Following the  recent  much-cheered  ruling  by  3 federal judges
which, for the moment anyway,  has  over-ruled  the  Clinton  law
against  "indecency"  on  the  Internet,  I noticed a woman named
Donna Rice Hughes appearing on the  TV networks.  She was said to
be with a group called "Enough is Enough", said to  be  organized
to  protect  children  against  pornographers  supposedly lurking
everywhere in cyberspace. 
Donna Rice Hughes.  Take away  the  "Hughes" and what do you get?
You  get  "Donna  Rice",  nemesis  to   1988   Democratic   Party
presidential  candidate  Gary  Hart.   You may remember how Hart,
looking  strong  as   the   potential   candidate,  was  sunk  by
allegations of his shocking (as in "I am shocked...   *shocked*")
affair with "party girl" Donna Rice.  Seems pretty tame, compared
with Lothario Bill Clinton's escapades, but for "some reason" the
mainstream  press  really  sat up and took notice, playing up the
affair for the couch potatoes in TV land.
So *if* this is the same Donna  Rice, one wonders if she has "got
religion"  or  if  the CIA has merely given her a new assignment:
working to shut down freedom of  speech under the guise of saving
our  children  from  pornography.   (You  remember  "saving   our
children",  don't  you?  Like with President Nixon in 1969 saying
he wants to "save our children" from drugs?)
Reading in the recent book by  Dr.  Roger  Morris,  *Partners  in
Power*,  one  finds  further background on former candidate Hart.
On March 27, 1987, Billy Clinton is sucking up to Hollywood types
on the west coast.   At  an  exclusive dinner, King Clinton dines
with, among others, Don Henley, formerly of the Eagles rock band.
Close friend to Henley is Donna Rice, who is at about  that  time
boarding a yacht called the *Monkey Business*.
Young  Senator  Hart  had  been  on  the  Church  committee which
investigated the CIA  and  its  ties  to  organized crime.  After
that, he was  on  the  Senate  Intelligence  Oversight  Committee
where,  says  Morris, he continued a relentless effort to uncover
CIA hanky-panky.  Hart strongly opposed the Nicaraguan Contra war
and was skeptical of the official  "Oswald did it" version of the
JFK assassination.  Mobster Santos Trafficante is alleged to have
stated, regarding Hart:  "We need to get rid  of  the  son  of  a
Hart seems to have been  set  up, says Morris, and gives evidence
to back up the claim.  Readers  of  Conspiracy  Nation  are  most
likely  well-aware  as  to  how  CIA/Mafia have often used "party
girls" to compromise  and/or  ruin  politicians.   Was Donna Rice
just a "party girl", or was she more than  that?   And  just  who
*is*  this  person  called "Donna Rice Hughes" of an organization
called "Enough is Enough"?  Did "somebody" get a promotion?