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  We still appear to be hanging on the brink of either a New Age or Armageddon
or some weird combination of both. Yet real solutions exist and are not widely
known or used, for all of mankind's supposedly unsolved problems.
  An entire body of unused technology is waiting to be implemented, that works
by cooperating with seldom-recognized basic forces instead of struggling
against them. A world economy based on abundance, health and cooperation,
rather than scarcity, disease and conflict, can emerge as soon as enough
people want it intensely enough to make it happen.
  Many times in recent history, various inventors and visionaries have offered
our civilization cleaner, safer and cheaper methods of obtaining the resources
and capabilities we require. These offers have all been turned down on our
behalf, without most of us ever hearing about it, by certain owners of
established industries and monopolies that will become largely obsolete when
these breakthroughs are widely known and used. They understandably wished to
postpone their obsolescence as long as possible, but no further delay of the
impending economic overhaul can be allowed.
  Once we can independently obtain whatever we need in the way of energy,
water shelter, food, safety or mobility, there is no longer any need for the
massiv ebureaucracies that presently sell it to us and regulate every aspect
of what we do with it. When options free up on this scale, people are
released from tension and restraints, and become mroe active, healthy,
imaginative and powerful, and very hard to control.
  The prevention of such fundamental improvements in publicly available
technology has not really been that hard to manage. The regulatory agencies
and institutions in charge of agiven resource or function, like energy,
transportation or medicine, are invariably headed by assistants to the owners
of the industries holding the primary monopolies on it. They have the
incentive and influence to get their people put in charge. That's how they
usually get off so light after being forced to investigate themselves for
various illegal activities.
  But it would be naive to assume that suppressed technologies are merely
suppressed, and not secretly in use by those who withhold them.
  It's helpful to regard the world as a sort of giant intelligence test, like
a huge elaborate "what's wrong with this picture?" puzzle. Some of what's
wrong is kind of obvious, but much of the rest is conceale remarkably well.
  Finding out what seems to be wrong is already a popular pastime, and whining
about it is even more popular. However it's a lot mroe challenging and
rewarding to go on from there and actually correct it, as opposed to just
getting used to it and tolerating it under protest.
  If the real reason for any problem is accurately diagnosed, it can be
solved. This applies even to "terminal" illnesses, whether biological, mental,
political, economic or ecological, though it is possible with incorrect
treatments to damage the victim beyond recovery. Simply labeling and describin
the condition doesn't reveal its cause, or result in any effective solution.
When problems persist and worsen despite massive corrective efforts, their
true cause has not been identified, and the wrong thing is getting "corrected"
  War, poverty, disease, crime, insanity, pollution, and shortages of water,
energy, shelter and food, all are persisting and worsening, even though
supposedly no one wants them. This means the true underlying causes of these
problems are not being widely recognized, let alone corrected. So, look to see
who really profits when the problems continue.
  The artificial and deliberate origin of the crises, shortages and disasters
plaguing mankind are camouflaged by blaming it all on human overpopulation and
stupidity, which are merely contributing factors.
  Most of these conditions actually result from specific means used to
accomplish an earlier incorrect "solution" that has been pursued for
generations by some of the most powerful, wealthy and ruthless men on Earth.
The "problem" was assumed to be that there were simply too many people, with
too much individual freedom and variety, to be effectively kept under control,
while ownership of Earth's land and resources was consolidated. Guess what
solution they came up with?
  Not all who've agreed to this hard decision are necessarily evil. It was
just the only thing they could come up with to ensure their own survival,
without giving up much of their authority and control of the world's
resources, and risking reprisals by mobs of unforgiving peasants, for their
former exploitation.
  Blaming war entirely on conflicts between nations, religions, and political
systems conceals its true roots. The creation of wars is a basic method used
by the most powerful to acquire still more territory, and displace or subdue
whoever was there already. Visible wars are mostly a surface feature of the
ongoing undeclared economic war waged by certain of the most wealthy against
everyone else, even sometimes each other. And like it or not, both the spread
of "western civilization" and the "high American living standard" have
depended on global land-grabbing, destruction of native populations and
cultures, and conversion of survivors into cheap labor forces.
  It's now widely observed that none of our political leaders have any real
agenda or plan for actually solving any of the crises threatening Americans,
other humans and life in general. However, there really is a very detailed
agenda, consisting of those very crises and their calculated effects. It's
proceeding more or less as planned. Most political figures are going along
with it whether they like it or not, and most of you would not enjoy the next
phase of it, even slightly.
  So it's totally up to individual citizens to take responsibility for what
happens from here. The pieces of a painless and elegant plan for global
survival are still just lying around waiting, in the form of nearly forgotten
inventions, discoveries and options that ran aground on the economic dynamics
of their time, and fear of industrial upheavals.
  It turns out it is not really necessary to undergo the massive population
reductions and overt enslavement of survivors planned for us by modern feudal
lords. There are much more pleasant and efficient solutions for our resource
shortages and other economic and ecological difficulties.
  Through mass media control, the world's invisible rulers have been very
effective at preventing most of their subjects from hearing about free energy
systems, unused water sources, plant growth acceleration methods, gravity
control, crashproof vehicles, weather control, proven cures for supposedly
incurable diseases, or anything else that might free people from dependency on
the established monopolies. When news of such a discovery does leak out, to
the point where the major news services can't ignore it, they mix it with
disinformation of varying absurdity and portray it as part of the lunatic
fringe, which persuades most people not to examine it closely or consider its
potential if valid.
  NOW WHAT offers another chance to peel away the layers of deception, and
find out what is really going on around here, how we can make the best of it,
and what we can do to soften the impact of whatever horrors we have yet to
  A great amount of territory must be covered here, in a compressed and casual
form that can be swiftly grasped and acted upon; for more detailed writeups of
individual subjects, readers are encouraged to refer to the sources listed.
Some of this material will have a rough unfinished appearance, being assembled
and run off with some haste, since people are dying for lack of these options,
each day they are not widely known and used.
  NOW WHAT draws from many sources, from mainstream to sidecreek, without
regard for establishment approval ratings. Exotic and underground science and
news sources offer vital information omitted from official media. Yet equally
useful material can turn up in the most standard publications, patents and
references, which goes unnoticed and unused, swallowed up in the flood of
false or insignificant information surrounding it.
  At the level of art, consider the entire Earth as a vast aesthetic
composition, that has deteriorated somewhat, due to age and general lack of
appreciation of what she is and how she works. Restoring her original beauty
and serenity is the ultimate in Earth Art, and can happily engage as many as
want to take it on.
  To subtract the artificial ugliness that interferes with the natural beauty
and joy of life on Earth,straighten out the cirumstances that have been
allowing it to occur. It's really not that much more difficult than adding
more local things of beauty, if gone about gently, and the effects can reach
farther. The media available to be shaped and combined in new ways include
every kind of communication, information, activity and resource, and all the
networking already underway among them.
  Along with however else you apply it, send copies of this information to
your favourite teachers, reporters, broadcasters, musicians, comedians,
directors, actors, politicians, anyone whose words reach many listeners. That
way it can no longer be suppressed just by removing its early disseminators.
And the more other people know about it, the safer you are as well.
  Don't hesitate to send it to people of considerable wealth and power, or
their children, for that matter. Problems can indeed be solved by throwing
money at them, if it's thrown right, and it can cost much less than it has to
create the problems.
  One way those who maintain the problems manage to spread the blame around,
is to pretend as though they represent the interests of all wealthy people.
This stimulates categorical hate and fear between rich and poor, and tends to
discourage representatives of each side from getting together and working
something out.
  The poor and middle classes often fail to differentiate between the two
basic types of wealthy people. Most of the wealthy built their fortunes by
finding a genuine need and filling it, and have attempted to improve
conditions for mankind in general. But the others could care less about all
that, and choose to create and fill artificial, non-survival needs, such as
for weapons, narcotics, poisons, assassination teams, torture equipment, and
massive bank loans for governments to finance wars. They have no more
reservations about exploiting the rest of humanity than they do about using
any other natural resource on "their property".
  Unfortunately this second group has had the competitive advantage. Being
unencumbered by ethics or compassion, they can engage in strategies for
domination that the more benign wealthy would not consider, and have tended
to take over the top positions in the world economy. Lucky for us, their own
ruthlessness and treachery keeps many of them from trusting each other enough
to collaborate as effectively as they might, in doing in everyone else.
  There are still plenty of wealthy people who are either unaware of the
planned exterminations, or suspect it's possible but can't quite believe it.
Others do know and are collaborating only because it appears to be the only
plan for the future that anyone with big money is seriously behind. They
haven't thought of any better idea and are afraid to cross the really big
guys, and wind up among the victims. The momentum for "covert" global
exterminations comes more by default than from the plan's inherent appeal,
except to a few really diseased minds stuck in pain-inflict mode.
  It is not impossible to identify the most powerful and least visible of
Earth's unpublicized owners, and sort out which are pro-genocide, but then
what? What options are there, if any, for rendering these self-appointed
population pruners harmless?
  Any direct assault on the powers behind the scenes, whether judicial,
legislative, military, or through media, gets smothered or sidetracked because
those same powers already control any official agencies that would be
assigned to investigate, report, prosecute and so on.
  The heads of all those government branches are linked to the principal war
merchants through their membership in such groups as the Council on Foreign
Relations. The CFR is a quasi-governmental private organization formed in
1921 to formulate foreign policies that would forward "American business
interests" around the world, then persuade the government to adopt those
policies. Members include the heads of the NSC, CIA, Departments of State,
Defense, Treasury, Joint Chiefs, and Federal Reserve, as well as the heads of
all the largest banking, media, energy and industrial conglomerates. Although
containing the core of the executive branch, they aren't answerable to any
government agency, and their actions are designed to further their own
interests, not America's.
  The point is, their control is complete enough to defuse any standard legal
corrective actions, or any other traditional methods of dethroning a corrupt
power. A violent uprising would be disastrous and provide just the right
excuse for massive retaliations, roundup of dissidents and suspension of
civil rights. Forget the usual revolutionary strategies, they've got all that
stuff covered.
  In fact, no corrective approach will work that is based on anger,
punishment, revenge, or destruction. So what's left?
  Let's try talking our way out of it. Instead of trying to seize control from
those now holding it, let's come up with an arrangement where they use their
power to straighten this whole mess out, and sell them on it.
  It could be that under the great pressures of inter-corporate struggles and
secrecy, none of them ever stopped to realize they had another choice than the
one they're committed to. Going into crash-production on the whole system of
perviously suppressed or ignored technology could eliminate the harmful
effects of "too many people" without having to eliminate any more people, and
still improve life for them personally. Plus they would get to be heroes
instead of creeps.
  They can even take credit for the idea. If we think up a better deal for
them than what they're currently going for, in terms of safety, freedom and
happiness, it could persuade them that maybe the rest of us aren't too stupid
to live after all. If we can't, then maybe we are.
  Perhaps we can directly renegotiate our collective future, once the true
situation has been publicized broadly enough to be no longer officially
deniable. Strike an agreement of mutual non-retaliation between both sides
while long-range transition logistics are worked out.
  We forgive them and their employees for past atrocities, and for being so
greedy, cold-blooded and ruthless. They forgive us for exposing and ruining
their plans, and for being so infernally lame, gullible and numerous that
exploiting and repressing us has been irresistable.
  With enough citizens cooperating in the amnesty, we can guarantee the
super-rich and their palaces remain safe from lycnh mobs and looters. In
exchange they arrange for: 1) a global ceasefire and release of all political
prisoners (they have the power to do that), 2) full disclosure of all "state
secrets" (in other words, full confessions), and 3) the diversion of the
wealth currently spent on plan A (advanced covert genocide technologies,
operations and coverups) over to plan B (crash program to implement previously
suppressed technologies and improve conditions for all). It might be worth it
to them, not having to constantly be on guard against their victimized public,
and each other. People do enjoy life more when they don't have to lie and
worry about getting caught all the time.
  In other words, let's acknowledge that they've won the game they've been
playing, where the goal was to concentrate control of the world into as few
hands as possible, by any means available. The surviving multibillionaires
could go on battling and absorbing each others' empires, but why beat it into
the ground? They've thoroughly proved they can plunder the planet and get away
with it, so enough already. Let the winners and losers shake hands and start a
new game with more interesting goals, that we can all pursue together.


