Will  the  government  forces  allow  the  "Freemen"  standoff to
continue past  the  "magic"  number  of  51  days?   (The  Branch
Davidian  standoff  near  Waco,  Texas, ended in tragedy after 51
days.)  "Reading  the  tea  leaves"  (i.e.,  "reading between the
lines" of mass media reports) leads this editor to  believe  that
some incident with the Freemen may be imminent.
Trusted negotiator Colonel  "Bo"  Gritz  was  seen  on CNN saying
words to the effect of "I can't reason with them [Freemen];  it's
time  for the government to be 'courageous.'" Also coming out was
the story that  the  Freemen  believed  that  Yahweh had drawn an
invisible  shield  around  their  property  to  protect  them  --
SUBTEXT:   "They're  'kooks',  don't  you   see?    They're   not
full-fledged human beings."
(This is not,  however,  Waco.   Waco  was  hugely egregious; the
Branch Davidians had always cooperated with local law enforcement
and had not set themselves up as  independent  from  the  federal
government.   Whatever  your feelings about the Freemen standoff,
don't miss the fact that, while there are similarities between it
and the Waco Massacre, there are also key differences between the
two situations.  Don't let  Freemen  water  down the push for the
full truth about Waco.)
Now we have a report by AP (Associated Prostitutes) that "The FBI
warns  of  Militia  War  Plan."   It  is  alleged  that  "militia
extremists plan to wage war on the government and  the  media  if
the  Freemen  are  attacked."   NOT  noted are how do the various
militias respond to this  story:   Do  they  confirm it?  Do they
deny it?  Supposed targets in the event of an FBI and/or military
attack  on  the  Freemen  are  "military  fuel  depots,   federal
satellite  centers,  senior federal law enforcement officials and
1. FBI and/or military attacks the Freemen.
2. "Federal satellite centers," etc. then *are* attacked.
3.  Mass media  liars  then  say,  "Ah  ha!   Just as was warned.
   Militias have retaliated for the attack on the Freemen."
4.  Hysteria and  King  of  Liars  Billy  Boy  Clinton  do  their
   routine; big crackdown on "extremists".
Writing  in  *The  Right To Bear Arms:  The Rise of America's New
Militias*, New  York  Post  reporter  Jonathan  Karl reports that
militia leader Bob Fletcher  had  warned  about  similar  tactics
months  before  the  April  19, 1995 OKC bombing.  "Watch and you
will see an increased  amount  of  terroristic activities pick up
here in America.  Now, you watch, they will try and pin  this  on
the    militia/patriot    movement."     Mr.    Karl,    in   his
better-and-cheaper than Dees' book,  adds that militia leader Jon
Roland had  similar  suspicions  just  3  weeks  before  the  OKC
tragedy.   Roland  is quoted as warning, "We have several reports
of possible plans  for  atrocities  to  be committed by [federal]
agents against innocent persons and blamed on militia activists."
It's  the  old  Hegelian  Dialect  strategy:  thesis, antithesis,
synthesis.   The  thesis  is  the   raid  on  the  Freemen.   The
antithesis is the fake "militia retaliation";  the  "retaliation"
is  really  carried  out  by  federal agents.  The synthesis is a
crackdown on militias.  *Cui bono*?