"Robert Gonzalez"  was  a  government  undercover  agent  who had
penetrated the Mount Carmel facility near Waco,  Texas.   He  was
spying on the Branch Davidians who dwelled there.  But the Branch
Davidians  all  knew  that  Gonzalez  was  "some  kind  of a cop"
[Reavis, 67] all the time that Gonzalez thought he was "secretly"
spying on them.  On  the  morning  of February 28, 1993, Gonzalez
was still at the Mount Carmel facility, even  though  he  knew  a
raid  by  the  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) was
According to later  testimony  by  Gonzalez,  whose real name was
Robert Rodriguez, church leader David Koresh "turned and told  me
the ATF and the National Guard were coming."  [71]
Then,  according  to Koresh himself, "I went to the window, and I
says, Robert, I says, it's up  to you now...  And I turned around
and he just -- his eyes were real big and everything...   And  he
goes, 'what do you mean?' I says, Robert, you know what I mean...
We   know   they're   coming."   [ibid.]  Koresh  continued  that
Rodriguez's  "eyes  looked  down...   He  was  confused,  same as
[Pontius] Pilate.  Pilate was confused.   Pilate  wanted  to  let
Christ  go."   [72]  Said  Koresh to Rodriguez, "You've got to do
what you've got to do."  [ibid.]
Rodriguez feigned ignorance.  He  told  Koresh  he had to go home
for breakfast.  Before he left, Koresh shook hands with  him  and
said, "Good luck, Robert."
Rodriguez  got to a telephone and urged desperately that the raid
be called off.  But it was too late.  [72-73]
Subsequent to the final horror of April 19, 1993, "E.R.", writing
in the Fall 1993 issue  of Anarchy magazine, wondered, "[What] if
Koresh really was the messiah.  I am not  advocating  this  view.
But if you're Christian, ask yourself why you did not ask:  Could
this man be the messiah?  Must the True Messiah abide by the laws
of an imperfect nation-state?  Does resistance to the FBI prove a
man  or  woman  is  not  the  True Messiah?  Now, very few people
believe in a Coming Age. If there  really is a 'God,' and if this
God 'sent' a divine incarnation to live among us, to usher  in  a
millenium  of  perfect  peace, would that Messiah get good press?
Or would we simply kill him?"  [E.R., 7]
                      -+- "Showtime" -+-
The  theme  of  the  February  28,  1993 BATF (Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco and  Firearms)  raid  has  been  called  "Showtime."  The
agency brought along plenty of cameras to  film  the  excitement.
BATF  faced upcoming congressional budget hearings on March 10th.
Dramatic footage of the  government agents boldly confronting the
"crazed 'cultists'" would hopefully make BATF seem heroic.  That,
in turn, could get more money approved by the Congress.  [Reavis,
A sub-theme of the raid is "The Good O Boys", a.k.a.   "The  Good
Ol'  Boys".   It  was  widely  reported  in mid-1995, even in the
mainstream press, that  video  footage  had  surfaced showing the
antics of BATF agents at their annual "Good O Boys Roundup".  The
"roundup" is a sort of drunken picnic limited to  white  rednecks
in  the  agency.  After months of dispute, the video has now been
confirmed by the government as genuine.
We can thank  some  of  the  much  maligned  citizen militias for
bringing the Good O Boys video to the public.  (By the way,  many
militia  members  are  African-Americans,  in  case you have been
propagandized  into   a   skewed   perspective   by   mass  media
propaganda.)  The September 1995 issue of Media  Bypass  magazine
(1-800-4-BYPASS)  told the story of how the Gadsden Minutemen and
others penetrated one of the  BATF bacchanalias and uncovered the
story.  Acting on rumors, Jeff Randall, a former  police  officer
and  commander  of  the  Gadsden  Minutemen  contacted  a retired
Alabama state law  enforcement  officer.   The anonymous officer,
identified as "George" in the article, "revealed that  he  had  a
videotape  of the 1990 roundup and dozens of color photographs of
federal agents consuming  moonshine [and] ridiculing minorities."
