Item:  Washington Times National Weekly Edition (05/19/96) has an
article ("NATO Sees U.S. Staying  in  Bosnia") which points to "a
continued American role" in  Bosnia  even  after  Bill  Clinton's
promised  1-year limit is reached in December 1996.  The decision
to extend the Ifor (Implementation Force) mission will reportedly
be made "several weeks after the Nov. 5 U.S. election."
    This confirms  what  was  suggested  in  a  London  Telegraph
article of March 22, 1996.  In that article, the Telegraph hinted
that   "the  Dayton  accords,  which  committed  all  parties  to
preserving the integrity of Bosnia  as a multi-ethnic nation, are
meaningless."  In other words, if our troops leave  in  December,
the fighting will resume.  (See CN 7.51)
    Two  puzzles:   (1)  Why  are  we  getting  so  little "news"
coverage on the networks about  Bosnia?  (2) Why was Bill Clinton
in such a huge hurry to put U.S. troops there?
    The answer to the second question may involve Balkan Oil. The
May 20, 1996 Spotlight newspaper has a short paragraph on page  2
which  says,  in part, that "Bosnian officials are convinced that
their country sits on its  own  untapped oil fields -- which were
surveyed by major oil firms under the auspices of the World  Bank
back in 1992.  The results of the survey have since vanished from
the Ministry of Energy in Sarajevo."
Item:   The May 20th Spotlight also says that they now have their
own web page:
Item:  Mind control.  This is  one  of several big stories I have
been unable to cover in depth.  There is so much going on that is
not being allowed on  the  major  networks  nor  into  the  major
newspapers  and  magazines,  I  wish  I  could cover it all but I
can't.   Jon  Rappoport  has  a  book  out  on  the  subject ("US
Government  Mind  Control  Experiments  On  Children")  which  is
available by ordering from him.  ($25 total cost.  Write  to  him
at  2633  Lincoln  Boulevard, Suite 256, Santa Monica, California
90405. *caveat emptor*)
    To those of you  wandering  in  to Conspiracy Nation from the
dominant paradigm -- i.e. the "Three Stooges", Peter, Dan and Tom
of respectively ABC, CBS and NBC "News" -- this subject may  seem
"way  out".   But  those  who have read into the matter a bit are
forced  to  see  that   this  sickening  practice  of  government
sponsored mind control has indeed been going on --  and  is  even
more  upsetting  than  what is hinted at here.  I hope to post an
old "Conspiracy for the Day" soon which provides more info.
Item:  I  recommend  the  recorded  message  Sherman  Skolnick is
currently (May 14, 1996) running.  I hope to transcribe  it  soon
and post same, but in case  I  can't get to it phone 312-731-1100
to hear among other things portions of Skolnick's interview  with
John DeCamp.
    DeCamp,  by the way, is the author of *The Franklin Cover-Up:
Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder  in Nebraska*.  This book gives
further corroboration  of  the  mind  control  scandal  mentioned
Item:   I received an anonymous letter, postmarked New York City,
May 2, 1996, this past  week.   I will include portions below.  I
have no idea how much credibility to give it, but  I  pass  along
portions and let you judge for yourself.
  Dear Mr. Redman:
      I  think  you  should  be  made  aware  of  a  few things
  regarding the Colby disappearance.
      1) The  event  occurred  only  a  few  weeks  after James
  Davidson had a bizarre stroke which he  supposedly  describes
  in  his  latest  issue.  Both James [Davidson] and Colby were
  editors of Strategic Investment, which  has been out front on
  OKC  [bombing(s)],  Ron  Brown  and  Vince  Foster.   Another
  editor, Jack Wheeler, is reported to have predicted in  print
  that   Clinton  will  not  be  on  the  ticket  and  will  be
  blackmailed  or  persuaded  into  not  running  for President
  (Clinton has not announced yet either,  which  is  peculiar).
  [CN  --  Nor  has he announced a replacement for Ron Brown at
  Commerce Dept. nor do we have a Surgeon General.]
      2) A  friend  of  mine  recently  had  dinner  with a CFR
  [Council on Foreign Relations] member who  reportedly  seemed
  surveillance   conscious  at  the  time.   He  confided  that
  everyone on the inside knows  that Vince Foster was murdered,
  and  he  believes  that  some  astounding  developments   are
  imminent  (criminal  indictments  for  one) which will derail
      3) Reliable sources,  including  the CFR member, indicate
  that  the  1996  election  might  somehow  be  disrupted   or
  postponed!   FEMA  has  been  given cabinet status and is now
  headed by an old  Arkansas  crony  of  Bill's.  Turf wars are
  breaking out  left  and  right  as  FEMA  is  assuming  roles
  normally assumed by other departments, such as the Department
  of  Agriculture.   BTW,  notice  how  Clinton is manipulating
  commodity markets  with  strategic  oil  sales and government
  purchases of beef.  Some think  that  commodity  players  are
  blackmailing Clinton and he is doing these crazy maneuvers to
  pay  them  off with front-running opportunities.  Others just
  think that Hillary is trading commodities again!
      4) Immediately subsequent to the Ron Brown assassination,
  members of Clinton's own party  decided  that he had gone too
  far and was carrying too much baggage to be electable despite
  the polls which indicate he is leading Dole...   Pressure  is
  being  applied  to  get  him to step down.  Will the ultimate
  nominee be Jay Rockefeller?
      5) Some in the  Republican  party  want Dole to step down
      6) Colby's disappearance  was  made  public  a  few  days
  before BELTANE,  the  meanest  satanic  holiday  in the black
  magic calendar.  [CN -- Confirmed.  See *Out of Darkness*  by
  David  K.  Sakheim & Susan E. Devine.] Why is this important?
  Colby  was  commissioned  by   the  Nebraska  legislature  to
  investigate the death of a Mr. Gary Caradori.  According to a
  book written by Senator DeCamp called The  Franklin  Cover-Up
  there  really  was/is  a network of satanists in Nebraska and
  elsewhere.  The  whole  book  ties  a  sleazy pedophile named
  Larry King [CN -- NOT the talk show host on CNN;  this  is  a
  different  Larry  King]  in with the CIA, George Bush, Warren
  Buffet (a real scarey guy and not at all what he seems to be)
  and the whole political  establishment.   READ THE PREFACE TO
  THE BOOK.  It is positively EERIE in light of Colby's  death.
  If  you  do  you  will know why Colby had to go.  The Beltane
  connection gave the  killing  a  signature which may indicate
  the actual killers were Satanist OR more likely the signature
  was faked to create a backup layer of  disinfo  in  case  the
  Nebraska  connection  ever  came out in the press.  (Remember
  the attempt to pin  OKC  on  Waco with the anniversary date?)
  Looks like Colby was supposed to get DeCamp to back off,  but
  instead  encouraged him to spill the beans!  Colby was a real
  loose cannon who  crossed  Bush/Clinton  and probably had the
  goods on both.  He was reported to be about to  come  forward
  with  info  on Clinton which given Colby's stature would have
  been believed and  blown  Bush/Clinton  away.   When a former
  head of CIA gets murdered the stakes have to be enormous.   I
  deal with Ivy League white men every day, and killing another
  member  of  the  establishment  is considered pretty tacky no
  matter how serious the grievances.
      Also, may God  bless  Mr.  Colby,  his  family, and other
  countless patriots who have died defending  the  Constitution
  against all enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC.