The Crash of Ron Brown's Plane
   By Sherman H. Skolnick
The plane supposedly hit a hilltop in Croatia.  Odd, but parts of
the plane were found some  distance  away from the crash site.  A
local official said they recovered the black box,  the  tell-tale
flight  recorder.   Yet, later, U.S. officials said the plane had
no flight recorder.  A  senior  U.S. defense official hastened to
point out that "the U.S. and NATO have the entire region  covered
with  aerial  surveillance and detected no hostile action against
the plane nor explosion aboard." Who asked him?
Was there foul play?  It  may  take  a long while for independent
journalists to determine, if ever.  Was there a motive in getting
rid of U.S. Secretary of Commerce Ron  Brown,  who  died  in  the
crash? Judge for yourself.
ITEM:   A  couple  of  years  prior  to  the  crash, a Vietnamese
official accused Ron Brown  of  soliciting  a  huge bribe -- like
$700,000 -- to get Clinton to open up Viet Nam  to  American  big
business.   A  federal  grand  jury  began hearing evidence for a
possible  criminal  indictment.   There  was  jury  tampering  by
President Clinton and  his  Justice  Department.   The grand jury
proceedings  were  supposed  to  be  secret,  yet  Brown  and his
confederates were day by day, illegally kept  informed,  so  they
could  obstruct  justice  by  bribing  or  terrorizing grand jury
witnesses.  Brown was not indicted.
ITEM:  At the time of the crash, a  federal  grand  jury  in  the
Southwest  was reportedly just a few weeks away from handing up a
criminal  indictment,  charging  Commerce  Secretary  Brown  with
taking a huge bribe  to  fix  a  matter  involving a gas pipeline
case, implicating Bill Clinton and his  circle  of  big  business
scoundrels.  Now, according to Brown's confidants, who ask not to
be  identified -- they say Ron Brown was planning to NOT take the
fall -- he was planning to finger Bill and Hillary Clinton on the
gas pipeline bribery mess.
Was it just a coincidence  that  a  week previous, the same plane
carried the First Lady and her daughter?
In 1973, I wrote one of the first books of its kind,  the  Secret
History  of  Airplane  Sabotage.   Such a book is taboo; it makes
airlines and airline  passengers  nervous.   The book was snuffed
out  in  production  by  Rockefeller's   lawyers;   the   largest
stockholders of one of the main airlines named, United Air Lines,
was  Rockefeller-owned Chase Manhattan Bank.  An edition of "Reel
News"  magazine,  distributed  at  airports  and  such, detailing
airplane sabotage evidence, was blocked  from  distribution.   It
was  more  or  less the last edition; the magazine was put to the
From at least the  time  of  Adolph Hitler, airplane sabotage was
the favorite way of getting rid of troublemakers.   A  few  years
after  the  assassination of President Kennedy, a disgruntled CIA
official was on the way  to  Chicago  to tell a journalist of the
CIA's complicity in the murder.  His plane blew up  and  fell  in
Lake  Michigan in shallow water.  Early editions of one newspaper
mentioned the explosion.  Later news forgot the story.  The chief
crash investigator  confided  to  me  how  the  plane bombing was
covered up.  A diver went into the shallow water  and  stole  the
black  box, the flight recorder -- sort of similar to Ron Brown's
A month after Nixon was  re-elected  president, in 1972, a United
Air Lines plane pancaked, falling into a residential  area,  just
short  of  Chicago's  Midway  Airport.  Strange, but within a few
minutes, 150 Justice Department  agents  surrounded the plane and
cordoned off the zone.  They kept Chicago fire  and  police,  and
hospital ambulances, from approaching the plane.
Why?   Because  onboard  were  12  Watergate  figures,  including
Dorothy Hunt, wife of E. Howard Hunt, the Watergate burglar.  The
twelve were among those that died in the crash, although there is
reason  to  believe  Mrs.  Hunt  was  murdered  by the FBI on the
ground.  Toxicology reports  showed  she  had  a  higher level of
cyanide in her body than she could have gotten from the  airplane
fire.   As  referred  to  later  in secret FBI reports, Mrs. Hunt
bought a second First  Class  seat  on  which she kept a suitcase
with two million dollars in negotiable instruments.  Her  husband
reportedly  had  blackmailed  Tricky Dick [Nixon] with inside CIA
knowledge of  Nixon's  role  in  arranging  and  carrying out the
murder of JFK.  In the celebrated Watergate tapes, Nixon uses the
code phrase "Bay of Pigs" when he was actually referring  to  the
Dallas "hit".
Other  oddities  of  the  Watergate  plane  crash:  The tell-tale
flight  recorder  supposedly   jammed.   An  intelligence  agency
operative in a jumpsuit managed to escape from the  tail  of  the
plane.  What was he doing  onboard?   A mafia gang of air baggage
thieves,  apparently  with  FBI  complicity,  stole  Mrs.  Hunt's
suitcase containing money orders and cashiers' checks and peddled
that on the black market for two-and-a-half times the face value.
That, because they could be traced back to incriminate  Nixon  as
to why he reportedly found it necessary to pay the blackmail.
Details  of  the  mafia gang were brought out in the unpublicized
case in  Chicago  federal  district  court  of  U.S.  vs.  Joseph
Sarelli,  during  which  this  writer  was  the  only  journalist
covering the trial.  Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, as part of a
cover up, had his Sanitation Department quickly bury the fuselage
of the plane in a mafia-owned dumpsite, before  the  plane  crash
could be investigated.
