by  S h e r m a n    H.    S k o l n i c k
It was a good time  for  big-time  criminals to meet.  After all,
Jimmy Buffet and his band were  at  a  huge  rock  concert  in  a
Chicago  suburb.   Some  consider him close to the worldwide dope
and gun trade.  And Jimmy Buffet  says his uncle is tycoon Warren
Some know that Warren Buffet did not become a zillionaire the way
he brags to business school sharpies who are dummies.  As a major
owner of Walt Disney, Warren Buffet controls  ABC  News  --  they
cover  up  big-bucks cheating and assassinating -- and he is in a
position  to  wash  illicit  funds  worldwide  through  his major
ownership of the Wall Street bond house, Salomon  Brothers.   And
Warren Buffet is close to intelligence agencies through his major
ownership  of  Coca  Cola,  some  of  whose far-flung offices are
outposts for dirty  tricks  by  the  American CIA.  (Some contend
Coca Cola, moreso than Royal Crown  and  Pepsi,  gives  you  that
"kick"  because  it  has  a  trace  of cocaine.  A unit of Stepan
Chemical Co. is a major importer  of coca leaves used to make the
secret  Coca  Cola  base.   A  by-product,  supposedly  for   the
pharmaceutical trade, is the production of cocaine.)
Is  Warren  Buffet  like  the  late  swindler/spy Robert Maxwell?
(Maxwell's empire crumbled  after  he  mysteriously  fell off his
boat to his death.  Maxwell was buried in Israel with honors,  as
if he were head of Mossad, Israeli Intelligence.)
And Warren Buffet tracks federal government employees through his
major ownership of Geico  Insurance, specializing in coverage for
such persons.  And the CIA and the Vatican  Bank  do  clandestine
dealing through Warren Buffet as the major owner of the worldwide
money  laundry  Wells  Fargo  which, in turn, is a major owner of
Household  International,  successor   to  the  CIA  proprietary,
Nugan-Hand Bank.  (See:  "The Crimes  of  Patriots"  by  Jonathan
After  the  Jimmy  Buffet concert there were private meetings and
parties in the  criminal  sanctuary, Northwest Indiana.  Present:
a Who's Who of real crime --  not  just  Warren  Buffet's  agent,
alter  ego,  and  nephew,  Jimmy -- but the owners of a wholesale
meat operation reportedly a distribution point for dope.
  --  Also,  the   head   of   a  foundation  which  develops
  tax-cheating real estate reportedly for concealing  illicit
  funds including truck line dopers and medical lab fakers.
  --  Transportation  arrangers  whose  boxcars of auto parts
  from Mexico come  up  to  Northwest Indiana reportedly with
  tons of Mary Jane from Jamaica, that is, marijuana.
  -- Major dope and gun bankers and their circle were  there.
  After  all,  how  else  to quietly wire your loot to a book
  entry  at  some  brass-plate  bank  in  the  Caribbean  and
  -- Overlords from  nearby  riverboat  gambling casinos were
  there.  Their night shift is when the washing machines  are
  --  A circle was there of so-called "friends and family" of
  foreign intelligence  agencies,  secret  police  of various
  stripes and kinds.  After all, they also like to hobnob and
  gamble and work deals.
Some live nearby, or drove in.  Others flew in and out of  nearby
suburban  Lansing  Airport,  reportedly favored by criminals with
big connections who want a safe, protected, transit point.
A few lesser lights  were  there,  such  as those specializing in
loading  and  unloading  cash  into  automatic  teller  machines.
Nationwide, cash machines are a favorite place to stuff  in  dope
cash  and  make  it  disappear  among  know-nothings.  You need a
friendly crooked banker to make it  work.  And the courier has to
be shadowed by the dope trade's security guards, to  be  sure  an
independent stick-up artist does not interfere.
  --  One  or  more  "mules" were there.  They know how to go
  into  the  front  door  of  a  pick-up  point  -- financial
  services, so-called "mortgage" companies and such  --  with
  the  "mule"  wearing  one color wig going in and coming out
  the back door  wearing  another  wig  and  carrying a heavy
  suitcase of cash headed for the airport to the laundry.
The highly corrupt bosses of the FBI, Drug Enforcement,  and  the
IRS  participated,  in  one  way  or  another,  with these secret
meetings and parties in  the gangster enclave, Northwest Indiana.
Just as documented in that heavy book, "The Underground  Empire",
by James Mills, telling the inner secrets of the dope cartel.
One  catch,  however:   all  these  folks  have  been  aiding and
conniving with state-sponsored would-be terrorists and assassins,
of Iraq, Iran, Pakistan,  Lebanon,  Syria,  and elsewhere -- some
considered sworn enemies of the U.S.  And:   helping  enemies  of
American  allies, such as aiding the IRA which reportedly like to
bomb England.
So a highly  skilled  Counter-Intelligence  team had the criminal
convention under total audio and video surveillance.   All  their
voices,  faces,  and details are being examined and re-evaluated,
as authorized by the super-secret Court that meets in sound-proof
rooms in Baltimore,  under  the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance
(But remember, in 1973,  during  the  Vietnam  War,  Chicago-area
gangsters  were  used to produce counterfeit money.  Purpose:  to
counterfeit the North  Vietnamese  currency  to help topple their
government.  These gangsters were later  murdered,  one  by  one,
under strange circumstances:  Sam DeStefano, Sam Giancana, Johnny
Roselli,  and others.  The U.S. government operates in mysterious
ways: they don't always  do  things  for  the benefit of ordinary
people; they usually just benefit their own circle.  Whether  the
result  of  the  recent  Northwest  Indiana  surveillance will be
positive remains to be seen.)
It was a night that will live in infamy.  Late on Friday, June 7,
1996, early on Saturday  (after  midnight, Friday), June 8, 1996.
They plotted the future of dope laundries and gun running,  while
aiding nuclear terrorists.
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