By Sherman H. Skolnick
The press bombards us with White House scandals of various kinds.
Is that just to cover up what is *really* going on?
ITEM:  Dope is flooding into  the United States yet the narcotics
police are being severely cut back.  The  highest  level  of  the
Drug  Enforcement  Administration  and  the American intelligence
agencies are so interwoven  with  the  major drug traffickers you
cannot tell which is which.  The sordid details are in  the  huge
book, *The Underground Empire* by James Mills.
ITEM:  Every  country  in  this  hemisphere  south  of the United
States needs the dope  business  to  survive.   And,  the  United
States  is  the  major  customer.   Some  describe  Mexico  as  a
"narco-dictatorship".   Those  who become the so-called "leaders"
in Mexico are part of  a  corrupt  elite, for decades and decades
trained in fancy universities in the  United  States.   They  are
interlocked with the American Eastern Establishment:  Boston, New
York, Washington.
    A typical example  is  when  Carlos  Salinas was president of
Mexico.  To avoid the Florida hang-up, Mexico became the transfer
point for Columbian cocaine.  The "presidente" looked  the  other
way while two of his brothers transferred hundreds of millions of
dollars to French and Swiss accounts -- proceeds of the narcotics
traffic.   And  of  course  for  decade after decade the American
"presidente" looked the other way also.
    One  brother,  Raul  Salinas,  has  been in prison since 1995
facing charges of master-minding the  murder of a top official of
Mexico's ruling party, the P.R.I., and  also  facing  charges  of
illegal  enrichment  --  not being able to explain how he got the
billions of dollars. {1}.
    The  largest  bank  in  the  United States has been Citibank.
Their TV ads say, "Citibank never sleeps."
    They don't have *time* to  sleep.  The Justice Department and
the Federal Reserve are trying to cover up the  money  laundering
mess  with  the  Salinas  family.   In 1992, Citibank was quietly
declared bankrupt by the Federal  Reserve.  They took over direct
supervision of the bank's day-to-day operations.  Citibank became
insolvent by billions of dollars just  "disappearing".   So,  the
Federal Reserve arranged for a reportedly high, corrupt member of
the  Saudi  royal  family  to  buy  a majority interest, from the
Rockefellers,  in  Citibank.   But  the  corruption  at  Citibank
continues just as ever.  Now,  federal authorities offer the lame
excuse that U.S. money laundering laws are too unclear about  the
duty  of  Citibank  to  investigate possible wrong-doing by their
customers.   Yet,  officials  of   Citibank   are  the  ones  who
apparently instructed the Salinas family how to launder the  dope
loot. {2}.
    Meanwhile,  ex-Presidente  Carlos Salinas reportedly used his
interest in all this to buy  his  way into Dow Jones, parent firm
of the world's  largest  financial  newspaper,  the  Wall  Street
Journal.   And Carlos Salinas, as a director of Dow Jones, claims
-- now get this -- "not  to  know  anything" of what is going on.
*Oh* *yeah*??
ITEM:  Arranging the dope traffic in the United States  has  been
the  Herrera  family  of  Durango, Mexico.  They are untouchable.
Why?  They are interwoven with  the  American CIA in dirty tricks
against  ordinary  Mexicans  who   dissent   about   bad   living
    And,  at  one  time the Herreras reportedly owned a number of
7-11 stores, such as in the Chicago area, arranging the transfer,
reportedly, of  illicit  funds  to  Mexico  through  money orders
written on a Texas bank near the border.
    In the Kensington district in  Chicago,  the  Herrera  dopers
lived  --  naturally -- next to the "see nothing" police station!
Where else, huh?
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Mr. Skolnick adds:  "From time  to  time  I get calls from inside
jails.  I got a call, some years ago,  from  inside  the  federal
jail  in  Chicago.  An inmate called me and says, 'They've got an
old Herrera in here.  And  he  told  me  to call you and tell you
that the U.S. Attorney doesn't know what he is  doing.   If  they
don't  get  off  this  Herrera's  back, there won't *be* any U.S.
Attorney in Chicago any more.'"
    "And the implication of that  is  that it's forbidden for the
U.S. authorities to bother the Herreras that have been big in the
dope business in Chicago.   And  the  reason  for  that  is,  the
Herreras helped the CIA in Mexico."
    "In   the   Kensington  district  there,  they  took  over  a
restaurant  that  used   to   be   an  Italian  restaurant.   And
reportedly, the Herreras, or people friendly  to  them,  ran  it.
Some years ago, I ate there from time to time.  And I noticed how
friendly the Herreras were with the police.  It was just down the
street from the police station.  So [laughs], I saw at first-hand
what the problem is."
    "The  one  thing  I wanted to add is that I urge a boycott of
the Wall Street Journal, in order to demand an explanation of how
Carlos Salinas got to be their boss."
---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
{1}  For  an  in-depth  look  at  the  Salinas/Swiss Banks/Mexico
stories, read the  just-released  book,  *Bordering  on Chaos* by
Andres Oppenheimer.  (Boston:  Little, Brown and Company, 1996)
{2} See also the June 23, 1996 *60 Minutes* report which, to give
credit where credit is due,  was  fairly good.  I had erroneously
surmised  that  *60  Minutes*  would  not  go  into  the  illegal
narcotics angle in their coverage of the  story.   I  was  proved
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