddenly the Washington Post has awakened; could
it be there is a hot story here?
Like I say,  rattling  around  in  my  head  was surprise at what
upsets people:  U.S. Government murders trapped Branch  Davidians
at Waco -- ho-hum.  Orlin Grabbe writes a satirical essay -- HEY!
One Branch Davidian who by the grace of God survived  both  being
burned  to  death  as  well  as  the  apparent  FBI  snipers  was
Livingstone  Fagan.   You  can  read  all  about him and the Waco
Massacre in  *The  Ashes  of  Waco*  (by  Dick  Reavis)  and *The
Davidian Massacre* (by Carol Moore).
Here is recent contact  info  for  Livingstone Fagan, provided by
Carol Moore:
     02-Jul-96 11:49 EDT
 Sb: ROLC: Davidian Prisoner Moved to Leavenworth
 Fm: Lance Arron, Hamilton >
Davidian Prisoner Livingstone Fagan,  who  received a sentence of
40 years based on perjured evidence by FBI agents, has been moved
to the Federal Correctional Institute at Leavenworth.  Fagan  has
refused  to  work  and otherwise cooperate with authorities since
placed in federal prisons and has been in solitary confinement --
"the hole" -- for almost two  years.  During this time he wrote a
book about his experiences  during  the  siege  and  about  David
Koresh's  interpretation  of  the  seven seals.  (It is available
from   me   on   e-mail.    Please   e-mail   me   at   my  other  I'll be able to send out  copies  after
Feel  free to write Livingstone letters of support.  While he may
not be able to reply, the  fact  he gets lots of letters upon his
moving there should impress the authorities and hopefully make it
less likely he will suffer any abuse or harassment  from  guards.
Also,  he  gets  pretty bored in there and enjoys receiving books
and magazines on religious  and  political  issues.  If you would
like to contribute some money for him to write  his  children  in
England and others and make phone calls (when they let him near a
phone),  send postal money orders with his registration number on
them.  Even $5.00 will be appreciated.
Livingstone Fagan  #60550-080
Federal Correctional Institution
1300 Metropolitan
Leavenworth, KS 66048
Carol Moore in D.C.  or
Rule of Law Committee
Montana Freedom Point
Citizens for Constitutional Government
"Non Calca Me"