  (Waves Forest)  Several dozen AIDS patients have not only reversed their
death sentences, but are now back at work, completely free of the disease.
They destroyed the virus in their blood by hyper-oxygenation, known in various
forms as oxygen therapy, bio-oxidative therapy or auto-hemotherapy. This is a
simple, inexpensive and very broad-spectrum healing process that many feel
could force a complete overhaul of the medical industry. The two basic types
of oxygen therapy are ozone blood infusion, and absorption of oxygen water
(hydrogen peroxide) at very low concentrations.
  It turns out that the AIDS virus cannot tolerate high oxygen levels in its
victims' blood. Not only that, every other disease organism tested so far
apparently has the same weakness. Even cancer growths contract and disappear
when the oxygen saturation is sufficiently increased in the fluids
surrounding them, since they are anaerobic.
  AIDS, herpes, hepatitis, Epstein Barr, cytomegalovirus and other lipid-
envelope viruses are readily destroyed by hyper-oxygenating the patient's
blood with ozone. This was demonstrated by among others Dr Horst Kief in Bad
Hersfeld, West Germany. Dr Kief has already cured a number of AIDS victims by
drawing blood, infusing it with ozone and returning it to the patient, at
regular intervals until all the virus is gone. (He can be reached through
Biozon Ozon-Technik GmbH, An Der Haune #10, Bad Hersfeld, D-6430, Federal
Republic of Germany.) Dr S. Rilling of Stuttgart and Dr Renate Viebahn of
Iffezheim are among the growing number of physicians who have obtained
similar results with their patients. They are with Arztlich Gesellschaft fur
Ozontherapie and JrJ Hansler GmbH, respectively.

  For many years the health sciences have been seeking to identify the primary
physical cause of all diseases, and the cure-all that this basic principle
would yield. Now noth have been found, but their utter simplicity makes them
difficult to accept at first, since it seems like if it's that easy, we should
have been using them all along.
  Our bodies are composed mostly of water, which is eight ninths oxygen. Most
nutritional studies tend to get caught up in the small details of biochemistry
and overlook our most abundant and essential element, and the fundamental role
of its depletion in causing illness. Of all the elements the body needs, only
oxugen is in such constant demand that its absence brings death in minutes.
  The main difference, for healing purposes, between benign micro-organisms
(including our own cells), and those which cause disease, is that the latter
require much lower oxygen levels. This is due to their more primitive
evolutionary origins, during the ages when free oxygen was far less abundant.
Now their descendants can only survive in low-oxygen environments such as
accompany stagnation and decay. To become a growth medium for such parasites,
one has to have allowed the oxygen saturation of the body's fluids to drop
well below the loptimum level for healthy cell growth and function.
  The simplest substances available for restoring one's oxygen balance to a
healthy range are ozone (O3), and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which is much
easier to obtain and use. These are both highly toxic when concentrated, which
has tended to obscure their germicidal value except as a skin antiseptic. But
when diluted to therapeutic levels (for H2O2, 1/2 of 1% or less), they are not
only non-toxic but uniquely beneficial.

  Ozone overcomes the AIDS virus by a fundamentally different process than
usually attempted with drugs. Instead of burdening the liver and immune system
with more elaborate toxic substances, ozone simply oxidizes the molecules in
the shell of the virus.
  The treatment is remarkably simple. The ozone is produced by forcing oxygen
through a metal tube carrying a 300-volt charge. A pint of blood is drawn from
the patient and placed in an infusion bottle. The ozone is then forced into
the bottle and mixed in by shaking gently, whereupon the blood turns bright
cardinal red. As the ozone molecules dissolve into the blood they give up
their third oxygen atom, releasing considerable energy which destroys all
lipid-envelope virus, and apparently most other disease organisms as well,
while leaving blood cells unharmed.
  It also oxygenates the blood to a greater degree than is usually reached,
what with poor air and sluggish breathing habits. The treated blood is then
given back to the patient. This treatment is given from twice a week to twice
a day, depending on how advanced the disease is. The strengthened blood
confers some of its virucidal properties to the rest of the patient's blood as
it disperses.
  The disease will not return, as long as the patient maintains his blood in
an oxygen-positive state, throug proper breathing, exercise, and clean diet.
  A Dr Preuss, in Stuttgart, has written up ten case histories of AIDS
patients he has cured by this method. But his and the other physicians'
reports of cures are all anecdotal rather than in the form of "controlled
studies", since they could not be expected to treat some patients and deny
treatment to others just for the purpose of accumulating evidence. Thus their
results are not considered "proof" by the US medical community. So the
Medizone Company in New York has taken on the task of doing the controlled
studies required for the treatment to be approved in the US for general use.

  In the summer of 1986 Medizone obtained from the FDA an IND (Investigative
New Drug) Approval for ozone, which falls under the heading of drugs even
though it isn't. They verified that ozone destroys the AIDS virus in vitro,
and completed their animal tests in the fall of 1986. The tests demonstrated
no indication of toxicity, at ten times the equivalent amount that is
proposd for human treatment.
  The Medizone Co is at 123 E 54th St, Ste 2B, NY, NY 10022; phone is
  Medizone says it has obtained the rights to US Patent # 4,632,980, on
"ozonation of blood and blood products", from the company "Immunologics", in
exchange for Medizone stock shares. The patent pertains specifically to
inactivating lipid-envelope virus. In humans, this includes AIDS, herpes,
hepatitis, Epstein Barr virus, and cytomegalovirus, among others. Medizone
obtained tentative FDA approval in April 1987 to begin human testing, but for
a variety of "bureaucratic reasons" the FDA has postponed the actual start of
the tests eight times now, with requests for further data, some of which had
already been given to them.
  Twenty months have now passed [as of December 1988], along with several
thousand AIDS victims, since the first announced starting date was postponed.
The Medizone staff is hoping to finally begin in the spring of 1989, but are
no longer announcing expected starting dates with much confidence. "There are
no technical problems, but this is the FDA we're dealing with, after all." As
the Company's future hangs on their decision, no one at Medizone wants to risk
anatgonizing the FDA, by speculating about their actual motives for stalling
such a broad-spectrum cure.
  All this has been with virtually no publicity. The official reason for this
is that the accepted procedure for publishing medical breakthroughs is to
complete all the tests first, even though victims may die waiting for the
cautious, methodical testing procedure to run its course. No one in the
industry wants to raise false hopes, let alone repeat the medical disasters
that ahve resulted in the past, from rushing approval on new treatments.
  On the other hand, the enormously expensive and dubiously effective drug AZT
was widely publicized many months before it was approved in the US, as is
ongoing research into possible AIDS vaccines. In fact, FDA Commissioner Frank
Young has even announced a proposal to make experimental drugs available to
AIDS victims as swiftly as possible, without waiting for the full FDA approval
procedure to be completed. So there appears to be a severe double standard
involved here. It seems that highly profitable "treatments" with serious side
effects can be demonstrated in Europe, with minimal cost and no apparent
harmful effects, must be delayed and kept quiet while panic and deaths mount.
Surely at this stage the benefits of unauthorized publicity will outweigh the

  Ozone infusion also provides a simple method of purifying stored blood and
blood components, eliminating any possibility of disease being transmitted by
transfusion. It also pre-oxygenates blood to be transfused, greatly reducing
the burden on the body receiving the blood.
  This application alone, of the Medizone process has enormous profit
potential, and the treatment will have vast international demand as the news
spreads. This has not gone unnoticed by various investment analysts.
"Confidential: Report from Zurich", "Penny Stock Insider" and "Low-Priced
Stock Edition", among others, are urging their readers to get in on Medizone
now, comparing the opportunity to getting in on Xerox, IBM or Polaroid while
they were still unknown.
  Various physicians have independently discovered ozone to be also effective
against cancer, leukemia, arthritis, coronary heart disease, arterial
circulation disorders, colitis, gum diseases, and assorted childrens'
diseases. Some of these findings have now been collected and published in the
volume, "Medical Applications of Ozone", available from the International
Ozone Association, 83 Oakwood Terrace, Norwalk, CT 06850.
  Some of the medical uses of ozone have been appreciated for years in Europe,
Brazil and elsewhere, as well as its advantages over chlorine for water
treatment (no toxic residues, 5000 times more rapid disinfection) but it's
still relatively unknown in the US.

  A much simpler type of Oxygen Therapy uses hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which
is what ozone (O3) forms on contact with water. It can be taken orally if
diluted with water to 1/200 or less, absorbed through the skin by bathing in
it (anywhere from 1-8 pints of 3% H2O2 in a standard size bathtub half full),
or in severe cases it can be injcted (250 cc of .075% to .15%, or roughly
1/1300 to 1/650). Injections obviously require a physician's assistance, but
self-treatment is possible with oral and skin applications.
  The principle is the same as with ozone blood treatment. All hostile micro-
organisms prefer lower oxygen levels than the body's cells require to remain
healthy. Boosting the oxygen level revitalizes normal cells while killing
virus and other pathogens.
  The domestic sales of hydrogen peroxide are rising at 15% per year, as the
news of this option spreads at the grassroots level. The rapid expansion of
the peroxide movement is especially remarkable considering there has been
almost no media coverage, and in fact the FDA, American Cancer Society and
other enforcers of established medicine have tried hard to discourage the
  Hydrogen peroxide is the only germicidal agent composed only of water and
oxygen. Like ozone, it kills disease organisms by oxidation as it spreads
through the patient's tissues.
  This also destroys cancerous growths which are anaerobic. Nobel Prize-winner
Dr Otto Warburg demonstrated over fifty years ago the basic difference between
normal cells and cancer cells. Both derive energy from glucose, but the normal
cell requires oxygen to combine with the glucose, while cancer cells break
down glucose without oxygen, yielding only 1/15 the energy per glucose
molecule that a normal cell produces. This is why cancer cells have such a
huge appetite for sugar, and also why people who consume excessive quantities
of sugar tend to get cancer more often.
  The anaerobic breakdown of glucose by cancer cells forms large amounts of
lactic acid as a waste product, the same substance formed by fermentation of
lactose, as in spoiled milk. The liver converts some of this back into
lactose, in an attempt to salvage a food source from a toxic waste. In doing
this the liver uses only 1/5 the energy per glucose molecule that a normal
cell can then derive from it, but that's three times the energy a cancer cell
will get from it. The more the weak, deranged cancer cells multiply, the more
energy is lost to the normal cells. Thus we find that low levels of both
oxygen and energy tend to occur where cancer is present, and vice versa. This
wasteful metabolism becomes self-sustaining and dominant unless the oxygen
and/or energy levels are sharply increased, or the cancer's food source

  Dr Christiaan Barnard, who performed the first heart transplant, said in
March 1986 that he was taking peroxide and water himself, several times daily
to reduce arthritis and aging, and he recommended it highly at that time.
Since then he has come under heavy attack by the medical establishment for
this position, and now states that he "is not involved" with the peroxide
movement. But he does not retract his original endorsement, nor deny that he
still uses it personally.
  Over a hundred physicians are already curing a broad assortment of
"incurables" with this natural anti-microbial agent. This includes some forty
or more in the US. A principal liaison to these free-thinking physicians is
Dr Charles H. Farr, who wrote "The Therapeutic Use of Intravenous Hydrogen
Peroxide". He directs the International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation,
and publishes the "IBOM Newsletter" which contains procedural updates and
technical refinements for physicians using intravenous H2O2 therapy on their
patients. By classifying the treatments as experimental they can get around
the FDA's archaic restrictions for now, until massive public demand and/or
media exposure force official approval.
  Dr Farr summarizes the beneficial effects of H2O2 in "IBOM" issue #2: these
include killing bacteria, protozoa, yeast, and virus, oxidizing lipids from
arterial walls, increasing oxygen tension intracellularly, stimulating
oxidative enzymes, returning elasticity to arterial walls, dilating coronary
vessels, and regulating membrane transport. IBOM is at PO Box 61767, Dallas/
Ft. Worth, TX 75261; 817-481-9772. Dr Farr is at 11330 North May Ave,
Oklahome City, OK 73120; 405-752-0070 and 799-8781.

