Animal experimentation, also known as vlvisectlon, is directly
responsible for the ram- pant growth of cancer, heart dissase, diabetes,
birth defeds, arthrrtis, muscular dystrophy, leukemia, all kinds of mental
diseases, and an sndless list of many otherold afflictions as well as
scores of new ones, such as Alzheimer's disease and AIDS. These diseases
are causing the most massive, systematic, and widespread destruction of
human health ever known. The reason is fundamental: Today's research Is
based almost entirely on animal experimen- tation, whlch Is a medical and
scientific fraud. It is impossible to re-create a naturally occurrlng
dlssase In a healthy animal simply because once rt is "re- created," it is
no longer theoriginal,naturaldisease.The
predictableresultoflookingatartlficlallydiseasedanimals is that the data
obtained is not applfcable to man and thus is tragically misleading. This
is the reason why no diseass has been cured in the 20th century except for
the control of infectious diseases, which was accomplished thanks to
nutrrtion, hygiene, and public sanitation. Consequently, all the old
diseases along wrth the new ones are killing and dam- aging more and more
people every day, including you and your family and friends.

                      A LIE THAT IS COSTING US TRILLIONS
                        OF DOLILARS (YES, TRILLIONS!)

            There is no money to be madefrom healthy people. This is why
the medical and rssearch establishments are not in the least interested in
preventlon (practically all diseases are pre- ventable). The criminal
refusal to remove ths known causesof so many human allments guarsntses a
sltuation where practlcally everyone is sick or will eventually gat sick
(the flat refusal to educate people about the vital need to adopt a
vegetarian diet is a prime ex- ample). Once millions upon millions of
people are sick and dying and pronounced "in need" of drugs, tests,
radiation, surgeries, transplants, and all kinds of medical attention and
intervention, the expenditures connected with "heahh care" skyrocket
accordingly. In 1991 alone, the United States spent 750 billion dollars on
what should more appropriately be called "sickness care." It is
conservatively estimated that by the year 2000, annual "health care" costs
in the Unrted States will have increased to at least 1.5 trllllon dollars
($1 ,500,000,000,000) (1) Needless to say, sueh astronomicai expendrtures
(which have made countless doctors, surgeons, pharmaceutical companies,
and all kinds of instrtutions rich) have alrsady broken the financial back
of the country. It is clear that prevention, and not "health care reform,"
is the real cure.


       It is estimated that, just in the United States, 100 million
animals of all kinds are tortured to death every year by vivisectionist
mills, which operate hidden from public view in colleges and universities,
hospitals, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic and tobacco
companies, countless other corporations such as Gsneral Motors (in
carcrash experiments), and by NASA and the milrtary. The numberof animals
used by the milrtary is unknown and thus is not included in the 100
million figure. In addition, millions of animals are consumed by the
vivisectionist machinery in other countries all over the world (countries
that follow the "scientific standard" set by the United States). The 1991
budget of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Washington,D.C., the
largest source of funding for vivisectors, was8.6billlon tax dollars
($8,600,000,000).(2) Because of AIDS (the new gold mins for the biomedical
establishment), we are now pouring more billions into the pockets of the
very "researchsrs" and "scientists" who never cured cancer, heart disease,
diabetes, or anything else desprte having consumed hundreds of billions of
our tax dollars and billions of animals just in the last few decades.


        Not only are our health and economy being systematically destroyed
by the vivisectionist mind-set, but so is our environment. The massive
production and widespread use of pesticides and countless other chemicals
found "safe" based on anlmal tests are responsible for the relentless and
massive pollution of our land, rivers, and oceans, the consequent
poisoning of ourfood and water supplies, the dsstruction ofthe earth's
protective ozonelayer,and many other threats that are jeopardizing the
very survival of life on the pianet.

                     A LIE THAT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE

    Horrifying chemical, biobgical, and nuclear weapons, possessed by an
ever-increasing number of countries, were developed by vivisectors and
"tested" on animals the same way a drug, detergsnt, or toothpaste is
"tested" on animals. Conventional wsapons of all sorts were also created
in vivisectionist laboratories, where animals are routinely used as
surrogates for man in warlike situations.

