The following first ran as "Conspiracy for the Day", 07/20/93
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*High  Treason*  by   Robert   J.   Groden  and  Harrison  Edward
Livingstone, an excellent  book  on  the  assassination  of  JFK,
carries  a good bibliography in its final pages.  What follows is
that list.  If the  authors  especially  liked a particular book,
that is noted.  Almost everything that follows deals with the JFK
*Investigation of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, 
Book 7.*
   Final Report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental 
   Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, U.S. 
   Senate 1976 (Recommended reading)
*Report to the President by the Commission on CIA Activities 
   Within the United States* (The "Rockefeller Commission") also 
   Manor Books, New York, 1976.
SICROFA -- *Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Foreign 
   Assassinations* "Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign 
   Leaders." (Recommended reading)
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Buchanan, Patrick, *Who Killed Kennedy*, New York: Putnam 1964; 
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Canfield, Michael, with Alan J. Weberman, *Coup d'Etat in 
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*The Continuing Inquiry* (TCI) journal of assassination research, 
   monthly. No longer published.
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*Echoes of Conspiracy*, 1525 Acton St., Berkeley, CA 94702 (Paul 
   Hoch) A Journal of Assassination Research.
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   Conspiracy?* Zebra Books: New York 1977 Committee to 
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Hepburn, James (pseudonym, author unknown, but thought to be 
   French Intelligence and American sources, by William Turner). 
   *Farewell America* Frontiers Publishing Company 1963, Vaduz, 
   Liechtenstein. Printed in Canada and Belgium, but this is a 
   fictitious publishing company. Some books available from 
   William Turner: San Rafael, CA. (Recommended reading: A very 
   important book. The book was written by someone with an 
   intimate knowledge of the CIA and the United States.)
Hinckle, Warren and Turner, William, *The Fish is Red*, New York: 
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*Subject Index to the Warren Report and Hearings and Exhibits*, 
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   important book.)
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Shaw, Gary, *Cover-up: The Governmental Conspiracy to Conceal The 
   Facts About the Public Execution of John Kennedy*, 1976; write 
   Cover-up, P.O. Box 722, 105 Poindexter, Cleburne, Texas 76031. 
   (Recommended reading.)
Sorenson, Theodore, *The Kennedy Legacy*, New York: New American 
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Summers, Anthony, *Conspiracy*, New York: McGraw-Hill, 1980. 
   (Recommended reading.)
THE THIRD DECADE, *A Journal of Research On The John F. Kennedy 
   Assassination*, published by Prof. Jerry Rose at the State 
   University College, Fredonia, New York, 14063. $15 for one 
   year, $26 for two years, and $36 for three years. At this time 
   (1987) this seems to be the best journal published in the 
Thompson, Josiah, *Six Seconds in Dallas. A Microstudy of the 
   Kennedy Assassination (revised)*, New York: Berkley Publishing 
   Corp. 1967, 1976. Bernard Geis Associates, 1967. (Recommended 
   reading: an important book, though it contains some silly 
   ideas with respect to the wounds.)
Thornley, Kerry, *Oswald*, Chicago: New Classics House, 1965.
Turner, William & Christian, John G. *The Assassination of Robert 
   Kennedy -- A Searching Look at the Conspiracy and Cover-up 
   1968-1978*. New York: Random House, 1978. (Recommended 
Weisberg, Harold, *Whitewash*, Vols. I-IV; write Weisberg at 7627 
   Old Receiver Rd., Frederick, MD., 21701. *Whitewash* Vols I & 
   II New York: Bell, 1966, 1967. *Oswald in New Orleans*, New 
   York: Canyon, 1967, subtitled *The Case for Conspiracy with 
   the CIA*. Post-Mortem self-published 1975, address above. (A 
   very crucial book.)
Weissman, Steve, *Big Brother and the Holding Company. The World 
   Behind Watergate*, Palo Alto: Ramparts Press, 1974. 
   (Recommended reading.)
Wilber, Charles, *Medicolegal Investigation of the President John 
   F. Kennedy Murder*, Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Springfield, 
   Illinois. (Very important study, but the author wrote me 
   admitting that he missed the main point of the head wounds.)
Wise, David, and Thomas B. Ross, *The Invisible Government. The 
   CIA and U.S. Intelligence.*, New York: Random House, 1964, 
   Vintage, 1974. (Recommended reading.) *The Espionage 
   Establishment*, New York: Random House, 1967, Bantam, 1968. 
   (Recommended reading.)
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The authors close by noting that there are "many other  books  on
the  subjects  of assassination and intelligence."  One that they
did not include in the above  list  would be Mark Lane's *Rush to
Judgement*, for example.   Another  would  be  Harold  Weisberg's
refutation of Gerald Posner's *Case Closed*, titled, as I recall,
*Case  Open*  (or perhaps *Case Not Closed*).  Also, because this
list is circa 1987, books  on  the subject written since 1987 are
not included.
Finally, the authors point out that the "appendix to  the  Report
of the Assassinations Committee is crucial to study the case, but
only 20 sets were printed for libraries and the public."