Our  group  "liberated"  the  entire  file  on the crash from the
federal agency, National  Transportation  Safety  Board [NTSB] --
some  1300  documents  and  pictures  showing  sabotage.   To  be
supported by this and other evidence, we brought a court suit  to
expose  the  cover up of the sabotage.  The case was torpedoed by
then U.S. Attorney  Jim  Thompson,  who  with  the help of Nelson
Rockefeller went on to become Illinois  Governor  for  14  years.
The  highly  corrupt  NTSB hearing board panel later ruled it was
"pilot error";  hearing  board  members  were  also  investors in
airline stock.
Rockefeller-owned United Air Lines,  if  the sabotage were widely
publicized, would have lost their certificate to fly  because  of
their role in covering up the sabotage.  They are the largest air
carrier in the U.S. The story of the sabotage evidence ran on the
international and national wires of Associated Press but was only
used   by   one  smaller  U.S.  newspaper.   Later,  a  90-minute
documentary on the sabotage ran  on  the television in Sweden.  I
assisted their film crew.
Other examples of censoring of airplane sabotage  stories  in  my
censored book included "The Mattei Affair".  He was the petroleum
and  energy czar in Italy and wanted to make Italy independent of
the  Rockefeller  oil   interests.    Mattei  publicly  condemned
Rockefeller and the Standard Oil  monopoly.   Mattei  died  in  a
sabotaged airplane crash.
The  secret  U-2  plane  of Gary Powers went down over the Soviet
Union because of the  connivance  of the U.S. military-industrial
complex that needed  an  incident  to  stop  U.S.-U.S.S.R.  peace
meetings.   His  plane  was sabotaged; the press says the Soviets
hit him with a missile, which was unlikely because of the extreme
high altitude the U-2 was  at.   (See the book, "The Secret Team"
by Fletcher Prouty.)
In 1977, Gary Powers began going public with  details.   Such  as
Lee Harvey Oswald, on behalf of the CIA, was keeping track of the
U-2,  at  the  secret  U-2  radar facility Atsugi, Japan.  Powers
apparently was working on a book about the CIA and Oswald and the
U-2 affair.  In 1977, Powers and his TV cameraman, George Spears,
died  when  the  TV   helicopter   they  were  in  crashed.   The
pressfakers falsely stated the crash was caused by running out of
fuel.  Actually, the tail rotor was blown off by a shaped  charge
supplied  by  an  explosives  manufacturing firm owned by Michael
Riconosciuto and his  father.   (In  1995, Spears' son, Terrence,
was disbarred for complaining  about  federal  court  corruption.
The younger Spears was an attorney representing dissidents.)
Norman  Ollestad was a well-informed former FBI agent who wrote a
book condemning the FBI.   He  died  in  a sabotaged plane crash.
Gary Caradori was a private investigator pursuing leads on a ring
of children used for sex and satanic rituals by prominent  people
in Omaha, Nebraska.  Among  those  implicated  with  the  strange
goings-on was George Bush.  He [Caradori] called a state official
in  Nebraska,  telling  him that he had the evidence now.  As his
plane was taking off from Chicago, Caradori and his son died when
an explosive device caused the  plane to crash.  Reportedly in on
the sabotage was an FBI agent, Mike "Chuckie" Peters, who himself
flies a helicopter.   According  to  an  undisputed  court  suit,
Peters  was  reportedly  implicated  in  the  murders  of some 40
federal grand jury witnesses in  the INSLAW affair, theft of high
technology by the Reagan and Bush White House and their  cronies.
Former  Chicago  Federal  District  Judge  Nicholas  J.  Bua,  as
so-called  Special  Counsel  to  the Justice Department for their
investigation  supposedly   of   themselves,   used  Peters  with
wide-ranging authority to search out and interview federal  grand
jury   witnesses.    The   witnesses   were   found   dead  under
circumstances tending to show  murder.   A lawsuit against Bua on
the failure to protect grand jury witnesses  was  thrown  out  of
court  without legal formality.  Bua's report on INSLAW stated he
could not find any  evidence  of  wrongdoing  by his employer the
Justice Department.
Judge Bua, by the way, was promoted from the state court  to  the
federal  district  court as a pay-off for his role in covering up
the sabotage in the  Watergate  plane  crash.  Without having the
evidence  of  sabotage,  known  to  be  available,  he   made   a
pronouncement that "there was no sabotage".
These  are just a few examples of getting rid of "trouble-makers"
by the convenient device of airplane sabotage.
Was there foul play --  sabotage  --  in the crash of Ron Brown's
plane?  We hope to  bring  you  further  developments  in  future
Last  minute addition to story:  Ron Brown was recent chairman of
the Democratic National  Committee  [DNC].   Insofar as there was
foul play, you have to consider:  Brown was in a position to know
that DNC money reportedly secretly  paid  for  whitewashing  some
details  of  the  strange  death  of  Clinton  White House deputy
counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr. Reportedly 150 thousand dollars of
DNC funds went to influence CBS' "60 Minutes" program honcho Mike
Wallace to do a cover-up program about Foster and Ft. Marcy Park.
Also, 276 thousand  dollars  reportedly  was funneled to Foster's
wife Lisa to keep her mouth shut about the strange death  of  her
husband  and  to  make  public  statements  that  she knew it was
suicide, when it was more  likely  murder.  How much will it cost
-- did it cost -- to cover up the death of Ron Brown?
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