[Myers, 20]
Randall was able to infiltrate the 1995 "roundup" where  he  shot
dozens of photos.  He then sent copies of the photos and the 1990
videotape  to  the  Washington  Times  newspaper.  From there the
story was picked up  until  even  the "three stooges", Peter, Dan
and Tom of, respectively, ABC, CBS and NBC "News", were forced to
cover it.
The  material  uncovered  by  Randall  and  associates  had  such
memorable footage as the infamous "nigger check point" sign found
in the 1990 video.  "Any niggers in that car?" the  sign  demands
of  potential  attendees  of the "roundup".  According to a sworn
affidavit by the anonymous  retired  state trooper "George", "The
check-in point also had an effigy or  dummy  of  a  black  person
hanging  from a tree.  This effigy remained at the check-in point
throughout  the  event.   Moreover,  ATF  agents  and  other  law
enforcement officers would surround each vehicle as it approached
[the roundup entry], stop it and rock the vehicle while shouting,
'Got any niggers in that car?'" [ibid., 21-22]
The Media Bypass article details the whole sad story.  A  picture
emerges  of  an  agency filled with drunken, drug-abusing, racist
cowboys pretending to be  agents  of law enforcement.  These were
the armed screaming yahoos who  descended  on  the  Mount  Carmel
Center on that fateful Sunday morning in late February of 1993.
You are probably unaware that the  inhabitants  of  Mount  Carmel
were  "mostly  women,  children  and elderly people."  [Moore, 2]
Additionally, half  of  the  Branch  Davidians  present  were "of
African, Hispanic, or Asian descent."  [ibid., 17] In the case of
those Branch Davidians who were Caucasian, the  "good  ol'  boys"
may  have  internally dehumanized them with rationalizations that
they were "religious nuts" or "hippy freaks".
So that's the sub-theme  of  the  BATF  raid:  "The Good O Boys".
The "good ol' boys"  came  pumped  up  and  ready  to  kick  some
"nigger"  butt  that Sunday morning. 
                      -+- Helicopters -+-
Subsequent  to  the  initial raid, there were bullet holes in the
roof of the Mount Carmel  Center.  Were bullets fired from above?
Because of the April 19th fire,  forensic  evidence  which  could
have  proven  this  beyond any doubt was destroyed.  Yet it seems
highly probable -- so probable  as  to be beyond reasonable doubt
-- that bullets were indeed fired from above, into the  building.
Here is what we know:
** Marjorie Thomas, a nurse, says that on the morning of February
28th  she  went  to her room in the third floor loft.  She looked
out  the  window.    Says   Thomas,   "I  saw  three  helicopters
approaching...  As [one of the helicopters] drew near, I heard  a
sound.   It  was a bullet coming -- which came through the window
and shattered the blinds.  We  all dived to the floor."  [Reavis,
** Catherine Matteson was heading toward her room .   She  writes
in  her memoir that, when she reached her room she started to lay
down "when I heard the  sound  of  helicopters roar in my ears...
As I went  to  the  window  to  my  amazement  there  were  three
helicopters  in  formation  and facing David's room and firing as
they came...   As  they  made  a  turn  toward  the  front of the
building I realized there  existed  a  great  possibility  of  my
getting shot, so I hit the floor.  When they reached the front of
the building, all hell broke loose..."  [Reavis, 131]
**  According  to  Annette  Richards,  "I  was  getting ready for
worship.  I heard a  noise  like  a  helicopter, and then I heard
bullets  start  firing,  bullets  start  coming  in  from   every
direction.   And  the  helicopters were flying over the building.
The sound of it was so low  that  at that time I thought they had
landed on the roof.  Bullets were coming  from  all  directions."
[Moore, 144]
**  Several  of  the  Davidians'  children who were sent out from
Mount Carmel after the initial  February 28 raid made drawings of
the event.  "Their drawings,  sketched  with  crayons  while  the
children  were  in the custody of Texas welfare authorities, show
bullet  holes  in  Mt.  Carmel's  roof  and  helicopters hovering
overhead."  [Reavis, 132]
** Dick DeGuerin and Jack Zimmermann, attorneys  for  the  Branch
Davidians,  visited  the  compound during the 51 day siege.  They
say that there was a  great  deal  of forensic evidence that BATF
agents shot through doors, walls, and the roof.   Zimmermann,  an
army  colonel  and Vietnam veteran, testified that "You could see
the sky through the roof.   They  appeared  to be exit holes, and
the wood was splintered downward.  My conclusion  was  that  they
came from the sky."  [Moore, 149-150]
**  Fifteen  minutes  into the raid, Davidian Wayne Martin phoned
911 and complained about helicopters firing on them:
    WAYNE MARTIN:  Another chopper  with more people; more guns
    going off.  They're firing.  That's them, not us.