  The oral and skin applications offer the option of home treatment, as no
blood needs to be drawn, and hydrogen peroxide is cheap and plentiful. Keep
it diluted though; in high concentrations it can irritate sensitive skin and
induce vomiting when ingested. (Veterinarians routinely give common 3% H2O2 to
animals that have swallowed poison, to make them throw it up.)
  The starting dosage is one ounce of .5% (1/200) H2O2 in water, and some will
find they need to start with less. As the peroxide contacts pathogens in the
stomach it liberates free oxygen, so those with high levels of virus and
streptococcus in their stomachs may feel slight nausea while the reaction is
occuring. The dosage is increased by an ounce per day, up to five ounces on
the fifth day, then up to five ounces three times daily for a week (or until
disease is no longer present). Then the dosage is tapered back down over a
five week period.
  Food-grade or Re-agent (these are 35%, dangerous if undiluted) is better
for internal use, since the common USP 3% H2O2 contains small amounts of
chemical stabilizers and other impurities. It can still be used if food-grade
is unavailable; it just isn't as pure.
  An alternate dosage regimen uses three drops of 35% H2O2 in a glass of
water, three times a day, which is then increased by a drop per dose, per day,
up to 25 drops per dose in extreme cases. Candidiasis victims should start at
one drop per dose, and build their tolerance gradually. Some find the taste
rather bleachy and unpleasant, and may wish to chase it with plain water. It
can also be mixed with fuit juice, and citrus juices in particular cover the
taste pretty well.
  Adding seven drops of 35% H2O2 to a gallon of drinking water and shaking
well purifies it and gives it a pleasant waterfall-like flavor.
  For more dosage details and extensive references on H2O2 taken
internationally, contact Walter Grotz, Box 126, Delano, MN 55328; 612-972-
2144. His progress report, "ECHO", costs $1. He provided much of the material
regarding H2O2 in this article. Another source is Father Richard Wilhelm, Box
18, Union Rd., California, KY 41007; 606-635-9297. These gentlemen have
continued the research initiated by Dr Edward Carl Rosenow (1875-1966). They
have located over 4000 peer-reviewed medical articles on the applications of
hypdrogen peroxide, some dating back to the 1800's. They received the National
Health Federation's Pioneer Award in Medicine this year, for this ongoing
research. Walter Grotz, in particular, has been touring and lecturing
extensively on the benefits of self-administered H2O2, literally saving lives
wherever he goes, and bringing hope to people who had been told their cases
were hopeless.
  Dr Kurt W. Donsbach at the Bio-Genesis Institute in Rosarita Beach, Baja
Mexico (714-964-1535), has achieved a remision rate exceeding 70%, in over
300 patients at last count, most of whom had been previously told they were
beyond hope, and had "tried everything else". Bio-oxidative therapies are now
applied to all cases that arrive at this clinic, and all respond except for
some of those who arrive already very close to death. The Guadalajara Medical
School, Mexico's largest, is initiating their own tests this summer, and will
add it to their curriculum upon verification.
  As Dr Donsbach has pointed out, no US clinic or institution has ever tested
intravenous H2O2 as a treatment for cancer, so any claim that it is not
effective is not based on clinical trial, and amounts to wilful
  The Gerson Institute and La Gloria Clinic in Mexico are also using Hydrogen
peroxide therapies on their patients, after the staff tested it on themselves
and found it to be beneficial.

  Hydrogen peroxide occurs naturally in rain and snow, from atmospheric ozone,
and in mountain streams where rushing water is continuously separated. Most of
us learned at an early age to drink from a stream only where the water's
running white, because that's where it gets cleansed of germs. The reason is
that H2O2 is forming there due to the water's rapid agitation, and that's what
kills any harmful mcirobes present.
  By just shaking a bottle of water vigorously for a while you can tuck enough
extra oxygen into it to form detectable amounts of H2O2, improving its purity,
flavor and vitality.
  It turns out that the soring waters at Lourdes, France, long recognized for
their remarkable healing properties, are very high in natural hydrogen
peroxide. The spring is fed by high-altitude snowmelt, so the snow apparently
absorbs unusually large quantities of ozone on its way from the upper
atmosphere. Other less-known high altitude springs are said to be likewise
  Similar benefits can be obtained in a swimming pool or hot tub, by
discarding the chlorination system and simply puring in H2O2, or by bubbling
ozone through the water. One simple method of making pool-grade ozone is to
pump air past an enclosed ultra-violet lamp.
  Raw, uncooked vegetables and fruits contain natural hydrogen peroxide.
Cooking drives off the extra oxygen. Fresh fruit juices are well known for
their blood-cleansing and revitalizing capabiltiies, particularly when they
are not combined with other foods; this is largely due to the H2O2 they
contain. Reconstituted frozen juices have much less, and are no longer
"alive", thus they are not nearly as effective.

  Mother's milk contains a high amount of H2O2, especially colostrum, the
first milk secreted after birth, which activates the newborn's immune system.
H2O2 is the first line of the body's defense systems, and key to many other
metabolic processes.
  Under conditions of optimum health, H2O2 is produced by the body's immune
system in whatever amounts are needed to quickly destroy any invading hostile
organisms. It is made by combining water in the body with the free oxygen that
is supposed to be constantly available. When the body is oxygen-starved, it
can't produce enough H2O2 to wipe out invading pathogens, which can then get
the upper hand and cause visible disease.

  When penicillin is effective against infection, it is largely due to the
formation of bactericidal amounts of H2O2, when glucose is oxidized by O2 in
the presence of penicillin notatin. (General Biochemistry, Fruton & Simmonds
577.1 F944 p. 339)
  Much has been made of the healing properties of Interferon, but it is
unbelievably expensive. However, much of its effectiveness is apparently due
to the fact that it stimulates production of H2O2 and other oxygen
intermediates, which are a key factor in reactivating the immune system.
(Journal of Interferon Research Vol 3, #2, 1983 p 143-151.) Thus Interferon
may turn out to be simply a very elaborate way to accomplish essentially the
same thing as the H2O2 regimen.
  Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has long been recognized as essential to the
proper use of oxygen by the cells. Dr Linus Pauling has demonstrated that
large doses of vitamin C are effective against cancer. The mainstream medical
community still has not acknowledged this discovery, let alone put it to use,
despite Dr Pauling's previous credentials. As it turns out, vitamin C actually
creates extra H2O2 in the body.
  Organic Germanium (bis-carboxyethyl germanium sesquioxide) is gaining
increasing recognition as a potent healing substance, primarily through the
work of Dr Kazuhiko Asai. This compound directly increases the body's oxygen
supply, as it contains a great deal of oxygen in a form that can be easily
assimilated. (See "Miracle Cure: Organic Germanium" by Dr Asai, Japan
Publications, Inc., Tokyo and New York.)
  Taheebo (aka Pau D'Arco or Lapacho Colorado) is a tree that grows in the
Andes and fixes high concentrations of oxygen in crystalline form into its
inner bark. The bark has been used for centuries by the native peoples of the
area to prevent and revesre illnesses, and it is onre reason why they do not
get cancer. In recent years it has become popular in the US, and it gets by
the FDA as an "herbal tea" whose distributors wisely make no medical claims
for it. Again, much of its effectiveness is apparently due to its high oxygen
content, released in solution when brewed as a tea.

  There are several very common practices that drop a person's oxygen level
far below where it should ideally be. At sea level, 20% of the atmosphere is
supposed to be oxygen, but city air gets down as low as 10%, due to smog and
removal of trees. Air that tastes bad induces a tendency to breathe shallowly,
getting even less oxygen in the blood. So does lack of exercise.
  The carbon monoxide (CO) in smog does not normally occur in nature in much
quantity since it's formed by incomplete combustion of carbon compounds. It is
electrically unbalanced, so it seeks to bond with any available oxygen to
form the more stable carbon dioxide (CO2). Those who breathe too much carbon
monoxide tend to die, fast or slow depending on the concentration. It strips
oxygen molecules from the blood to form CO2, which the body can't use and must
exhale, at least until its oxygen runs out. The fact that the body considers
CO2 a waste product, by the way, doesn't say much for carbonated beverages.
  Tap water is very low in oxygen, having had no opportunity to be aerated
during its journey through the pipes, and being loaded down with chlorine and
various contaminants. Since cooking drives the extra oxygen out of vegetables,
if one's diet is mostly cooked or processed foods, there's yet another oxygen
source lost.

  Overeating is so common in the US it's considered "normal". One cause is the
widespread use of oral antibiotics. While destroying the target germs, these
drugs also kill off one's intestinal flora, which are needed for healthy
digestion. With these friendly bacteria gone, digestive efficiency plummets.
As a result, the sensation of hunger comes more often and lasts longer, as
the body tries to compensate for ineffective digestion by increasing the
amounts consumed.
  Even just eating daily, without ever giving the gastro-intestinal tract a
rest, loads down the blood with toxins and impurities, especially uric acid
crystals. Under a microscope these resemble tiny coffin-lids, interestingly
enough, another clue to our Creator's whimsical sense of humor. When the waste
products exceed the cleansing capacity of the kidneys, the blood ends up just
having to haul it around the body and stash it wherever possible. These toxins
literally take up so much room in the blood cells that the cells can't take
on enough oxygen when they pass through the lungs. The blood's primary
function of picking up and distributing oxygen gets blocked by overuse of the
garbage-hauling function.
  Fasting restors health by giving the overloaded blood cells a chance to dump
the toxins and inert matter through normal organs of elimination at a rate
they can handle, instead of through the skin, as in acne, or other
inappropriate places. If the fast is long enough, accumulated residues in the
body are also scoured out and expelled, giving a considerable spiritual
resurgence once all the backlog is cleared away. While the debris is flushing
out, various toxic reactions may come and go. Once the blood is cleansed the
red corpuscles have a lot more room for oxygen molecules, the oxygen
saturation of the tissues is high, and health and energy are boosted
considerably. Each breath now gives more life than it was able to in the
blood's earlier state.
  Most long-lived native peoples, who are not affected by our more common
diseases, either include fasting as a regular part of their yearly food
cycles, or eat much less overall, than industrialized peoples.
  Today many Americans are existing at such high levels of toxicity, that
their toxic reactions when attempting to fast can seem intense enough to make
them start eating again before any serious cleansing can be accomplished.
Fortunately one can partially bypass the lungs and get the blood oxygen level
back up, by taking oxygenated water internally and through the skin. Several
weeks of detoxification with this regumen will also make it much easier to
fast without discomfort, if one chooses. It reduces appetite, logically
enough, to a level more in line with the body's actual needs.
  The bacteria that aid digestion are not killed by oral use of H2O2, as long
as it's diluted properly.

  Perhaps the greatest potential benefit is the reversal of the slight brain
damage caused by long-term oxygen depletion, which can be observed in the
"average" human, and is sometimes not all that slight. It's well known that
after about nine minutes of no oxygen, from drowning or whatever, you can
kiss your brain goodbye. But the implications of constant gradual oxygen
starvation in our cities somehow escape notice, despite the tiredness,
depression, irritability, poor judgement and health problems affecting so many
  Increasing the oxygen supply to the brain and nervous system will reverse
these conditions. The oxywater regimen improves alertness, reflexes, memory
and apparently intelligence, and may offer the elderly a new weapon against
senility and related disorders. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are reported to
be responding to it. Alcoholics who start taking H2O2 soon lose interest in
alcohol, and the thirst does not come back. Americans especially, will have
an opportunity to outgrow many stupid things.
  It's strange that the common drug aspirin "stops pain" by interfering with
the nervous system's ability to sue oxygen, in the elctrochemical reactions
needed to transmit impulses. Though maybe it's not that strange, considering
that the Bayer Company which originated it was a subsidiary of IG Farben, the
German chemical conglomerate that is famous for, among other things,
developing and mass-producing the lethal gas Zyklon-B specifically for
exterminations at nazi death camps.

  Dr Terry McGrath, the CEO at Medizone, confirmed that Hydrogen peroxide
would in principle act much like ozone in destroying the AIDS virus, but
pointed out that it's never likely to be tested and proven in the laboratory.
There's simply no economic incentive, since it's an unpatentable process and
offers no more commercial returns than most other natural remedies. So it's
completely up to individual patients and concerned citizens to push these
options out into the open, immediately, before various companies get too
financially committed to the assumption that AIDS (or any other disease) will
continue to spread and be incurable.
  This is good a place as any for the FDA-required disclaimer: "Information
given here is for research and educational purposes only and is not intended
to prescribe treatment."

  Humans aren't the only life form that benefit from compensation for their
oxygen-deficient air, water and/or lifestyle. H2O2 in animals' drinking water,
not enough to taste unpleasant, knocks out a growing list of illnesses.
Locally, cats have gotten rid of their feline leukemia and chlamydia, and are
back to theirmold energetic slapstick selves. Distemper in dogs has been
reversed with H2O2, and a growing number of farmers are applying it to their
livestock to cut losses from disease and infected wounds.
  Plants grow better with an ounce of 3% H2O2 per quart of water they're
given. Spray the solution on their leaves as well. Seeds germinate faster,
with bigger sprouts, when they are first soaked in one ounce of 3% H2O2 to a
pint of water. Instead of cutting trees that are diseased or otherwise
struggling, spray them with H2O2 and water (1 part 3% to 32 parts water).

