From bigred@duracef.shout.netWed Feb  7 08:42:48 1996
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 1996 08:42:24 -0600 (CST)
From: Brian Redman 
To: "Xxxxxx X. Xxxx Xx." 
Subject: Re: Sign us up

On Tue, 6 Feb 1996, Xxxxxx X. Xxxx Xx. wrote:

> Hey guys!
> Please sign up the following two addresses for Conspircy Nation.  It is awsome reading!

Sorry but they'll have to sign themselves up. Here's why:
Suppose (no offense intended) that you are, say, a "dirty
trickster" and that the addresses you give are not what
they seem; e.g. two persons who are gonna come yelling and
screaming at *me* about "Why am I on this list! How dare 
you add me to the list without my permission!" 

You see, *some* people are quite unhappy about this info
going out, and some of those people can be a bit nasty.

So here is how *they* can subscribe to the CN list:

To subscribe to the Conspiracy Nation mailing list, send
the following one-line message to

subscribe cn-l MY NAME

To cancel at any time, send the following one-line message

unsubscribe cn-l

It is not necessary to send the cancel request to me
personally, unless you wish to demonstrate how you are
so angry about Conspiracy Nation that you are cancelling.

Questions, great thoughts, etc? Send all correspondence to

Special thanks to CyberNews and Cornell University for their
kind assistance with the Conspiracy Nation mailing list.

Brian Redman
Conspiracy Nation