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corruption in government and misconduct by elected  officials  at
the very highest levels.
In  "Obstruction  of  Justice"  Interview  Series,  Part I is the
in-depth interview of Jean Duffey.   She once headed a task force
formed to investigate drug-related offenses in a little county in
Arkansas.  She never thought that, by accepting the position, she
would learn of corruption in government which would  disclose  to
her  facts regarding the murders of two teenage boys who stumbled
across drug and money  exchanges  at  and around a little airport
called Mena.  Little did she know she would be forced into hiding
as the investigation led from one cover-up to another.
Part II of the "Obstruction of Justice" Series of  Interviews  is
the  story  of  a  mother,  Linda Ives, who seeks justice for her
murdered son.   Years  after  he  was  killed  along the railroad
tracks near Mena, Arkansas, Kevin Ives  is  still  alive  in  his
mother's memory.  She wages war against those who have refused to
prosecute  the  killers  of  her  son  and Don Henry.  Linda Ives
refuses to let  go  of  the  facts  which  should bring her son's
killers to answer for their crimes.
Chief of Police in Alexander, Arkansas,  John  Brown  is  now  in
contention  for  the  position of Sheriff of Saline County.  John
Brown, then a detective, was the man who was warned away from the
Kevin Ives  and  Don  Henry  Case.   He  was  threatened.  He was
obstructed.  He remained unintimidated and moved forward  in  his
accumulation  of facts and evidence regarding the murders of "The
Boys on the Tracks."  Chief  Brown  relates some of his knowledge
in this part of the "Obstruction of  Justice"  Interview  Series,
Part III.
Another   in   the  continuing  interview  chain  provided  MEDIA
DISTRIBUTION by Mr.  John  Bennett  and  the fine organization he
represents is that of Gary Parks.  Gary  is  the  son  of  Luther
Jerry  Parks  who,  once  the Head of Security for Bill Clinton's
campaigns,  was  shot  to  death  for  knowing  too  much.   Gary
describes his continued work to  bring  the killers of his father
to justice.  He details the failure of the  system  to  prosecute
the evidence he has presented.  Gary Parks describes his feelings
for the People of his state and home town.  He says he will never
give up and just go away.
The  most  recent  addition  to  the  interviews  provided by Mr.
Bennett is  that  of  Mr.  Jim  Norman.   In  this interview, Mr.
Norman, familiar to many because of his  writing,  editorial  and
investigative  talents,  describes what he knows about the recent
air crash of ValuJet  flight  592.   What  Jim  Norman has to say
about the flight manifest and the possible reasons for the  crash
are astounding.  Read them for yourself.
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