Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has been awarded 
"Newsmaker of the Year" by the National Newspaper Publishers 
Association. He spoke, at a dinner given in his honor by that 
association, on March 14, 1996. The speech was broadcast on C- 
Span that same day. The following are excerpts from his talk.
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[Farrakhan had recently returned from a trip to Africa and the 
Middle East.]
When they were saying, "Down with America! Down with Israel!" I 
says, "Stop!" I said, "Say, '*Up* with God! *Up* with the Koran! 
*Up* with truth! *Up* with righteousness!' And when you go up 
with God and up with truth, you've already put the enemies of God 
and truth and righteousness down."
My role is the role of a teacher. And the sad thing is, you've 
got too many politicians and too few teachers. And *ignorance* is 
the worst enemy of the peoples of the earth! And America is full 
of it. [laughter]... Full of ignorance, that is. [laughter]
I wanted to tell you *why* I went [to Africa and to the Middle 
East], and the success that followed that trip.
I won't be long.
The Million Man March accomplished its objective, and then some. 
When something is of God, it goes beyond what we think and 
contemplate, or can figure. When something is supported by God, 
it is incalculable. Because you may be able to calculate 
Farrakhan, but you can't calculate what supports him. So you make 
mistakes in trying to handle me. And you are making *grave* 
mistakes in the way you treat me -- black *and* white.
When the Million Man March concluded... As you know in *our* minds 
(in our small minds) I saw the black male being castigated all 
over the earth (the black male in particular, black female too) 
with degenerate culture displayed in movies, in videos, in our 
recordings. Everything negative about us has been portrayed 
throughout the world. So that if we were slaughtered, the world 
would not give an outcry because of the way we *look* in the eyes 
of the world. I wanted, by the grace of God, to change that 
image. I know I couldn't do that by myself: it was not a Muslim 
thing. I never tried to proselytize faith. This is *bigger* than 
Muslim-Christian! But it is not bigger than faith. And therefore 
Christians and Muslims and agnostics and Pan-Africanists and 
nationalists and those of scholarship and those of no 
scholarship: we *all* had to work together to produce that 
effect. And by the grace of God, we did.
And I am happy to report to you that, to every country into which 
we travelled, the *first* thing that came out of the mouths of 
the heads of state as well as the common people: "We saw that 
Million Man March." They were touched! And the *image* of black 
America has been changed.
Now, I recognize that a vision came through me (it's not *from* 
me). And whether you may call it fortunate or unfortunate, the 
March propelled Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam, and all of 
us who participated -- we all went up, together.
Now, the effect of the media: you paid no attention to the 
Million Man March at all, until approximately 3 weeks before the 
March when you knew you couldn't stop it. Then you had to find a 
way to hurt it.
From the very beginning, this was not a march *against* women, 
this was a march *for* women! It was a march in *behalf* of 
women! It was a march in *atonement* for what we have failed to 
do for our women and the abuse that we've heaped upon our women!
And some said, "Well, I've been a good father. I don't need to 
atone. I haven't got anything to atone for."
Just be quiet. [laughter] There is *no* human being on this 
earth, from the Pope on down -- or on up [laughter] -- that can 
say that they have nothing to atone for. *All* human beings are 
guilty of sin. And every one of us needs to get closer to God.
And the beauty of the Million Man March was, it was the first 
time that it was a *God*-centered march, a God-centered 
demonstration. And that is what accounted for the decorum; the 
peace; the tranquility; the brotherly love and affection: that 
over a million human beings could gather on the Washington Mall, 
and not one incident, not one arrest. We made history.
But after we made history, I went into a depression. Not elation, 
but depression. As I read the reports, I stopped. I couldn't read 
any more. I heard myself characterized, on television, by *noted* 
"commentators", as a "madman", a "nut". [mimics] "He's crazy. 
That's what he is." So befuddled were *they* at the success of 
the Million Man March, that the only thing they could think to do 
was to discredit me, and then to try to separate the message from 
the messenger. [mimics] "It was a good message. Ah... but that 
messenger's no good." [laughter]
Now all of you have Jesus, but you've been separated from His 
message. You've got the man, but you don't have His 
righteousness. So this "divide and conquer" is always at work! 
And at that time, they said, "This was not a march for black men. 
This was a coronation." A coronation. I could see. I could see my 
cross. Instead of saying, "King of the Jews" -- "King of the 
Negroes". I could almost see what was about to take place with 
me. And I told those with me: I said, "The crucifixion is not far 
behind this." Because those that know that they don't control me 
cannot allow me to continue.
Now let me just say a few words about the *motive*.
Why do you write like this? "He's 'grubbing' for money."  
"Grubbing". [laughter] "He has some debt with his new restaurant 
in Chicago." "He's 'grubbing.'" Why do you write like that? As 
though having debt is a crime. Well then you should write about 
your country -- 5 *trillion* dollars in debt. Who are *you* 
"grubbing" for? What are *you* "grubbing" for? [laughter and 
applause] As long as a president of the United States is pursuing 
a war in contravention of Congress... They send emissaries to the 
King of Arabia, to the Sultan of Brunei, didn't they? For what!? 
"Grubbing". [laughter]  [mimics] "'Grubbing' for money." But the 
Washington Post and the Washington Times and the New York Times 
and the Atlanta Constitution *never* say, "They were 'grubbing' 
for money."
"Farrakhan is a traitor. He went to Libya and they shot down an 
American plane with American people on board. I bet you never 
talked about that!" Don't be so self-righteous now. You really 
care about the lives of the people on Pan-Am [flight 103]. We're 
human beings. We pain at the loss of those lives, any of us who 
travel on airplanes, to think that some nut would put a bomb in 
an airplane when you are rejoicing, going home to your family for 
Christmas? And a hole is blown into that plane when it's 37 
thousand feet above? And that hole just causes the whole plane to 
blow apart? Human beings falling out of the sky? Can any human 
being who is sane and intelligent be happy over something like 
But America acts as though this just happens to Americans. Was a 
Libyan jet shot down by Israel? Come on. Did it happen? Was an 
Iranian jet shot down by Americans, with 290 persons aboard? And 
according to what the Iranians said to us, America has *never* 
apologized! Nor offered compensation. Now is that right?
So are the Iranian lives less valuable than the American lives? 
Are the Libyan lives less valuable than the American lives? Are 
Israeli lives lost more valuable than all human beings on the 
You placed an embargo on Libya. Why? What is your reason? You 
*used* Pan-Am 103 as a justification. And you used the bombing of 
a discotheque in West Germany where *two* lives were lost as a 
justification to send bombers, out of England, to attempt the 
most expensive assassination attempt in the history of the world. 
But that's "O.K." because that's America! We can do what we want; 
we have the power.
Wrong is wrong. And if Khadaffi says, "I will turn over my 
nationals to be tried, but not in America. Not in England. Try my 
nationals in a neutral country." *If* you are so convinced that 
you have the truth, that Khadaffi and Libya *did* do it, let's 
bring the truth out! But don't use the media to try Libya *in* 
the media so that 87 percent of the American people, when there 
was an attack on Khadaffi, went along with it and said, "Hooray." 
You don't *kill* the heads of state of other nations with whom 
you disagree. You never tried that with Russia! You've never 
tried that with China! But you're so powerful, you pick on little 
nations: bringin' out your stealth bomber on Noriega, in Panama! 
Killing innocent people down there and *lying* to the American 
people, saying that you did not kill a whole host of people.
                  [...to be continued...]