Tesla on Creative Work

The progressive development of man is vitally dependent on invention. It is the
most important product of his creative brain. Its ultimate purpose is the
complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of the forces
of nature to human needs.  This is the difficult task of the inventor who is
often misunderstood and unrewarded.  But he finds ample compensation in the
pleasing exercises of his powers and in the knowledge of being one of that
exceptionally priviliged class without whom the race would have long ago
perished in the bitter struggle against pitiless elements.

- - - - -

I am credited with being one of the hardest workers and perhaps I am,
if thought is the equivalent of labor, for I have devoted to it almost all of
my waking hours.  But if work is interpreted to be a definite performance in a
specified time according to a rigid rule, then I may be the worst of idlers.
Every effort under compulsion demands a sacrifice of life-energy.  I never paid
such a price.  On the contrary, I have thrived on my thoughts.

- - - - -

A powerful desire to live and to continue the work, and the assistance of a
devoted friend and athlete accomplished the wonder. My health returned and with
it the vigot of mind.  In attacking the problem again I almost regretted that
the struggle was soon to end. I had so much energy to spare.  When I undertook
the task it was not with a resolve such as men often make.  With me it was a
sacred vow, a question of life and death.  I knew that I would perish if I

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