  The obvious question is, if hyper-oxygenation is so simple and effective,
why has it taken so long to discover it? Ozone is hardly new and hydrogen
peroxide has been on the market for over a century. Why aren't all the doctors
already using it? How come this story isn't all over the major news outlets?
  Turning the question around helps clarify the problem. Just exactly what
would happen if a cure was discovered that was completely effective against
the vast majority of diseases, ridiculously cheap and plentiful, and in most
cases could be self-administered without a physician?
  Would the current medical establishment welcome a breakthrough that could
render 98% of all drugs, testing and disease-related surgery obsolete? What
would the response be of the pharmaceutical industrialists, hospital chain
owners, health insurance moguls, AMA, and FDA?
  Would you expect to read or hear such an announcement from any medical
journal or media outlet owned by people financially committed to the medical
status quo, which is practically all of them? How many want to help their own
occupation become unnecessary?
  And if the cure had already been suppressed once, wouldn't the possible
blame for allowing people to die without it provide even more incentive to
continue keeping the whole thing quiet?
  All right then. This is precisely the situation that exists, and the cure
has indeed been around for ages. It has been independently reported effective
against virtually every disease at one time or another, in thousands of
public-domain medical articles, which had never been collected and correlated
until recently. And it is so simple and basic that concealing it from most
physicians and the general public has required a tremendous smokescreen of
artificial complications, narrow specializations, symptomatic classifications
and user-hostile treatments.
  If this is so, it follows that the more profit-fixated elements of the
medical establishment will not be too thrilled about the recent surge in
interest in oxygen therapies. The drug industry has expanded enormously since
WW II, while America's level of health has dropped from the world's highest to
the lowest among the industrialized nations. It does look as if the bottom
line has been money and not health, for a long time.
  The battle for the future of medicine, between Nature's truth and lucrative
lies, is about to really heat up. We can expect to see disinformation articles
and newscasts with persuasive medical experts, some of whom will even believe
what they're saying, warning of the dangers of hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and
even regular oxygen. These reports will attempt to blur the distinction
between using therapeutic dosages at safe dilutions, and the harmful effects
of excessive concentrations. Plenty of grisly examples are available, of what
happens when various tissues are over-oxidized.
  Anti-oxygenation propaganda pieces will probably not mention that over the
years the FDA has approved H2O2 as a skin antiseptic at full 3% strength, as a
hair bleaching agent at 6%, and for internal use as an additiveto milk and in
aspetic long-shelf-life packaging. Nor are they likely to acknowledge that
many European countries use ozone and H2O2 in their cities' water supply, and
that they enjoy much better health than in the US. And they will be unable to
truthfully cite any examples of people who were harmed by using H2O2 in the
correct demonstrated therapeutic concentrations.
  If not enough public move quickly to help spread the news of this
alternative, those how fear it could reduce their economic power may go so far
as to try and knock off someone who promotes it, while trying to make it look
like "too much oxygen" is the cause. Also, product tampering has thus far
mostly targeted Bayer Aspirin's competitors, in case you hadn't noticed, but
drugstore hydrogen peroxide would not be immune to such tactics. One approach
might be to plant a contaminated batch in a town where oral use of it is
catching on and the medical establishment is losing ground, so someone gets
hurt and the story gets nationwide coverage.
  It is vital for Americans to realize that current economic dynamics don't
allow the businessmen in charge of the health industry any incentive at all,
to make people permanently healthy and lose them as customers. It's the same
reason why the energy conglomerates do not encourage citizens to become
energy-self-sufficient, the Pentagon has no incentive to stop wars, and the
American Psychiatric Association sees no advantage to ending mental illness.
  Fortunately the majority of physicians really do want to see their patients
get well. They also wouldn't mind regaining the respect and admiration with
which physicians were once more widely regarded. When it comes down to a
choice between saving lives and protecting profits, most will be brave enough
to overhaul their medical belief systems, discard obsolete methodologies,
and basically tell the pharmacuetical conglomerates to go shove it. The rest
will simply get left behind.

  Most pharmacists have never even heard of it, so it's usually a waste of
time to ask them. A number of chemical supply houses have 35% H2O2 available;
check your local directories and call a few. Under FDA pressure, DuPont and
possibly other major chemical companies have recently issued warnings to their
distributors, not to sell hydrogen peroxide to people who want it for healing
purposes. So when you in quire, if they ask what you want it for, it will
unfortunately be necessary to lie. If you say you want it as a cleaning agent,
that's at least pretty close to the truth.
  Several physicians quietly sell itthrough the mail, bu they aren't the same
ones promoting its healing properties, for obvious FDA-related reasons. A good
source in California, though he can ship it anywhere, is Dr A J McDonald, at
PO Box 775, Lodi, CA 95240; 209-368-8681; $12/pint.
  Your best move would be to share this information with owners of health-food
stores in your area. Call and ask them if they have food-grade H2O2 (some
already do) and tell them why you want it and how it works. Encourage them to
carry it and give them Dr McDonald's address if they don't seem inclined to
track down a local source.
  Cleanroom-grade 30% H2O2 (used for cleaning in computer rooms since it is a
powerful disinfectant and leaves no residue when it evaporates) is reported to
be just as pure as food-grade and much cheaper. Check with labs that make
"wafer fabrication" chemicals, or contact the manufacturers of silicon chips
and other computer parts, and the data processing complexes that might use it
in their cleanrooms, and ask where they buy it. The more sources become known,
the harder it will be for anyone to make it unavailable.

  Write your elected officials, send copies of this information, and point out
what will happen to a politician whose constituents learn he knew of a cure
for cancer and AIDS but didn't tell them about it. Call in on radio talk shows
and share the good news, or send copies to their reporters and program
directors, especially at listener-supported stations as these are less likely
to suppress it. Don't assume your local papers have already heard of this;
write letters to editors, and/or send copies of this report. Tack it up on
every bulletin board you see, and post it on all relevant computer bulletin
  If you know teachers, physicians, or health officials who can still think
for themselves, tell them about this and give the references. Notify your
local police officials that hyper-oxygenation gives them a way of maing sure
they'll be safe from infection due to contact with AIDS carriers. If you're
really feeling bold, walk into the local hospital's cancer wards and hand a
copy of this report to anyone who can still read, and slip out the back door
before their doctors walk in. Share it with anyone you know who has a health
problem, even a minor one; H2O2 apparently works on everything from acne to
  Above all, stop buying the idea that cancer, AIDS, and other "terminal"
illnesses are automatic death sentences. When you hear some celebirty you like
is sick or dying of this or that, look up their mailing address in Who's Who
or whatever, and mail them this information. If the address is for an agent,
which are notorious for blocking attempted communications to their client,
you might include a cover letter to the agent, stating that the enclosed vital
news is also being sent to their client's family members, and if he or she
learns through them that there was life-saving information sent but held up
at the agent's, that agent will be out of a job. Act like you have the clout
it takes to make a difference, and you soon will.
  Major scientific breakthroughs go through three stages: first they are
ridiculed, then violently opposed, and finally they are accepted as having
been self-evident all along. Let's see if we can short-cut those first two
stages a bit, OK?


  It is hard to imagine that a cure for AIDS would be withheld for economic
reasons alone. Could there be some other motive?
  Despite repeated denials from Defense Department officials, allegations
persist that AIDS is a genetically altered virus, which has been deliberately
released to wipe out homosexuals and/or non-whites in the US and reduce
populations in third world countries.
  At first glance it seems like the epitome of paranoia to accuse the military
of conspiring to exterminate citizens of their own country, and even some of
their own troops. However, the vast majority of military personnel could be
completely unaware of such a plot in their midst, while a relative handful of
traitors in key positions could conduct it under cover of classified
operations. And the circumstantial eivdence is actually quite compelling, that
the AIDS virus was artificially engineered, and planted in several different
locations at about the same time through vaccination programs, and possibly
blood bank contaminations.
  At a House Appropriations hearing in 1969, the Defense Department's
Biological Warfare (BW) division requested funds to develop through gene-
splicing a new disease that would both resist and break down a victim's immune
system. "Within the next 5 to 10 years it would probably be possible to make a
new infective micro-organism which could differ in certain important respects
from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it
might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which
we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease." (See "A
Higher Form of Killing: The Secret Story of Chemical and Biological Warfare"
by R. Harris and J. Paxman, p 266, Hill and Wang, pubs.) The funds were
  AIDS appeared within the requested time frame, and has the exact
characteristics specified.
  In 1972 the World Health Organization published a similar proposal: "An
attempt should be made to ascertain whether viruses can in fact exert
selective effects on immune function, e.g. by...affecting T cell function as
opposed to B cell function. The possibility should also be looked into that
the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired if the infecting
virus damages more or less selectively the cells responding to the viral
antigens." (Bulletin of the W.H.O., vol 47, p 257-74.) This is a clinical
description of the function of the AIDS virus.
  The incidence of AIDS infections in Africa coincides exactly with the
locations of the massive W.H.O. smallpox vaccination program in the mid-1970's
(London Times, May 11, 1987). Some 14,000 Haitians then on UN secondment to
Central Africa were also vaccinated in this campaign. Personnel actually
conducting the vaccinations may have been completely unaware that the vaccine
was anything other than what they were told.
  A striking feature of AIDS is that it is ethno-selective. The rate of
infection is twice as high among Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans as among
whites, with death coming two to three times as swiftly. And over 80% of the
children with AIDS and 90% of infants born with it are among these minorities.
"Ethnic weapons" that would strike certain racial groups more heavily than
others have been a long-standing US Army BW objective. (Harris and Paxman,
p 265)
  Under the current US administration biological warfare research spending has
increased 500 percent, primarily in the area of genetic engineering of new
disease organisms.
  The "discovery" of the AIDS virus (HTLV3) was announced by Dr Robert Gallo
at the National Cancer Institute, which is on the grounds of Fort Derrick,
Maryland, a primary US biological warfare research facility. Actually the AIDS
virus looks and acts much more like a cross between a bovine leukemia virus
and a sheep visna (brain-rot) virus, cultured in ahuman cell culture, than any
virus of the HTLV group.
  The closest thing in this case to a "smoking test tube" so far is the AIDS
virus itself. If it was possible for such a monstrosity to occur naturally it
would have done so ages ago and decimated mankind at that time. Some other
life form would presently be in control of this planet (assuming that is not
already the case).
  The Hepatitis B vaccine study in 1978 appears to have been the initial means
of planting the infection in New York City. The test protocol specified non-
monogamous males only, and homosexuals received a different vaccine from
heterosexuals. At least 25-50% of the first reported NY AIDS cases in 1981
had received the Hepatitis B test vaccine in '78. By 1984, 64% of the vaccine
recipients had AIDS, and the figures on the current infection rate for the
participants of that study are held by the US Department of Justice, and
  The AIDS epidemic emerged full-blown in the three US cities with "organized
gay communities" before being reported elsewhere, including Haiti or Africa,
so it is epidemiologically impossible for either of those countries to be the
origin point for the US infections.
  Another indication AIDS had multiple origin points is that the 14-month
doubling time of the disease cannot nearly account for the current number of
cases if we assume only a small number of initial infections starting in the
late 1970s.
  Before dismissing the possibility that a US Army BW facility would
participate in genocide, bear in mind that hundreds of top nazis were imported
into key positions in the US military-intelligence establishment following
WW II. US military priorities were then defeating nazis to "defeating"
communism at any cost, and strengthening military control of economic and
foreign policy decisions. (See "Project Paperclip" by Clarence Lasby, Atheneum
214, NY, and "Gehlen: Spy of the Century" by E H Cookridge, Random House.)
There's no proof those nazis ever gave up their long-term goals of conquest
and genocide, just because they changed countries. Fascism was and is an
international phenomenon.
  It's not as this was a total reversal of previous US military policy,
however. Hitler claimed to have gotten his inspiration for the "final
solution" from the extermination of Native Americans in the US. For that
matter the first example of germ warfare in the US was in 1763 when some of
the European colonists gave friendly Indians a number of blankets that had
been infected with smallpox, causing many deaths.
  One indication of the actual US military priorities regarding BW was the
importation of the entire Japanese germ warfare unit (#731) following WW II.
These people killed over 3000 POWs, including many Americans, in a variety of
grisly experiments, yet they were granted complete amnesty and given American
military positions in exchange for sharing their research findings with their
US Army counterparts.
  Consider also the callous attitude displayed by top military officials
toward veterans suffering from the aftereffects of exposure to Agent Orange
and radiation from nuclear weapons tests.
  In fact, since the end of WW II over 200 experimental BW tests have been
conducted on civilians and military personnel in the US. One example was the
test spraying from Sept 20-26, 1950 of bacillus globigi and syraceus
maracezens over 117 square miles of the San Francisco area, vausing pneumonia-
like infections in many of the residents. The family of one elderly man who
died in the test sued the government, but lost. To this day syraceus is a
leading cause of death among the elderly in the SF area. Another case was the
joint Army/CIA BW test in 1955, still classified, in which an undisclosed
bacteria was released in the Tampa Bay region of Florida, causing a dramatic
increase in whooping cough infections, including twelve deaths. A third
example was the July 7-10, 1966 release of bacteria throughout the New York
subway system, conducted by the US Army's Special Operations Division. Due to
the vast number of people exposed it would be virtually impossible to
identify, let alone prove, any specific health problems resulting directly
from this test.
  So despite the loyalty of the vast majority of US military personnel toward
their country, there are clearly some military officials who have very
different intentions, and they occupy high wnough positions to impose their
priorities on military programs and get away with it, so far.
  The first detailed charges regarding AIDS as a BW weapon were published in
the "Patriot" newspaper in New Delhi, India, on July 4, 1984. It is hard to
say where the investigations of this story in the Indian press might have led,
if they had not been sidetracked by two major domestic disasters shortly
thereafter: the assassination of Indira Gandhi on Oct 31 and the Bhopal Union
Carbide Plant "accident" that killed several thousand and injured over 200,000
on Dec 3.
  The Soviet press picked up the story in October 1985, making it easy for US
Defense Department spokesmen to dismiss the charges as "Soviet propaganda",
even though many other countries carried it. The Soviets recently retracted
the charges, in the new spirit of US-USSR cooperation.
  A variation on the AIDS-BW theory that is popular in far-right publications
is that AIDS was developed in Soviet laboratories for use against the US. An
obvious problem with this idea is that the victims of choice of a Soviet BW
attack would be anti-communists, not minorities or homosexuals, who are
generally more left-wing. The people at greatest risk from AIDS in the US are
in fact the very elements most disliked by arch-conservatives. In any case it
is simplistic to assume that one country, US or USSR, is conducting this
campaign against the other. Although concealed in apparent conflicts between
nations, the real culprits are multi-national fascists on both "sides" still
bent on massive population reductions and global domination.
  Other motives include the old "divide and conquer" principle; AIDS is
inspiring fear and mistrust between people, and scaring them away from
relating to each other at the basic level of sexuality. It is acting as a
barrier to the attempted cultural resurgence toward peace, love and
cooperation. Of high school students surveyed last year as to which decade
they'd most like to have grown up in, 90% chose the 60's. The last thing pro-
war fascists want is another "love generation", especially if it is more
politically sophisticated than the last one.
  Apparently homosexuals were an initial target in the US because their sexual
practices would help in the rapid spread of the disease, and because it was
correctly assumed that very few non-homosexual citizens would pay much
attention during the early years of the epidemic. Also the stigma of a
"homosexual disease" would interfere with rational analysis and discussion of
AIDS. Bear in mind that homosexuals were among the first to be exterminated in
Nazi Germany, before Jews or other minorities, so fewer citizens would object.
  The details of precisely how the AIDS virus was synthesized, mass cultured,
and spread by incorporating it into vaccination programs are available but
fairly intrictae. It is beyond the scope of this report to present a crash
course in virology, epidemiology, genetic engineering, and the military
strategies of international fascism. Readers are encouraged to obtain and
study the references cited here, and demand a full inquiry. Those officials
who are actually involved in the coverup will reveal it by their inaction
when pressed to investigate.
  Evil is hard to confront, especially on the preposterous scale we have here.
If you acknowledge the presence of those who think their only hope for
survival of their kind is to kill off two thirds of all the other kinds, and
their ability to manage it, you then pretty much have to do something about
  Three good sources, each of which lists many other key references, are:
Covert Action Information Bulletin #28 ($5) Box 50272, Washington, DC 20004;
Bio-Attack Alert ($20) Dr Robert Strecker, 1501 Colorado Blvd, LA, CA 90041;
Radio Free America #16 by Dave Emery & Nip Tuck (3 tapes, $10), Davkore Co.,
1300-D Space Park Way, Mountain View, CA 94043.


