The 1968 Olympics were held  in  Mexico  City.  At that time, the
Mexican people had risen from their slumber and were marching  in
the  tens  of  thousands,  demanding  economic  justice  from the
Mexican government.   But  the  Mexican  government was extremely
uptight about the Olympics that year:  Mexico was to  be  in  the
world's spotlight and the Mexican elite desired above all else to
impress  the  neighbors.   The last thing wanted was that Mexican
workers and taxpayers should  embarrass  their rulers in front of
the world press, a world press that could not be censored by  the
corrupt Mexican government.
There  was  a  conjunction  of  thousands of politically awakened
Mexicans, a world press over  which the Mexican government lacked
control, and a Mexican elite class  which  dreaded  embarrassment
before the eyes of the world.
Taking advantage of  the  situation,  Mexican  activists began to
demonstrate -- and were  brutally  and  secretly  murdered  by  a
Mexican  military  unleashed  on  them  by  their social-climbing
rulers who would stop at  nothing  to  avoid loss of face amongst
the other soul-less world *Aristos*.  This event is known as  the
Tlatelolco Square massacre.
Tragically, things worsened at Munich in 1972, and major security
has been needed at subsequent Olympics.
The  1936  Berlin Olympics served as Adolph Hitler's big showcase
to the  world  of  his  Nazi  Germany.   (Interested  readers are
referred to Thomas Wolfe's *You Can't Go Home Again* for a  great
artist's  portrait  of  the event.  Think the Nazis were a great,
misunderstood bunch of guys?   Think  again.   Read Wolfe for the
real picture.)
The 1996 Atlanta Olympics serve as imperialist America's showcase
to the world.  To the  world:   never  mind  the  increasing  gap
between  rich  and  poor and consequent rising subjugation of the
burgeoning American  underclass  --  we're  going  to  sell you a
dream.  We're going to sell to you (or really sell to  ourselves)
the  American  mythology of "free enterprise" and "the glories of
monopoly Capitalism."  And nobody,  and  we mean *nobody*, better
mess with our elitist dysfunctional view of how it is in America.
Yes, there will be a massive but discrete security presence.  But
do not for one moment think it is there to scare  away  potential
demonstrators  who realize that "Hey, the *world* press will give
us a fair shake.  They won't ignore us like  the  American  press
always  does."   Oh  no.   The massive security presence is *not*
there to prevent potential  embarrassment  of the American ruling
class in front of the whole world.  The massive security presence
is just there for "safety's sake."