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		Woodward's Wayward Book

		  by J. Orlin Grabbe

	I used to think Bob Woodward was an investigative 
reporter.  And perhaps he was (I still admire *The Final 
Days*.)  But his new book *The Choice* seemingly puts the lie 
to that.

	The title "The Choice" can be taken to refer to the 
political decision voters will make in November between Bill 
Clinton and Bob Dole (as well as to the primary process by 
which they were selected).  Woodward also has choice 
opinions about Colin Powell, claiming on the Larry King show 
(June 26) that Powell would make a highly qualified Secretary 
of State.

	Well, hopefully for Woodward's sake the book will 
become a best-seller before both Clinton and Dole drop out 
of the race.  And the notion of putting a thief like Powell into 
the office of Secretary of State, where he can continue to 
plunder our military resources and perhaps also put diplomatic 
secrets up for sale, is as ludicrous as any political proposal 
gets.  Woodward hasn't begun to do his homework, and the 
book deserves to be trashed.

	Despite any public protestations to the contrary, 
behind the scenes the Democratic bigwigs have begun the 
process of finding a Clinton replacement.  ("Democratic 
bigwigs" refers to people like the new head of the DNC and 
to politicians like John Glenn and Ted Kennedy.)  Perhaps the 
mantle will fall on Al "Unabomber" Gore if anyone thinks he is 
bright enough (put together two Al Gores and you get one 
Dan Quayle).  In *Ten Predictions* I forecast Gore would not 
be the nominee either, based on the belief that the bigwigs 
wouldn't think he could carry the load.  But on this point we 
shall have to wait and see.

	The resignation of Clinton is not far away.  Air-head 
political commentators keep saying "Whitewater has not hurt 
Clinton in the polls", as though polls mean shit in a court of 
law.  Clinton is going to get indicted if he stays around, 
although his indictment will come after that of Hillary.  But the 
national security establishment has to be concerned about 
Clinton's recently-developed chronic use of cocaine.

	No one really cares about Clinton's party lines while 
he was Gov. of Arkansas (at least I don't).  But now the drug 
seems to have taken over, and no one needs a cokehead 
President.  ("Mr. President, North Korea has just invaded 
South Korea."  "Well, let me do a couple of more lines, then 
I'll come take care of those mothers!")  The drug is 
incompatible with the job.

	If all the scandals surrounding the Clinton 
administration, such as the FBI files, suddenly seem to be 
sticking, it is because Clinton's days are already numbered by 
the powers that be.  Clinton will be asked to resign and that 
request will be an ultimatum, a prelude to an "accident" (like 
that of Colby) if it goes unheeded.  Like it or not, that is the 
reality of the U.S. political process today.

	Dole?  Dole has received one Fifth Column 
information package already (hence his resignation from the 
Senate), and another will be delivered at the appropriate time
- --though not nearly as soon as some other politicians would 

	But there is nothing to cry about in all this.  The 
country deserves better than a Clinton or a Dole.  That's 
something to think about this July 4.

	*Some Updates*:

	The *New York Times* front page (June 26, 1996) 
says:  "The White House and the F.B.I. had earlier put the 
number of improperly requested files at about 407.  But Mr. 
Marceca's personal files show that the White House also 
obtained as many as 500 additional reports . . ."  Let's see, 
407+500=907, similar to the 900+  number I reported in 
*Some Observations on the Non-News*.  Well, I just reported 
the number of files I knew about at the time.  But now I'm 
beginning to think my information was incomplete, and that my 
own number is thus also much too low.

	George Bush returned home from Switzerland empty-
handed and angry.  Meanwhile, rumors are flying all over 
Washington D.C. that our Secretary of Defense William Perry 
is involved in a company that has significant dealings with the 
Chinese military, in particular the missile division.  I have not 
been able to confirm anything about these rumors.  But since 
the Bush-Powell deal that lead to the loss of Bush's $75 
million was missile-related, one wonders if there is any 
possible connection to Perry.  (Keep in mind that none of this 
extracurricular arms dealing has anything to do with politics:  
it's just about ways to make money.  You know, the stuff they 
left out in the school book chapter on patriotism.)

	The trial of Earl Brian has started in California.  You 
can read about Mr. Brian in part 27 of my Vince Foster series.

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