  The vast majority of humans desire peace and cooperation, so why are there
curently 43 wars arging around the globe?
  To find what or who is responsible for a problem that persists and gets
worse no matter how hard you work at correcting what you think is the cause,
look to see who benefits from the continuation of the problem.
  The beneficiaries of war are: 1) the owners of the companies that
manufacture and sell all kinds of weapons systems, 2) the owners of the giant
banks that loan money to governments to cover the deficits created by defense
spending, who can then use the billions in interest payments to get their own
people elected and influence government spending policy toward still greater
debts, and 3) the heads of governments who have so thoroughly cheated and
mistreated their citizens that only wars with outside enemies, genuine or
artificial, will distract the people from recognizing and revolting against
the real enemy in their own government. Hence, the symbiosis of U.S. and
Soviet military-industrial-intelligence establishments.
  Imagine that you're in the big-time weapons business. Your profits depend on
increasing the world-wide demand for weapons. So you re-invest profits and/or
government funds to "stimulate the market". Hire "ex-"CIA or other clever
mercenaries to stir up or intensify foreign and domestic hostilities.
Overhtrow popular leaders and replace them with fascists, who need tons of
weapons just to keep their own outraged citizens subdued. Don't think about
the natives your merchandise ruins. Peace movements are costly and must be
infiltrated and sidetracked, and their mjore effective leaders assassinated.
  The owners of the major news services are tightly connected with the
defense and banking giants, through interlinked corporate directorates and
membership in the Council on Foreign Relations. So if you get all your news
and information from AP, UPI, NBC, ABC, CBS and the other established media
owned by the same interconnected pro-war corpocracy, of course you'll remain
totally baffled by the treason-disguised-as-bungling that dominates the news.
Don't expect those sources to expose any deeper layers of the cover-up of
illegal weapons deals than are needed to ease out the Reagan team and install
a different batch of front-men to continue the same policies (if Americans
allow it). Just like after Watergate.
  Only millionaires can get their own friends appointed to "investigate" them
when they are accused of criminal acts. Senator John Tower, assigned to "get
at the truth" in the Iran-Contra affair, is a long-time ally of key weapons
industrialists. He's even married to the sister of Interarms president Sam
Cummings, the world's largest private arms merchant.
  If you're really serious about wanting peace on earth, you must first learn
the identities, motives and plans of the people who profit from the creation
of wars amd the arming of the combatants. Do you really expect men of great
wealth and power and no compassion to end on their own such a profitable
enterprise? They have no incentive to stop production of weapons and torture
equipment as long as their agents are allowed to stimulate markets for such
things, by creating and funding supposedly leftist terrorist groups, and
overthrowing legitimate third-world governments to install fascists.

  The federal deficit is constantly referred to in mass media without ever
acknowledging why it really exists. The world's largest banks derive their
largest profits from the interest payments on loans made to governments. Only
governments borrow billions at a time, and they only do that to cover budgets
bloated with massive "defense spending". Thus, the top bankers have a vested
interest in maintaining the appearance of a threat of imminent war. The very
men who collect the yearly billions in interest payments on the national debt
are then able with such resources to make sure the government policies calling
for deficit spending continue.
  To understand the direction the world has taken since World War II, one must
recognize the full implications of these facts: throughout the war, the Nazis
had tremendous financial and material support from such U.S. corporations as
Ford, ITT, Standard Oil and Chase Bank. The Nazi goal of world conquest,
enslavement and population reduction appealed just as strongly to powerful
American fascists, and still do. Only a few dozen Nazi officers were ever
tried for war crimes. Literally thousands of other important Nazi personnel
simply moved their base of opeartions to the U.S., South America, the Middle
East and elsewhere. Under the guidance of Martin Bormann, they also removed
from Germany all the acpital they'd accumulated (over $370 million), and used
it to form some 750 foreign corporations officially headed by local nationals,
but with German expatriates as the principal shareholders. These companies,
reinvesting "from abroad" in Germany's industrial reconstruction, are
responsible for its rapid recovery and current economic strength. They also
are tightly interconnected with their American counterparts, and include some
of today's biggest multinationals. The loyalties of the Nazis who went
underground remained with the Third Reich and its long-range goals. And the
Nazi's niggest enemy, our war-time ally the Soviet Union, suddenly became
"our" enemy. Only these two superpowers were big enough to provide a
believable threat to each other, to justify continuing to maintain large-scale
military forces and industries in both countries.
  The governemnt checks and balances provided in the U.S. Constitution were
completely sidestepped by the formation of the C.I.A. in the Executive Branch
immediately following World War II and stomped into the ground as more such
agencies were added (NSC, DIA, DISC< DARPA, FEMA, etc.). Few citizens are
aware yet that the CIA was created by Nazi general Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler's
chief of intelligence against the Russians. Gehlen was brought over to the
U.S. right after the war with his entire staff, and given 200 million dollars
to continue the job for "our side". At the same time, hundreds of other top
Nais were imported (this was called "Project Paperclip") and given new
identities and government positions. They formed the core of the new U.S.
intelligence, defense, and aerospace establishments. Why do you suppose every
CIA-engineered coup installs a Nazi-like dictatorship that suppresses,
tortures and murders the native populations?
  The first thing new intelligence agents are taught is to lie convincingly.
With the intelligence/defense establishment in almost total control over the
U.S. government, naturally we now have an actor in the White House. Official
deception of citizens is a dialy occurrence, for "national security reasons",
which has more to do with protecting those in power than protecting the
nation. But even though many government lies are exposed, many others have not
yet come out. It is a common tactic to confess to small misdeeds to throw
investigators off the trail of major crimes.
  Intelligence agents are also taught how to sabotage, steal, arrange coups,
set up phony front organizations, blow up buildings, cars and planes, and kill
people without being detected. These are their products, the things they are
paid to do. So its it any wonder we now have a world in which all these things
occur constantly and are attributed to other sources?
  When truth is what is really wanted, many popular deceptions must be given
up. Most people trying to reach the truth would prefer to pause at a safe
plateau of group agreement along the way. However, the world situation has
reached the point where learning what is really going on is far more important
than maintaining confidence in governments, corporations, schools and
established media. When the map you're following is of some imaginary land
instead of where you really are, of course you'll be mystified by what you see
around you.

  If while reading this you are experiencing disbelief or outrage, you'd
better start studying some of the references listed below, because you'll be a
lot more upset if you find out later that it's all true, whe it's too late for
you to do anything about it.
  Or perhaps nations of sheep deserve to be fleeced, and then...? Come on!
It's time to stop pretending we don't know any better.


_Gehlen:_Spy_of_the_Century_ -- E.H. Cookridge; Random House (formed CIA)
_The_Warmongers,_and_the_Paper_Aristocracy_ -- Howard S. Katz; Books in Focus
_The_Secret_Team_ -- L. Fletcher Prouty; Ballantine (CIA "controls" world)
_Spooks_ (Wm. Morris & Co.), and _Secret_Agenda_ (Random House) -- Jim Hougan
  -- R. Harris and J. Paxman; Hill and Wang, NY (is AIDS a weapon?)
*Nomenclature_of_an_Assassination_Cabal_ -- Wm. Torbitt (the removal of JFK)
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*Deadly_Business:_Sam_Cummings,_Interarms_and_the_Arms_Trade_; Norton
*The_Great_Heroin_Coup_ -- Henrik Kruger; South End Press (CIA and narcotics)
*On_The_Take:_From_Petty_Crooks_to_Presidents_ -- Wm. Chambliss; Indiana U.
*Amnesty_International:_World_reports_ (annual) -- Amnesty Int'l, London
*The_Crime_and_Punishment_of_I.G._Farben_ -- Joseph Borkin; Pocket Books
_The_Glass_House_Tapes_ -- Louis E. Tackwood; Avon Books (LAPD & Cointelpro)
*Under_Cover:_35_Years_of_C.I.A._Deception_ -- Darrell Garwood; Grove Press
_Coup_D'Etat:_A_Practical_Handbook_ -- Edward Luttwak (how-to manual on
  overthrowing a country by member of Reagan's transitionteam); Fawcett
*The_C.I.A._and_the_Cult_of_Intelligence_ -- V. Marchetti and J. Marks; Dell
*Trading_with_The_Enemy_, and _American_Swastika_ -- C. Higham; Delacourte
*Operation_Mind_control_ -- Walter H. Bowart; Dell (CIA/Army & MK ULTRA)

*(Titles unavailable from publishers can be obtained from: Tom Davis Research,
P.O. Box 1107, Aptos CA 95001)


  Often those taken in by clever con-jobs don't report it, preferring not to
look like stupid suckers. On a grand scale, this and group agreement
dependency must explain most Americans' continued tolerance of the high
treason portrayed as well-intentioned bungling, that passes for U.S. foreign
and domestic policy. Until now.
  This year, millions of Americans will stop buying the official stories and
start looking and thinking for themselves, including those military and
government people who discover they've also been betrayed. We're about to see
unprecedented non-compliance with institutionalized scams and foreign
conquests that have enriched a few at great cost to all others.
  No longer mistaking the symbol for the thing, true patriots will reaffirm
their loyalty to the people, land and principles of America; not the White
House, Pentagon or corporate warmongers who create and strengthen our enemies
so we'll keep paying more for "security".
  Communism is such a stupid and repressive system that it has been easy to
persuade citizens that it's also the cause of all our troubles. But such
simplistic explanations for continuing warfare, in the face of a global demand
for peace, are looking more ridiculous every year. The collaboration at the
highest levels between U.S. and Soviet weapons merchants to perpetuate demand
for their products has become too blatant to ignore.
  A much higher percentage of American business, media and government leaders,
ashamed at having allowed U.S.-sponsored coups, terrorism, genocide,
parasitism and hypocrisy to make the U.S. the most hated and feared of all
nations, will stop assisting their own would-be enslavers and instead pour
some of their wealth into world-healing projects. They'll choose to be
remembered as heroes who helped rescue the planet at the last possible minute,
rather than as greedy, short-sighted jerks who kept trying to hold back the
future right up until it crushed them.
  Regardless of who helps and who doesn't, the suppression of proven solutions
for major problems and resource shortages by the monopolists that profit by
perpetuating them, will no longer be permitted.
  The dams of deception are about to burst, and the flood of truth will simply
wash away anyone who tries to stop it. Far safer to help the truth come out
now and release the pressure less explosively.

