By Sherman H. Skolnick
More and more details are showing up. That there was U.S. 
government complicity, and prior knowledge, in the *bombings* in 
Oklahoma City. And we call it bombings, in the plural, because 
just one bomb did not do all the damage to Murrah Federal Office 
Building. There are witnesses to the following:
1. Three or more teams of men were seen that morning, prior to 
the bombings, in or near Oklahoma City, dressed in all 
"government black", operating "hoops", that is, circular-shaped, 
radio beacon directional finders. A beeper on the truck with 
Timothy McVeigh and others was sending signals picked up by the 
hoops being operated by agents of the U.S. Treasury's Bureau of 
Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire-Arms [BATF].
   About 3 or 4 a.m. that morning, April 19, 1995, there was a 
"loose tail", slang to describe the double agent on the truck 
turning off the concealed beeper sending out the signal being 
2. BATF agents were out tracking the truck that morning. Did they 
know in advance exactly which federal facility was the target? 
Some claim they did know but that there was some confusion. The 
Murrah Building was a sitting duck -- no security or protection. 
When forced by public pressure, espionage operations sometimes 
relent, and come out with what is called a "limited hang-out", 
part of the truth but continuing to conceal really revealing the 
whole truth.
   So, someday, if forced, the BATF may seek to explain away why 
their people were not in their offices when the bombs went off. 
They were out, they may some day claim, tracking the truck, part 
of a "sting" operation to catch ultra-right wing bombers, mad 
about the Waco, Texas incident of two years prior, mad about the 
central government. Some now claim, however, that the Murrah 
Building, site of the BATF's offices, *was* the target of the 
3. The truck bomb was apparently part of a BATF "sting" 
operation. It would not be much news if the BATF, using their 
"hoops", if the truck was apprehended and the drivers and team 
were arrested way out on some highway somewhere. The BATF wanted 
the massive publicity of arresting them right near the targeted 
building. The BATF reportedly lost track of the truck when the 
double agent turned off the concealed beeper on the truck.
4. Among those seen supervising the bomb truck were an identified 
former German national, tight with Neo-Nazis in Nebraska and in 
Germany. And he was close as well with the German Secret Police, 
equivalent of the American C.I.A. (Note: in previous exclusive 
stories, we told you how German Counter-Intelligence became aware 
of the three-man Mid-East team, residing temporarily in Germany, 
who arranged the death and/or murdered Clinton White House deputy 
counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., 1993.) [CN -- See, for example, 
CN 4.82 regarding a possible German link to Foster's strange 
5. Another identified supervisor of the bomb truck (and of 
possibly the over-all double-bombing project) is reportedly an 
officer of Iraqi Intelligence. Did he defect to the West *before* 
or *after* the Persian Gulf War? At the time of the bombings in 
Oklahoma, was he, as a defector, under the direct supervision and 
surveillance of the American CIA?
   Keep in mind: Corrupt top officials in the Reagan and Bush 
administration stole Inslaw's PROMIS software, with its built-in 
Trojan Horse "trap door" and gave it, as a bargaining chip, or 
sold it, to a number of foreign intelligence agencies, including 
Iraq -- so American intelligence agencies have been in a position 
to spy on Iraq and others.
   Also keep in mind: suppressed by the western press has been 
the close weapons deals between Germany and Iraq, including 
machinery and technology to manufacture chemical and biological 
weapons, including poison gas.
6. The BATF had reason to know that boxes of bombs, disguised as 
copy machine paper, had been already placed up against the 
pillars in the Murrah Building (and similar packages, apparently, 
up against the pillars and/or other key structural components of 
other federal facilities as well).
   When the truck bomb went off, the pillar bombs also went off a 
few seconds later, triggered by remote detonators, either 
pressure or electronic signal.
7. In a previous exclusive story, we told you how the Chief 
Investigative Reporter of a new "radical" magazine is reportedly 
a counter-intelligence agent for the U.S. government, Lawrence W. 
Myers. His specialty, according to books he has written, is the 
making of bombs, and remote detonators for explosives. His books 
are published by a reputed CIA-proprietary, called Palladin 
Press, publishers of books for mercenaries. Palladin is also 
closely aligned with another reputed CIA-proprietary, Soldier of 
Fortune Magazine.
   Myers has written stories which some believe are 
disinformation about McVeigh and help sink him further as the 
"lone bomber". Media Bypass Magazine, supposedly printing 
"uncensored news", has been sheltering Myers, a reputed spook. 
WHY? Myers is reportedly an operative of the super-secret Delta 
Force, engaged in political assassinations, etc.
8. Sort of like Lee Harvey Oswald, McVeigh believes himself to be 
a government agent, part of a secret project. Like Oswald, 
McVeigh reportedly claims he was not told what the project was 
really all about and has been trapped, "framed", and made a 
patsy, to cover up high-level U.S. government complicity and 
prior knowledge, and also, possibly, BATF and Justice Department 
9. Reputed spook Myers reportedly obstructed the Federal Grand 
Jury in Oklahoma investigating the bombings. He reportedly pushed 
out into the open a grand juror who was seeking to persuade 
fellow grand jurors to go further in demanding additional data 
from federal authorities, which might have shown complicity and 
prior knowledge by the government. Myers' acts and doings 
reportedly caused that grand juror to be removed from the Grand 
Jury and threatened by a judge with sanctions such as arrest. 
Myers acts and doings reportedly favor the government version of 
the bombings.
Paraphrasing an old saying, Let the truth be told, though the 
government crumbles.
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Mr. Skolnick wishes to add that he sees a possible link between 
Xerox Corporation and boxes used to hold the bombs placed against 
the pillars in the Murrah Building. (See #6, above.) 
"Specifically, it was Xerox brand that was reportedly sent in and 
put next to the pillars in Murrah Building," says Skolnick. He 
adds that "for many years (up until just recently), Xerox Company 
ran a facility near Leesburg, Virginia, for the CIA. Namely, the 
Xerox Company trained new CIA officers at their facility."
Skolnick points out that "Xerox boxes are well-designed boxes. 
People like to keep those boxes after the paper's emptied out and 
use 'em for storing office supplies or other office records. And 
you see those boxes. Therefore, those boxes, piled near the 
pillars of the building that was blown up, wouldn't arouse 
To me this seems a tenuous link. However to those closely looking 
into the April 19, 1995 tragedy, any and all leads may be 
Mr. Skolnick also points to statements made by Debra von Trapp 
regarding Xerox during an interview with her, by Skolnick, in May 
of 1995. For example, CN 4.84 has von Trapp stating as follows:
  Yes. As an outside consultant to Xerox Corporation, I was 
  selecting foreign management for a division called Shugart 
  back in the early '80s in Germany, when I discovered that the 
  Shugart division of Xerox was, in fact, bringing disk drives 
  -- which were manufactured by [Matshusta(?)] in Japan -- they 
  were manufactured there, brought into Sunnyvale, California, 
  labeled for Shugart, and then sent to the Shugart Munich 
  facility in Germany, where, after having been received under 
  Cocomm(?) freight documents (which were legally forwarded in 
  the U.S.), the freight documents were then changed to show 
  that they were forwarded to destinations at Olivetti, Italy 
  and a company in France (which were legal trading partners of 
  the U.S.) when, in fact, the sales records were being changed 
  and ultimately destroyed by the Shugart employees -- 
  allegedly, for tax evasion purposes. But, in fact, the [disk] 
  drives were being put on trucks and sent into the East Bloc, 
  to an entity called IsoTempex(sp?); they were selling to the 
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