By Scott Thompson
(New Federalist, 06/10/96)
June  4  (EIRNS)   --   One   hundred   twenty   members  of  the
Anglo-Dutch-Venetian "Club of the Isles," and  their  associates,
met  in  secret  May  30-June  2 at the annual Bilderberg Society
meeting, which  was  held  north  of  Toronto,  Canada this year.
Present   were   two   Queens,   two   royal   princes,   various
representatives  of  the  Anglo-American   Establishment   within
government,  some  of  the  most  evil members of the Club of the
Isles,  and  a  large  number  of  prospective  recruits  to this
malevolent  oligarchy.   Also  present   were   about   a   dozen
representatives  of  the establishment media, who, like the other
participants, were sworn to  secrecy  over  what was discussed at
the meeting.
The host of this  year's  gathering  in  Canada was Conrad Black,
whose Toronto-based Hollinger, Inc., is owner  of  the  Telegraph
PLC  and the Jerusalem Post, which were allegedly taken over with
assistance from the recently retired  Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank
board member and drug lord, Li Kai Shi.
Black, who is a Bilderberg Society steering committee member, has
just finished taking  over  Southam  newspapers,  which gives him
control of 51  percent  of  the  papers  in  Canada.   Meanwhile,
through  the  American  Publishing  Co. and other concerns, Black
owns  80  daily  and  over  300  weekly  newspapers  in  the U.S.
(flagship is the Chicago Sun-Times) with a combined readership of
five million.
Hollinger, Inc. began as the Argus Corp., run by E.P. Taylor, who
was part of a British SIS nexus based in  Canada  and  aiming  at
penetrating  the  United States, through the likes of Sir William
Stephenson  and  the  operations   of  the  British  Ministry  of
Munitions and Supplies.  Among Hollinger's key personnel at  this
year's Bilderberg Society meeting:
  **  Lord  Peter  Carrington, now chairman of the Bilderberg
  Society (he was founding  director of Kissinger Associates,
  1982-84; Secretary General of NATO, 1984-88).
  ** Sir Henry  Kissinger,  KCMG  (Knight  Commander  of  St.
  Michael   and  St.  George),  who  has  been  for  years  a
  Bilderberg Society steering committee  member.  He was also
  Presidential Adviser for National Security (1969-75),  U.S.
  Secretary   of   State   (1973-77),   President's   Foreign
  Intelligence   Advisory   Board   member   (1983-89),   and
  self-confessed British agent.
  ** British grain cartel magnate Dwayne Andreas, chairman of
  the  Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) cartel, now under Justice
  Department investigation for price-fixing.  He has been the
  biggest contributor in history  to the organized-crime hate
  group, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai  B'rith  and  to
  Sen. Bob Dole (R-Kans.)
  **  Giovanni  Agnelli,  a  European  Trilateral  Commission
  leader,   Bilderberg  Society  steering  committee  member,
  member of the  International  Advisory  Board  of the Chase
  Manhattan Bank with Sir Henry Kissinger,  and  chairman  of
  Fiat  since  1966.   (Fiat  was reintroduced after being an
  Axis arms factory  to  world  markets,  when Agnelli had an
  affair with the then-Honorable Pamela Digby Churchill.)
  **   William   F.   Buckley,   the   Fabian    Conservative
  editor-at-large  of  National  Review,  who  has written on
  behalf of legalizing drugs and consensual pederasty.
Like the above individuals, Conrad  Black  is an integral part of
the Anglo-Dutch-Venetian Club of the Isles, and hence it  is  not
surprising  that  he  was  asked to host the meeting, held at the
luxurious Canadian Imperial Bank Leadership Conference retreat 40
minutes north of Toronto City.
              -+- Policy Debate Trickles In -+-
One of Black's hatchetmen  told  EIRNS  that  the agenda for this
years meeting included:  the Atlantic Relationship in a  Time  of
Change,  as  well  as  discussion  of a North Atlantic Free Trade
Zone; the Enlargement of the European Union and Changes in NATO's
Structure and Mission for More  "Out of Area" Deployments; China;
Russia.  Also, what is to be done about a growing revolt  against
IMF  conditionalities?   Also,  the  U.S.; former Yugoslavia; and
Sustainable Economic Growth.   With  virtually every top Canadian
Cabinet officer present, including Prime Minister Jean  Chretien,
one   source   reports  that  there  was  also  discussion  about
privatizing the multibillion-dollar Hydro Ontario.
                     -+- Royal Roots -+-
The Bilderberg Society  was  founded  in  the  1950s by His Royal
Highness Prince Bernhard,  who  had  been  a  member  of  the  SS
intelligence  unit  assigned to I.G. Farben that helped establish
Auschwitz, and, before he  married  the  Dutch Queen, Juliana, he
signed his resignation letter to Hitler, "Heil  Hitler!"   Prince
Bernhard  won  approval for the Bilderberg Society from President
Dwight Eisenhower and then-Director  of Central Intelligence Gen.
Walter Bedell Smith, through the manipulations of  his  *eminence
grise*,  Josef  Retinger,  who was variously charged with being a
Nazi and a  Soviet  agent.   Forced  to  resign leadership of the
Bilderberg Society for his part in taking Lockheed scandal bribes
in the 1970s, Prince Bernhard  was  represented  at  this  year's
meeting  by  his  daughter, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, and
His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange.
 +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +
CN:  The rest of the article descends into  "LaRouche-isms",  for
example that Bill Clinton was represented by Secretary of Defense
William  Perry and George Stephanopoulos at the meeting, but that
Clinton somehow remains above it  all.  LaRouche is notorious for
his  position  that  Bill  Clinton can do no wrong and that these
bad stories we keep hearing about  him  are all somehow part of a
British  plot.   Why  is  LaRouche  so  locked-in  with  Clinton,
ignoring all evidence against him?  One guess is that LaRouche is
a stooge for the Vatican and  that  because  Clinton  has  defied
(supposedly)  the "special arrangement" between Great Britain and
the United States,  "the  enemy  of  my  enemy  is my friend" may
apply.  In other words, some say that Vatican and British  Empire
are  engaged  in  a final battle for control of the world.  So if
Clinton defies the  British,  that  somehow  makes  him okay with
Vatican stooge LaRouche.  Other guesses for LaRouchian  blindness
to  Clinton  wrongdoing could be that they are both Democrats, or
maybe LaRouche feels indebted to  Clinton for helping him get out
of jail.
LaRouche,  in  my opinion, is either somebody's stooge or else he
is demented.   *But*,  sometimes  his  information  is good.  The
trick is to sort through it for the pearls.
One other thing in my experience of the LaRouchies is  that  they
try  to  recruit  you  into  their  movement.   They remind me of
Moonies:  their Great Leader can  do no wrong.  *This* *way* *to*
*the* *gas* *chambers*, *kiddies*.