                FREE ENERGY OPTIONS

  There is no energy shortage, only a blocked information flow on fuelless
energy sources. The major media are owned mostly by the same characters who
own the energy conglomerates, so they should not be expected to publicize
alternatives to their monopolies. Citizens who are tired of being misled need
to look into the scientific underground's information channels.
  Everything perceivable is composed of energy. The fabric of space itself has
an energy density per cubic centimeter far exceeding the entire world's energy
consumption, regardless of whather the space is occupied by matter. This is
due to its oscillation frequency being sixty octaves above the top of the
known spectrum, which stops at an electron's diameter. Energy potential
increases with frequency of vibration. We do not feel the enormous pressure of
this electric fluid, just as we do not feel the ten or fifteen tons of
constant air pressure on our bodies.
  Tiny amounts of this energy are drawn from the "space-juice" in all energy
production methods. The apparent source of energy may be photons, combustion
of hydrocarbons, atomic disruption or mechanical conversion, but in all cases
it is the same ultimate source, appearing in various forms.
  The US Patent Office categorically denies patents to any invention that
seems to involve "perpetual motion". Manufacturers won't touch an unpatentable
device. Thus the public is denied access to energy conversion systems that
seem to derive power "from nowhere". Actually the law of conservation of
energy is not violated by such devices. They are merely tapping an officially
unrecognized source. A windmill would appear to violate conservation of energy
as well, if we had no other means of feeling or detecting the wind.
  Interestingly, despite this restriction a number of patents have been
granted for instruments that can run themselves and have power left over. In
most of these the self-powering feature is not directly pointed out in the
patent application. Apparently it goes unnoticed by the overworked examiners,
who by now have approved nearly five million patents.
  Our civilization utilizes only a small percentage of those five million
inventions. Scattered among the remainder are some fascinating alternatives to
what currently prevails. They have never been implemented only because they
threaten to render various existing industrial monopolies obsolete. Agents of
the power elite routinely sabotage efforts to get such breakthroughs into
mass production.
  Currently in the news is Joe Newman's Energy Machine. While Reagan stalled
on acid rain, and Hodel pushed offshore drilling, the US Patent Office
continued to block commercial development of this latest of many government-
smothered free energy devices.
  Newman is suing the patent office for refusing to grant his machine a
patent, in violation of their own regulations and the advice of the expert
they chose to examine the device. They also are issuing false statements to
the press about the invention's workability. Over thrity respected electrical
engineers, physicists and technical experts have endorsed Newman's machine and
signed affidavits confirming his claim of greater energy output than external
energy input. Ten congressmen have introduced bills which would require
Newman's patent be granted.
  As the Newman battle heated up, Reagan appointed Donald Quigg, a thirty-year
Phillips Petroleum executive, to head the Patent and Trademark Office. The
Judge entrusted with the case, Thomas P. Jackson, has violated judicial
procedure, ignored expert testimony and ordered Newman's prototype confiscated
and destroyed. During Watergate, Jackson was the attorney for John Mitchell
and CREEP's corrupt finance division.
  Newman identified the gyroscopic properties of subatomic particles and built
a unique arrangement of coils and magnets to draw energy directly from them,
thus converting almost immeasurably small amounts of the machine's mass into
energy. Theory and device are detailed in "The Energy Machine", $38.45
including postage, from Joseph Newman Publishing Co, Route 1, Box 52,
Lucedale, Mississippi 39452; 601-947-7147. Free press releases and brief
technical decsriptions are also available, send SASE.

  Much quieter is H R Johnson of Blacksburg, Virginia. His motor simply puts
the continuous power of magnets in a usable rotary form. The device is
composed of specially curved magnets, and uses the difference in force and
quality of their north and south poles to create a net unidirectional
rotation. His patent number is 4,151,431, granted in 1979, but commercial
production does not appear to be occurring.

  Professor Shinichi Seike of Uwajima, Japan has built gravity-field energy
converters out of coils resembling mobius bands and klein bottles. The
equations describing electrical flow in such topological curiosities are very
strange indeed. Imaginary numbers appear in the energy output figures. Power
seems to well up inside the devices, which have no moving parts.
  Seike's work is covered in his book, "The Principles of Ultra-Relativity",
$40 from Gravity Research Lab PO Box 33, Uwajima, Ehime (798) Japan.

  Fourteen years ago Joseph Papp was granted US Patwnt #3,670,494 for his
Noble Gas Plasma Engine. A mixture of inert gases (helium, neon, argon,
krypton, xenon) is sparked in a sealed cylinder with a piston. The spark
causes the gases to expand violently though no cpombustion is occurring.
Mechanical energy is delivered by the piston's displacement. The gases
immediately collapse to their original density and the cyle is repeated. After
several thousand hours the gases lose their elasticity and are replaced.

  Many types of ordinary rock actually emit electricity at a rate of roughly a
volt per foot thickness of rock. Take a slab of granite or basalt, paint
copper on both ends and attach wires to the painted surfaces, making in effect
a large capacitor. Hook the wires to an electrostatic type voltmeter that can
detect small currents, and a continuous flow of electricity will appear. The
amount of current increases with the surface area of the rock faces. The
voltage fluctuates daily by about thirty percent, and is strongest when our
galaxy's core is overhead, suggesting that the rock is translating gravity
waves into electricity. It remains to be seen in this can be adapted to
provide usable amounts of energy. Details on this phenomenon can be found in
Townsend Brown's papers on "Petro-voltaics", $17 from Rex Research, Box 1258,
Berkeley. CA 94701.

  There are many other free energy systems that have been devised in this
century alone, with varying degrees of efficiency and verifiability. None have
stood a chance so far against the existing energy monopolies. Perhaps the
threat of nuclear- and oil-induced ecological and economic disasters is
finally severe enough to bring on a massive public demand for re-examination
of these clean alternatives. In future issues of NOW WHAT we'll examine some
of these in more detail. Meanwhile a reference list is provided for those who
are interested in knowing more.

  The best single source of info is the many detailed folios available from
Rex Research, PO Box 1258, Berkeley, CA 94704. The extensive catalog is $2 and
covers many other areas of exotic science as well.
  Another good source is Fry's Publishing, 9237 Craver, Morongo Valley, CA
92256. Start with "Suppressed and Incredible Inventions", $10.
  "The Manual of Free Energy Devices and Systems", $10 from Electrodyne
Corporation, PO Box 11422, Clearwater, FL 33516.
  "Tesla Said", and "The Nikola Tesla Patent Wrappers", John T Ratzlaff,
editor. Tesla Book Company, PO Box 1685, Ventura, CA 93002.
  "Toward A New Electromagnetics", and "Solutions to Tesla's Secrets and The
Soviet Tesla Weapons", by Tom Bearden. Tesla Book Company.
  "The Sea of Energy", by T Henry Moray. Cosray Research Institute, 2505
South 4th East, Salt Lake City, UT 84115.
  "Living Water: Viktor Schauberger and the Secerets of Natural Energy", by
Olof Alexandersson, Turnstone Press Ltd, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire,
  "The Principles of Ultra-Relativity", by Shinichi Seike, $40 from Gravity
Research Lab PO Box 33, Uwajima, Ehime (798) Japan.
  "Reality Revealed", by Douglas Vogt and Gary Sultan, Vector Associates, San
Jose, California.
  "The All-Electric Motional Electric Field Generator", Frances G Gibson (on
W J Hooper's work), Electrodynamic Gravity, Inc, 34 West Tallmadge Ave, Akron,
OH 44310.
  "Awesome Force", J H Cater, Cadake Industries, PO Box 9478, Winter Haven,
  That's enough to get you started. Welcome to the High Volt Age.

[drawing of a truck held in the air by a tree that has grown up beneath it


The following is the beginning of a short story by Waves Forest in
"Three-Fisted Tales of `Bob'". This part is *not* uncopyrighted.


The SubGenius boasts about Time Control always sound like a bunch of tall
tales, until you get a firsthand taste of the High Volt Age. One of "Bob's"
Friends from the Future just clued me in, partway at least, and my scrambled
synapses still haven't settled. How do I apply some of these crazy new ideas
in time to prevent or at least personally survive you-know-what?

  Sometimes it seems like your luck has to balance out somehow, where you have
to undergo a total bummer to set you up for something great you'd never have
run into otherwise.
  I was hoping this would be one of those times. A blown head gasket on an
empty desert highway should be worth some sort of break to even things out,
preferably before the sun melted me into the asphalt.
  But so far all I was getting was a new and deeper appreciation of the word
*barren*. Even the occasional scragglebush looked like it really resented
being here, and wasn't about to put any more than the bare minimum of survival
effort into it.
  So much for shortcuts. I'd been walking for three hours and had seen only
only one car. The e"BOB" AND THE OXYGEN WARS - Waves Forest

The SubGenius boasts about Time Control always sound like a bunch of tall
tales, until you get a firsthand taste of the High Volt Age. One of "Bob's"
Friends from the Future just clued me in, partway at least, and my scrambled
synapses still haven't settled. How do I apply some of these crazy new ideas
in time to prevent or at least personally survive you-know-what?

