By Sherman H. Skolnick
The press-fakers, with their secret  agenda,  have a habit of not
telling us until a disaster is right on top of us.  Such  as  the
possible panic in wheat and corn and U.S. paper money.
Americans have been accustomed to huge farm surplusses.  Not true
now.  A fungus or virus has tainted wheat and possibly corn also.
Many  of  our  foreign  trading partners won't accept it because,
among other things, it has  a  bad  smell.   Can it also make you
sick?  Millions of bushels of wheat and maybe also corn may  have
to  be  dumped.  There may be a sudden hysteria one day dumped on
us by the press. Yet the facts are already known.
So all that,  coupled  with  a  possible  severe downturn, if not
crash, in the stock and bond markets,  may  open  the  way  to  a
severe  inflation  scare  and emergency proclamations.  The ultra
rich,  who  use  state-sponsored  terrorism  to  manipulate naive
people, would become even richer and  more  powerful  by  way  of
martial law in the U.S. The monopoly press will not say it -- the
very  rich  believe  in  the  bullet,  not the ballot.  Political
assassinations from President Kennedy to date are proof enough.
In our work  in  fingering  crooked  judges  for  more than three
decades, we have found that many important judges own and operate
banks and other  financial  entities.   They  do  not  disqualify
themselves  when  related  cases are in their Court -- so you can
guess who wins the  big  bucks  cases  in  Court.  As a result we
research the financial system.
A possible panic in U.S. paper money may be in the works.   (Even
now,  the  so-called "U.S. Currency" is actually notes circulated
by a private  central  bank,  called  the  Federal Reserve, whose
notes are backed by nothing, not silver, not gold, but  nothing.)
The   U.S.   is   about   the  only  industrialized  nation  that
historically does not  repudiate  the  old  paper money when they
come out with a new issue.  In Europe, as of a certain date,  the
old money becomes toilet paper.
Here,  the  zillions of old Hundred Dollar bills will continue to
circulate with the new ones.   The problem is not some small-time
counterfeiters printing up some 100s or using  color  copiers  to
fake currency.  In the Mid-East, possibly in Lebanon and/or Iran,
is  an  industrial-level  operation making fake U.S. paper money.
Even experts in the U.S.  Secret Service laboratories have deemed
examples  of  it  as  "genuine"  yet  they   are   fake.    These
almost-perfect copies are called Supernotes.
The  U.S.  Treasury  and the Federal Reserve do not want to alarm
the American  public  since  most  of  this  fake  stuff has been
circulating overseas.  But now some 20  to  100  Billion  Dollars
worth  of  this stuff, or more, may soon flood the United States.
Some banks apparently have been  told  to say nothing and pass it
along to someone else.
The federal authorities, fearing a panic on ALL U.S. paper money,
are watching and waiting.  Should the U.S. Military  simply  find
the printing factory and bomb it to the ground?  Sort of striking
a  financial  terrorism  site.   Some  claim the all-knowing U.S.
Central Intelligence Agency already  knows the location but would
not  mind  a  little  iron-fisted  martial  law  to   deal   with
troublesome dissidents in the U.S.
Small-time  cynics  laugh, "I don't handle many 100 dollar bills,
so I am  not  worried."   And,  of  course,  some history experts
believe the Federal Reserve  itself  is  a  conspiratorial  fraud
whose  already  fake paper, masquerading as the "U.S. Dollar", is
perpetrated on the common people in this land.
A cynics delight:  can you  fake  up  money that is already fake?
Tell that to the cashier in the food  store  when  the  price  of
bread goes way up.  (Yet the amount the farmer gets for what goes
into a loaf of bread is not that much.)
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Mr.  Skolnick  is  founder/chairman,  since  1963,  of the public
interest  reform  group,  Citizens'  Committee  to  Clean  Up the
Courts,  investigating  and  researching  judicial  bribery   and
political  murders.  Since 1971, he has been editor of a 5-minute
recorded  phone  commentary,  HOTLINE  NEWS,  (312)  731-1100,  a
regular phone call, on  24  hours  per day, changed several times
per week.  Since 1991, he has been a regular  panelist,  now  the
moderator,  of  a  weekly  public  access one-hour Cable TV Show,
"Broadsides", available to some 400,000 households.  His comments
appear on several news groups  on  Internet and on the World Wide
Web. Office, 8 a.m. to midnight, 7  days/week:   (312)  375-5741.
Call  before  sending  fax.   9800  S.  Oglesby Ave., Chicago, IL
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