                       ADDICTION AND MENTAL DISEASE

       There is plenty of tax money to fund endless numbers of grotesque
and useless "experiments"where perfectly healthy animals areturned
intodrug addicts and alcoholics. No money is available, however, to help
the millions of human beings who are being destroyed not only by the drugs
and aleohol they are addicted to, but also by the utter hopelessness they
feel when life-saving treatment is denied them becauss of this criminal
waste of precious resources. The same applies to the increasing numbers of
mentally ill people who are often totally ignored, while incredibly huge
amounts of money are poured by the National Instrtutes of Mental Health
and other sources into psychological and other "experiments" whereanimals
are driven insane. It is important to remember that the overwhelming
majority of homeless people are drug addicts, alcoholics, and/or mentally
ill idividuals.

                        MEDICAL AND SCIENTIFIC FRAUD

   The medicai and scientific fraud of vivisection is based on the following
lies that the
biomedical empire relentlessly spoonfeeds the public in countries all over the
world with the
hslp of the beholden media:

    LIE #1 : It is possible to re-create a naturally oa:urring human
disease in a healthy animal (what researchers call "an animal model of a
human disease"). SCIENTlFICFACT#1: h is by definrtion impossible. Trying
to re-create spontaneous human diseases (naturally occurring diseases that
arise from wrthin) in a healthy being constrtutes "experimental ra-
search." It is impossible to re-create a naturally occurring human disease
in a heaithy animal (or in a healthy human being for that matter) simply
because once it Is "recreated,"It is artificial and is no longer the
original, natural diseass.Clearly,"re-creation" and "spontaneous" are
contradlctory terms. It then follows that experimental research cannot
find cures for any diseases no maner how many millions of animal or human
experiments are performed (human experiments are also common place). It is
sometimes possible to re-create some of the symptoms of a disease but
never the disease itseff. The exception to this fact is the case of
infectious diseases. However, animals do not get human infectious diseases
and we do not get theirs. Thls Is why vlvisectors cannot infect a single
animal with human AIDS desprte massive efforts aimed at creating "an
animal model of human AIDS." (Besides, a nonhuman animal cannot have a
human disease because each species of animal is a drfferent biomechanical

   Obviously, prevention is the ideal situation. Once disease has
occurred, however, the only hope for a successful treatment and possible
cure is clinical research, ortheobservation of human beings who have
naturally occurrlng diseases. Clinical research is the only way to get
valid answers. Tragically, we keep financing experlmental research to the
almost total exclusion of prevention and clinlcal research.

      LIE #2: It is possibie to learn human anatomy and physiology by
studying four legged animals (quadrupeds), fish, and/or birds.
5ClENTIFICFACT#2: Animals are totaily different from man and from each
other genetically, histologically, anatomically, physiologically,
immunologically, emotionally, psychologically, sexually, and socially. It
Is clear that human medical cannot be based on veterinary medicine.

      LIE #3: It is possibie to predict human readions to drugs, vaccines,
and other chemicals by testing them in animals. SCIENTIFIC FACT#3: Animals
react drffersntly to drugs, vaccines, and other chemicals not only from
man but also from each other. Hence the incalculabls damage to human
health caused by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

      LIE #4: Animal experimentation is useful in order to learn about
animal diseases in veterinary schoofs. SCIENTIFIC FACT #4: No knowledge
about animal diseases can be obtained by looking at artificially diseased
anlmals (experimental research). Same reasons as in Scientrfic Fact #1 .


   The new antivivisectionist movement represented by SUPRESS is seeking
the total abolition of animal experimentation and testing on medical and
scientiflc ground:. For the first time ever, the public is being informed
about one of the most supprsssed issues of the last 100 years: the
connection between animal experimentation and the systematic devastation
to our health, environment, and economy.

                     BEWARE OF IHE "ANlMAL RIGHTS" TRAP

    The biomedical empire has a vested interest in promoting the sbgan
"animai rights" because making vivisection a moral, ethical,
philosophical, and/or religious issue Is the most effectlve way to shift
the public's attentlon away from tts medical and scienttflc fraudulence.
For decades the vivisectors have been able to disarm ths opposition by
using the tired line: What will it be, your dog or your baby? (which
implies that anyone opposed to animal experimentation is antihuman). We
are now painfully aware of the fact that this emotional question tries to
hide an indisputabls fact: Vivisectors routinely take the Iives of both
the dog and the baby. Vivisection as it is presented to the public is not
a moral issue. It is a msdical and scientific fssue, a human health issue.


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