  Sometimes it seems like your luck has to balance out somehow, where you have
to undergo a total bummer to set you up for something great you'd never have
run into otherwise.
  I was hoping this would be one of those times. A blown head gasket on an
empty desert highway should be worth some sort of break to even things out,
preferably before the sun melted me into the asphalt.
  But so far all I was getting was a new and deeper appreciation of the word
*barren*. Even the occasional scragglebush looked like it really resented
being here, and wasn't about to put any more than the bare minimum of survival
effort into it.
  So much for shortcuts. I'd been walking for three hours and had seen only
only one car. The expressions glimpsed on the flyby were of dull surprise that
anyone would even try to hitch a ride in this time and place - a feeling I
could appreciate.
  It was getting rather obvious that years of city life had left me in pitiful
shape. Only a few hours out in a hot but otherwise ordinary American desert
and I was nearly wiped out already.
  This was no longer just a matter of missing a long-shot job interview that
might have helped me postpone lifting anything heavier than a paintbrush a
little while longer. It was starting to look like all my stubborn resistance
to changing times had caught up with me. When their basic survival needs get
threatened, most folks' interest in "art" evaporates quicker than piss on a
desert bush, which got the unpleasant surprise of discovering that it could
get even more resentful than it already was.
  Shortly after that so did I. My crude pack of stuff salvaged from the car
got its fill of bouncing and bellyaching, split open and scattered feeble
expressions of American "culture" across the gravel. How appropriate. The
phrase "World Without Slack" kept taking opn new and more exasperating
  While I was crouching there, telling various inanimate objects how stupid
they were and patching the pack up by tying my shirt around it, all my arm and
neck hairs suddenly stood up.
  I turned around, and there was the smoothest-looking sports car I've ever
seen, standing with the passengr door open. Instant floods of relief struggled
with major danger signals for control of my legs. There was no way I could
have missed seeing that car miles ahead of its arrival. I'd been looking back
a lot oftener than any logical expectations could justify. And even with all
the smkog that's crept into the desert basins, visibility was still at least
twenty miles, on a road going straight over the horizon.
  The desperate craving for shade won out. Dehydration makes me capable of
superhuman rationalizations. The car was actually the same shimmery color as
the road, and might have been mistaken for part of the constant mirage. The
motor was too quiet to be heard over the mild desert winds - which, rather
than cooling me off, tended to produce a slight blowtorch effect.
  And anyway, how could something so beautiful be dangerous? Its curve was
completely different yet thoroughly appropriate. The interior was a deep moss
green, and a cool ocean breeze seemed to be flowing from inside it. This car
was definitely not made in Detroit.
  As I stepped up to the open door I could see that the kid at the wheel
looked harmless enough - scrawny, and unarmed unless his swimming trunks had a
secret compartment, or the car itself was one big weapon. I collapsed into the
strange green upholstery and pulled the door shut. The sound reminded me
slightly of a submarine hatch closing.
  "Thanks", I rasped. "Thatw was getting embarrassing."
  The kid just smiled and floored it. We went from zero to about one-ten in
seven seconds, with no gear changes that I could detect. The bucket seat
yielded in all the right places, but I immediately discovered there were no
seat belts. And all that I could figure out was that he must have some really
ultimate soundproofing, because I could hardly hear any engine noise. This was
just sort of a deep muffled pounding whoosh, like a distant waterfall.
  "What kind of car is this?"
  "You sound awful. Here, soak those vocal cords before you break something.
Unless you're trying for a New Sound, maybe."
  I seized the water jug, closed my eyes and swallowed until I had to stop for
air. Then I sat there gasping and trying to identify some of the extra stuff
in the car's instrument cluster. What little I thought I could recognize made
no sense at all, so I looked at the driver instead.
  He didn't seem to make sense either. For one thing, he was soaked, not from
sweat but as if he'd just been swimming five minutes ago. He looked quite cool
and comfortable, and smelled like seawater - of which the nearest had to be a
couple hundred miles away.
  Also, he didn't entirely look like a kid, up close. The face was maybe
nineteen, but the eyes seemed much too confident and experienced. Though he
looked thin, the muscle definition was unusually sharp. And his hands and feet
looked like they'd seen at least thirty years of heavy work, and were up for
plenty more whenever.
  I acted mildly unastounded by our speed and silence and took another shot at
conversation. "You're probably wondering how I came to be stuck out here."
  "Not really."
  Normally I'd expect to be annoyed at such indifference to human suffering,
especially mine, but he was so matter-of-fact about it.
  He added, "One dead car, three hours cold, and one overheated hitchhiker two
hours' walk past it. Nothing else around for miles. Fairly short list of
possible explanations, eh?"
  In these irritating times that sort of a statement might be considered as a
mild put-down, especially from a strange and evidently well-financed teenager.
But here it came across perfectly straightforward.
  I credited my extra tolerance to the relief of getting out from under the
sun, and to the water's invigorating aftertaste.
  "What's in this stuff?"
  "A few trace minerals, some North Pole magnetism and extra oxygen."
  My stomach started feeling rather odd. "How do you get magnetism into
  "Put the north face of a large, flat magnet against it for a while. Makes it
more able to hold things in solution. Don't use the south face unless the
water's for plants."
  "Uh, just how much stuff is in solution here?"
  "Very little. It's mostly to help it dissolve and carry out unnecessary
stuff from whoever's drinking it."
  I had to admit that sounded like a good idea. Depending of course on who was
defining "unnecessary", and for what.
  He took a giant swallow of the jug so I let it slide, then remembered
something else. "How could you tell my car was three hours cold?"
  "Infrared. Comes in handy when you drive at night a lot."
  I was trying hard not to goggle at the instrument panel, but it was rather
spooky. There were pressure and temperature gauges: internal, external and
somewhere else. There were high-voltage dials, gas-mixture indicators, gauges
for magnetic and gravitational field intensities, a ship's floating compass,
little radar and sonar screens, dials I couldn't identify at all, and some
sort of range finder.
  But there was no fuel gauge anywhere. Also, the speedometer had no numbers
on it, just colors, and the needle was shockingly low on the dial. Unless it
read backwards, it was meant to be able to register speeds many times higher
than what we were doing. If that wasn't weird enough, there was an altimeter,
next to a depth gauge.
  Looking at all that stuff, I didn't know whether to laugh or try to escape.
A lot of it appeared to have been salvaged from other vehicles. Most of the
controls were touch-sensitive patches behind the same clear shield that
covered all the gauges. What should have been a gearshift obviously wasn't,
since he hadn't touched it yet. There were extra knobs branching off it, and
what looked like backhoe levers beside it. There were also several small video
screens, all empty.
  Seen against all this, the faded "Bob" sticker on the glove compartment was
rather reassuring. I'd met lots of SubGeniuses, and while most were pretty
peculiar, none seemed to be actually dangerous to me so far.
  Just over the windscreen was a full-length detailed chart of the
electromagnetic spectrum, with tiny indicator lights along the whole thing,
including an extra upper section I'd never seen. Strangest of all, sprouting
from among the gauges were nine different clock faces with little dagger-
shaped joysticks poking out of them.
  My stomach suddenly felt very peculiar, and I involuntarily shook like a wet
dog for an instant, then let out a tremendous belch. Just as suddenly I felt
all right, better than I had all day.
  "What the heck was that?"
  "You just clobbered the anaerobic germs in your stomach, and also boosted
your oxygen saturation a bit."
  "You have a severe oxygen deficiency, like most people in this time period.
Due to pollution and deforestation, right now your atmospheric oxygen levels
are at an all-time low, so the oxygen pressure in your blood is insufficient
to guard you against oxygen-hating microbes. You become slightly stagnant, and
serve as a growth medium for anaerobic parasites. But all pathogens are
inherently much weaker than you own cells, which are a lot more highly evolved
than viruses, bacteria, fungus and such. So you can always get rid of them by
just raising your internal oxygen concentration above what they can stand.
  I was still working on the first part. "I've heard of all kinds of
nutritional deficiencies, but oxygen?"
  "Your body's supposed to be at least eighty percent water, which is eight
ninths oxygen."
  "Wait a minute, water is two hydrogens for each oxygen, right?" I was not
exactly a chemistry whiz.
  "Yeah, but the oxygen atom is sixteen times bigger, remember?" I hadn't.
"You're supposed to be composed of over two thirds oxygen, twice as much as
everything else in you combined. The bigger a proportion of something in a
formula, the more margin there is in the high to low range of how much you can
put in and still make that formula work. That also applies to the formula for
an organism.
  "So you can see how a person could exist anywhere along a wide range of
oxygen saturation that can support his cells, though the lower levels are not
much fun. But people can still function, more or less, even at oxygen
percentages so low that anaerobic microbes can inhabit them quite
  "Well, how can you tell if your oxygen level is high enough?"
  "If you get sick, it isn't."
  "But everyone gets sick sometimes."
  "Everyone you know about. You're all oxygen-starved, that's all."
  I considered this while watching the desert race by. I was strangely
reluctant to ask how we managed to hurtle over this beat-up old highway
without feeling any real bumps or vibrations. Instead I asked, "Well, doesn't
the encyclopedia still say oxygenx makes up twenty-one percent of our
  "Have you measured it yourself lately? They haven't. They just keep printing
the same figures from earlier editions."
  "So what level is it?"
  "Depends where you measure it. In a healthy rain forest it can still get up
over twenty percent. But most large cities have very few trees and lots of
carbon monoxide, which, being electrically unstable, gobbles up free oxygen
like crazy, to become carbon dioxide, which is more stable. In those cities it
gets down to twelve percent or less at times. In Eastern Europe, with the
whole Western world's pollution blowing at them, even wooded areas can drop
below fifteen percent. Entire forests are dying there. For humans, suffocation
occurs at around seven percent."
  "You mean that the cities are already more than halfway to suffocating?"
  "Right. What do you think causes early heart attacks, crib deaths and
crashed immune systems? Very little of that happening in mountain villages. A
mammal's immune system uses lots of single-atom oxygen in knocking off germs,
and carries it around H2O2. That's because singlet oxygen itslef is so
reactive it only stays loose for maybe a millionth of a second before
oxidizing the nearest appropriate molecule. You should be internally producing
and using several quarts of H2O2 every day, but you can't if there's not
enough oxygen available from your air."
  A little of this was coming back now. "H2O2? You mean hydrogen peroxide?"
  "Yeah, oxygen water. The tiny amount in what you drank oxidized the
pathogens in your stomach."
  "That stuff they sell in brown bottles?" Yucko.
  "No, the pure food-grade kind, thirty-five percent, which can hurt you if
you don't dilute it enough. Lots of health-food stores carry it now. The
drugstore variety has chemical stabilizers in it. Okay to put a little on a
wound, but not much else."
  "Supposedly to keep the oxygen from escaping, but it's really more stable
than they let on. Mainly it's so no one will use enough of it all at once to
get rid of a major disease that should have netted some hospital at least
twenty grand."
  "What? Which diseases can you get rid of with it?"
  "All of them. But oxygen water is too simple and cheap to draw any
commercial interest. Unpatentable."
  "What do you mean, all of them?"
  "Like I said, all disease organisms prefer much lower oxygen saturations
than what your cells function best at. Their primitive, fragile membranes
break down at concentrations a healthy human cell merely finds invigorating.
You need it constantly; oxygen's the only thing you can die in minutes
without. Get enough and it protects you from disease."
  "What about cancer?"
  "Especially cancer. It's anaerobic; high oxygen levels kill it pretty fast.
Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize back in the 1930s for pointing that out, but
your medical establishment has ignored the principle since then. Too
unprofitable. Cancer cells get energy from glucose by fermentation instead of
oxidizing it like normal cells. This wastes so much energy that the healthy
cells can't get enough to function and the cancer squeezes them out, unless
you intervene by raising the oxygen level one way or another."
  I thought of a couple of friends who should be hearing this. My growing
exhilaration wasn't just from watching the now painless desert zooming past.
"Why isn't all this written up somewhere?"
  "It is, it's just unpublicized. Hundreds of physicians have independently
reported curing all kinds of supposedly incurable diseases by raising the
patient's oxygen saturation, whether with intravenous H2O2, ozone blood
infusions, taheebo or hyperbaric oxygen tanks, all of which simply raise the
level of H2O2 in the blood. But the way of modern science is to disregard any
facts that fit the accepted lucrative theory. And disease is a multibillion-
dollar industry, in case you hadn't noticed."
  "For someone so young, you are well-informed but awfully cynical."
  He chuckled lightly. "Just how old do you hink I am?"
  I was spared the embarrassment of guessing completely wrong by a small
interruption. A kamikaze jackrabbit apparently decided we were its ticket out
of this desert and maybe out of rabbithood, and scooted right in front of us.
The kid's hand twisted part of the steering wheel like a motorcycle throttle,
and the whole car smoothly lifted a couple of feet then dropped back to the
road. I turned and glimpsed a surprisingly complicated expression on the
receding rabbit.
  "Would you mind telling me where this car was made?"
  "Detroit, mostly."
  "Uh, Detroit in Michigan?"
  "Where else?"
  I really wasn't holding up my end of the discussion very well. But I was
still determined to at least be too cool to ask why he was dripping wet in an
air-conditioned car ninety miles from any water.
  That was another thing I realized just then: The air conditioning was
supreme. Instead of the usual dry, synthetic-tasting car air, this air was