    STEVE SCHNEIDER:  There's a chopper with more of them.
    STEVE SCHNEIDER:  Another chopper with more people and more
    guns going off.  Here they come!
    LIEUTENANT LYNCH:  All right, Wayne, tell....
    STEVE SCHNEIDER:  We're not firing.  That's not us,  that's
    LIEUTENANT  LYNCH:   All  right.   Standby.   I'm tryin' to
    reach 'em.  Stand.  Don't return fire, okay?
    STEVE SCHNEIDER:  We haven't been.
    STEVE SCHNEIDER:  We haven't been.
                       -+- The Fire -+-
Indianapolis attorney Linda Thompson, who  has been a major force
in  combatting  government  disinformation  regarding  the   Waco
tragedy,  put  it  this way:  "This is a very frustrating part of
dealing with explaining Waco, 'cause  first  I have to explain to
people, 'What you heard was not true,' and  'Here's  how  I  know
it's  not  true.'  We spend a lot of time undoing the damage that
the government did with its own propaganda."  [Thompson]
Or, as  I  have  stated  previously:   "Everything  you 'know' is
In   this   brief   article   I  cannot  possibly  undo  all  the
anti-Davidian propaganda that's been disseminated by "newsfakers"
and FBI/BATF liars.  If  you  are  saying  to yourself, "But what
about 'this?'", I encourage you to read  Reavis'  and/or  Moore's
books.   For  information  on  these  well-written books, see the
"Works cited" section at the end of this essay.
The Davidians did not have  a  "suicide pact".  All the surviving
members testify to this.  The real killers at Waco,  the  federal
gestapo  and  its  hierarchy, right up to and including Billy Boy
Clinton, made up  that  story  as  they  fabricated so many other
distortions.  During an April 20, 1993 press conference,  Clinton
declared  that  "some  religious  fanatics  murdered themselves."
[Moore, 411] It's not that simple.
More lies from Clinton were  heard  on the CBS program 60 Minutes
on April 23, 1995.  Asked by Leslie Stahl,  "What  about  Waco?",
the  Arkansas  lothario  let loose with his usual bluster:  "When
that raid  occurred,  it  was  the  people  who  ran  their 'cult
compound' at Waco who murdered their own children,"  claimed  Mr.
"I didn't inhale."  But Clinton is lying.  Can't you see that?
As  the  tanks  bashed  through the walls of their residence that
April 19th, the FBI's  electronic eavesdropping devices picked up
the sounds of people praying, of "children crying and calling for
their parents."  [Moore, 330-331] Massive amounts of CS gas  were
pumped  into  the  building  as tanks continued to smash into it,
slowly but surely collapsing the structure.  Many of those inside
became trapped; others had  no  time  to escape when fire flashed
through the building; many of those who managed to get out of the
fiery death-trap were severely burned or were forced to jump from
high places.
The most likely cause of the fire  is  quite  simple:   The  FBI,
early  in  the  siege,  cut  off  water  and electricity to Mount
Carmel.  The Davidians began  using  kerosene lanterns.  To avoid
the danger of snipers' bullets, they stacked hay by the  windows.
The  place was a "tinderbox".  One tank knocking over one lantern
could have sparked the flames.   Or  was  it the CS gas?  "CS gas
and methylene chloride, the solvent with which the FBI claims  it
was  mixed,  both are flammable and will sustain and accelerate a
fire."  [Moore, 364].
Says  Attorney  Jack  Zimmermann:    "People  were  trapped;  the
building was falling down, the damn tanks had just destroyed  the
structure,  and  nobody  knew where they were because the ceiling
had fallen in."  [qtd. in Moore, 349]
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