cool, moist, and invigorating, like the air near a waterfall. The roasted
landscape whizzing by, and the relentless sun beating down all around, might
as well have been on a movie screen for all the effect they ahd on us.
  I tried a different approach. "Is your air conditioner a custom job as
  "Actually it's fairly standard at this car's point of origin. Nice, eh? The
extra moisture, oxugen and negative ions make it pretty close to the optimum
breathing mix for humans."
  I spotted the inside air-mix gauge. "Thirty percent oxygen? Isn't that
supposed to be twenty-one?"
  :Just because it was twenty-one when the encyclopedias first came out
doesn't mean that's optimum. Desertification of Earth has been going on a long
time, though the current rate is unprecedented. Remember hearing about those
scientists who measured the air mix in bubbles trapped in fossilized amber? It
tested out around this high. These samples were trapped about the time the
mammals took over. Not much tree-cutting or gas-burning going on back then,
and the plant-animal ratio was ideal. Under those conditions eventually humans
appeared, designed to operate at that oxygen percentage."
  "So it's dropped by a third since then?"
  "It's had lots of help. Currently the manufacture and operation of your
machinery consumes eighteen times the oxygen you use up through breathing.
That's the equivalent of another ninety million people standing around sharing
your air, all so someone can keep selling oil and cars and such. Talk about
wasteful, it works out that driving twenty thousand miles uses up as much
oxygen as breathing for two years."
  "Folks do have a right to travel, though."
  "Absolutely, but there are much cleaner, cheaper and safer methods, ready
and waiting, still as effective as back when they were invented and neglected.
Same with oxygen as a healing principle. It's an ancient concept, appearing in
various forms throughout history, but you all need it now more than ever. It
stands to reason that if your body contains over three times the percentage of
oxygen that's in the air, it has to work a lot harder at concentrating
whatever it extracts through nreathing when the atmospheric oxygen level
drops. So supplementing it with oxywater or other high-oxygen substances
becomes the most logical short-term solution."
  "How about long-term?"
  "Re-establish a healthy global oxygen production-consumption balance, if
you're up to the task. It can be done, though the situation may need to get
even worse before enough folks get their priorities straight. Like a lot of
things, oxygen is taken for granted, but since it is so reactive, free oxygen
has to constantly be replenished or it all gets bound up in other compounds.
Keep trashing your forests and your oceans' phytoplankton, and you'll all be
gasping long before X-Day."
  "Oh yeah, when's that again?"
  "Soon enough that you'd better get cracking. It'll be hard enough as it is,
trying to mobilize a bunch of oxygen-starved Normals, and the longer you wait
the more sick and tired and useless they'll become."
  I had a sudden flash. "Is this why people were supposedly stronger and lived
longer in early Biblical times?"
  "Precisely. Though by then there was already some atmospheric damage from
earlier civilzations."
  "What, like Atlantis?"
  "Among others. Many civilizations go through a brief deforestation and
fossil-fuel-burning stage, but this one has been artificially retarded and
kept there for over a century."
  "By whom?"
  "When you find the answer to that question, you will then know what to do
about it."
  "Some reason you can't just tell me?"
  "At this point you'd never believe it, and that would interfere with your
grasping certain other necessary facts first."
  I made a disrespectful noise. "You sound just like my old college professor,
Mr. McSploont."
  "How clever of him. What'd he teach?"
  "Disregard for college professors, mostly. I expect he eventually melted
down in the white heat of his own brilliance."
  He smiled a knowinxg smile that wasn't smug or irritating, but rather a bit
frightening, hinting at vast hard-won experience.
  "So besides being physically less healthy overall, noticed anything else
wrong with city folks?" he asked quietly.
  "You name it, they've screwed it up. Basically most of them just act
unbelievably lame, and tolerate the most absurd stuff you can imagine. There's
some exceptions, but I mean, like, have you switched on a TV set lately?"
  He casually touched part of the spectrum chart overhead. One screen lit up
with a retina-wrenching ten-second montage of about ninety different TV
channels, then he switched it off. "Yup, pretty pitiful."
  I was staring at the blank screen. "Uh, well, yeah, there you are."
  "So what do you reckon makes them act like that?"
  "Beats me." It was reassuring to refer to "them" as if I had rarely lived in
a city. "It's like they're all brain-damaged. Which is a real drag,
considering that's where all the governments are located... hey, wait a
  He grinned. "Exactly. What happens to a brain that gets oxygen-starved?"
  Mine seemed to be slipping gears a bit. "It goes to that big scrap bucket in
the sky, eventually. But continuous gradual oxygen starvation, over a period
of years..." I had to admit this could explain an awful lot of modern human
behavior. "Earlier you implied that all this was somehow deliberate. Does
someone actually want people brain-damaged and stupid?"
  "Did you attend a public school? Do you follow the so-called news? Have you
browsed through a pharmacy recently?"
  "Well, okay, but aren't most of the guys behind all that living right there
in the cities too?"
  "The most powerful ones all have their own remote strongholds, and can
afford to have many others fronting for them. A good rule of thumb is, if
someone's in the news, that person's not actually running things. And hired
help are seldom in on the big picture, or the true purpose of their assigned
  We reached the crest of a long, low rise an,d started down the other side.
There was a slight bend ahead, with another road feeding in from the south,
all of which seemed a lot mroe interesting than it really was, due to
following so many miles of straightness. At the very edge of visibility it
looked like there was a little town. It struck me that I had one hell of a lot
of unasked questions still, and for all I knew this could be his destination
coming up.
  I took a wild guess. "Since you're not a big fan of air pollution, I assume
this car is electrical, somehow."
  "You could say that. It has more than one system, but the motor we're using
at the moment is a variation on the Noble Gas Plasma Engine invented by Joseph
Papp in the early seventies. Of course, since it's cheap and fuelless it was
never allowed to be commercially developed."
  "Of course. How does it manage to be fuelless with gas plasma?"
  "Noble gases. They're inert; with their outer electron shells already full,
they've got no incentive to hook up with other atoms. So they aren't being
burned or broken down, just induced to expand repeatedly. Put a certain mix
of noble gases in a sealed cylinder with a piston, spark it and pulse a
magnetic field around it, and the gases repel each other quite fiercely for an
instant, then collapse back to their previous state, to be sparked again. The
energy delivered by the piston's displacement greatly exceeds that required to
spark the gases, providing a net excess for a self-powering system."
  "Are you saying this thing is a perpetual motion machine?"
  "We're living on the surface of a great big perpetual motion machine and
composed of godzillions of little tiny ones, so shouldn't they be able to
exist on our scale as well?"
  "Well, those things'll all wind down eventually, right?"
  "They'll run long enough for whatever you plan on doing with them. Anyhow,
this design is somewhat less than perpetual; every hundred thousand miles or
so the gases lose their elasticity and need to be replaced."
  "Sounds pretty tough."
  "Sure beats making your whole lower atmosphere taste like a monoxide
suicide's garage."
  "Couldn't we retrofit existing car engines to run off this?"
  "Simpler to start from scratch, but maybe. Seal off the valves, throw away
the carburetor, fuel lines, exhaust manifold and so forth, evacuate the
cylinders and let in the inert gas mix. It'd become two-stroke, since there's
nothing for it to suck in or exhaust."
  "So this gas is some combination of helium, neon, argon, krypton and xenon?"
I was amazed I could still remember their names. "I suppose the exact mixture
is privileged information."
  "Technically, but it's locatable. The inventor's still alive, last we heard,
but understandably rather frustrated. It's always disillusioning to work out a
practical solution for some major problem, only to find that there's someone
profiting hugely by keeping the problem just the way it is."
  For some reason I didn't resist this notion as much as I usually would, even
though it implied my eventually having to help do something about it. But at
the moment what I really wanted was details. "Where could I find diagrams and
such? I'm no engineer but I know a couple. While we're at it, how's that
gearless transmission work? And what was that hopping trick? I'm assuming
you'd like others to pick up on these inventions."
  "Naturally. The drive gear consists of long cones pointing in opposite
directions, with a heavy triangular belt that slides along them, giving a
smoothly variable ratio between their cross sections. Again, it's not a new
idea, but it had anti-commercial potential, being much too efficient and
durable, so no way was any major automaker going to retool for that."
  "I'd think the first to do it would make a fortune. Who wouldn't want one?"
  "You're kidding, right? At first, sure they would, but then that'd be the
end of selling replacement transmissions, and cost billions in lost engine
sales and repairs, from the greatly reduced wear. Plus billions more in
lowered gasoline consumption, due to improved efficiency. As for the rest of
it, remind me to give you a few patent numbers and such before you get off."
  It occurred to me that during all this I still hadn't asked how far he was
going. Whatever it was, we'd be arriving a lot sooner than expected.
  There was a billboard, of all things, about four miles ahead of us. Mr.
Science touched something under one of the video screens and it gave us a zoom
picture of the road ahead. He reached up and pushed a spot just below the
visible-light band on the spectrum chart, and a little car-shaped pink spot
with abright center appeared on the screen at the bottom of the billboard.
  "Nice of 'em to build that feller some shade. Though I doubt he's been there
  "Well, don't you think you should slow down a bit?"
  He shook his head. "My, aren't you well-conditioned. Don't sweat it; this
car's not under any local jurisdictions."
  While I considered my response, trying to choose between sounding real law-
abiding and getting some clarification, we zipped past the billboard. He
touched a spot on the radio portion of the spectrum, just as a very dusty
police car lurched out after us in a cloud of gravel.
  "Got a live one, Charlie", buzzed a small speaker in the dash. "No plates,
too fast to get the make. At least one-twenty."
  "Want me to come on out?" A fainter voice, younger.
  "May need you for a roadblock, so stand by. Let's see if this new engine is
as good as Clyde says."
  We were already nearly a mile past him but now we could hear a faint siren,
slowly getting louder. We slowed down slightly, a move which sort of seemed at
cross-purposes with rocketing past a sherriff in the first place. My ever-
unpredictable benefactor hit a button under the speaker and said, "Are you
attempting to get my attention, officer?"
  There was a brief spluttering noise, then a few clenched words. "Smart boy,
huh? Pull your fancy self over, before I get irritated."
  "That shouldn't be necessary. I can easily answer your questions in this
manner, without being late for my destination."
 "You think this is open for discussion? Identify yourself."
  "Changesmith. Or CS, whichever. Who's this?"
  "Officer Harry Scrotum. You have about five seconds to pull off my highway."
  "I see", said CS sympathetically. "What seems to be the trouble?"
  "Are you nuts? Reckless endangerment, doing twice the limit, unauthorized
use of police bands, no plates; hell, I expect your fine'll buy us a whole new
station. You're even hauling drugs for all I know."
  CS smiled questioningly at me and I shook my head. "Nope", he said. "And no
one uses them from where I'm from."
  "License plates."
  There was a strained silence. He evidently was not up for pursuing the
implications of that. We were now less than a quarter mile ahead of the
sherriff's car, which was still creeping closer, apparently at its top speed.
  Changesmith added helpfully, "If our velocity is causing concern, be
reassured that this vehicle is crash-proof and does not threaten the safety of
local traffic, should there happen to be any."
  There was a heavy sigh. "Charlie, get that block up, now. Don't use any
working vehicles; drag over some clunkers from Philo's lot.
  "And as for you, snakebrain, consider yourself warned. This is your last
chance to pull over in one piece."
  "Sorry to disturb tour programming, but it's a mistake to assume that
everything that moves through your area is subject to your rules and
  "That's it, pal, your detah wish is granted."
  A sudden shimmy fro the left hind wheel was followed by the faint sound of
two gunshots. Changesmith touched a panel on the dash and a small sign lit up
that said GUNJAMMER, then he accelerated us a bit. The shimmy grew more
pronounced, then there was a loud clank and it stopped entirely.
  No flat tire, and no more gunfire that I could hear. I looked back to see a
pistol being violently shaken out the cop's window, accompanied by some
general-purpose curses coming over the speaker.
  CS said, "Sorry, but we couldn't chance a ricochet hitting someone in your
town up ahead", and switched off the speaker.
  "What'd you do?" I asked.
  "Ever hear of a subject known as sonochemistry? Production of chemical
changes with sound waves? This is related; we're broadcasting a simulation of
the wave pattern that occurs when water blocks the oxidizing spaces in
gunpowder. Since matter is junior to energy, many effects can be induced on
the physical level simply by emitting the kinds of vibrations which accompany
and direct them."
  "Now that I like. How wide an area is affected?"
  "The range varies with the power and circuit design. At the moment, no one
can shoot anybody within about twelve miles of us."
  "Well, all right! Does it interfere at all with organic oxidation?"
  "Good question, but no; cellular processes are all much less explosive.
Different frequencies altogether."
  "Couldn't someone just mass-produce these things, hide them all over the
world, and stop wars and murders once and for all?"
  "With enough time and materials, yes. Appealing idea, isn't it? Like taking
matches away from children."
  I thought about it. "On the other hand, I suppose the more extreme gun
lovers would all come after you with crossbows, until it sunk in that now
they'd be protected as well. You'd have to be pretty discreet."
  He zoomed the picture on the screen a bit more, and the rusty town became
quite visible, complete with roadblock. The crew that was pushing it together
seemed to be engaged in a lively argument with some old desert rat over one of
the cars they'd included.
  CS chuckled and switched the speaker back on. "How's your engine holding
  "Oh, so you're back, eh? I see we can add Giving False Names to the list of
  "Not at all.